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Any stories of an easier second labour??

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CaptainWarbeck Fri 23-Jun-17 12:02:31

Due date is tomorrow for DC2. Had a fairly intervention heavy induction with DC2 at 40+4 and just hoping to hear about second labours happening naturally and hopefully being quicker and easier than the first?! I know you can't predict these things but it would be reassuring to read.

CaptainWarbeck Fri 23-Jun-17 12:03:23

Oops that should say DC1 at 40+4.

frazzled3ds Fri 23-Jun-17 12:08:32

My second labour was a breeze compared to the first (ds1 required forceps ultimately to help him out after ventouse failed). DS2 whizzed out, total labour was about 3 hours I think, small episiotomy and a couple of stitches, but all round far easier than the first (he was also smaller at 7lb 14oz - DS1 was 9lb 11oz). DS3 however was another story!

HelenaJustina Fri 23-Jun-17 12:09:38

Yep. DC1, progress slowed so epidural and drip sited to speed it up, ended up with ventouse as baby had their hand up by their face so not presenting properly.

DC2, at home! (On purpose) laboured through the night with TENS. DH only woke up once second mw arrived and baby was born 90 minutes later. Loved it!

EsmesBees Fri 23-Jun-17 12:12:53

My second labour was much easier too. It was like something from those collections of positive birth stories. 4 hours from first twinge to baby. My recovery was much easier 2nd time too.

CaptainWarbeck Fri 23-Jun-17 12:16:31

These are so good to read! Thank you.

I'm really hoping this is a straightforward birth. I think it's harder with second birth pending knowing what I might be in for!

OllyBJolly Fri 23-Jun-17 12:21:52

First - 26 hours of hard going labour. Strong contractions but well spaced out so no chance of resting. Ended up with high cavity forceps delivery (no longer done) and huge episiotomy.

Second - waters broke naturally. Went back to sleep. Decided to go into hospital in the morning so then H could get some work done. Had first contraction at 7.20 in the car and baby born on arrival in observation at 7.40. Didn't even undress! Sun was shining and don't even remember any pain. I could have skipped home. And XH got to his desk by 9.

TeenagersandFurbabies Fri 23-Jun-17 12:29:09

My first labour was induced a couple of days past my due date because of pre eclampsia it took 4 1/2 hours and needed 8 stitches. DS weighed in at 7lb 5oz.
My second labour was the longest of my three,I was 9 days overdue it lasted 28 hours and was full of horrible back pain but my baby was lying back to back on the plus side I didn't need any stitches. DD1 weighed in at 7lb 4oz.
My third labour started 2 days past due date and lasted about 2 1/2 hours and had so little pain I was completely caught out and DD2 arrived at home before the ambulance or midwife could get to me. Again no stitches needed. DD2 weighed in at 7lb 1oz. However shortly after birth her temperature dropped to 34.9 so we were rushed to hospital where she spend 3 days in scbu as she had an infection.
You definitely can't predict how labour is going to turn out.

WowserBowser Fri 23-Jun-17 12:30:46

So much easier! I felt far more in control. Contractions did their thing. I relaxed more and it was much quicker.

SittingAround1 Fri 23-Jun-17 12:32:57

Yes much easier second time round. A LOT quicker, still painful but I wasn't as scared as I knew it would all be over soon so was more relaxed as a result.
Good luck!

SuperRainbows Fri 23-Jun-17 12:35:14

Definitely easier second time around.

Only had gas and air, so felt more in control.

DD was born to Handel's Messiah playing in the background.

oohloolala Fri 23-Jun-17 12:37:11

Second much faster and mostly easier but contractions became intense very quickly and that was quite overwhelming compared to the gradual build up of first labour

2littlemoos Fri 23-Jun-17 12:44:11

Both fast labours for me compared to average but second felt slower as it went at a good pace. Gradual contractions etc. Also had a home water birth without pain relief whereas my first I had cocodine and numbing for episiotomy. (Sorry if spelling is wrong)

Actually tore worse the second time though so still had to go to hospital and stay the night!

Goo luck!

fudgefeet Fri 23-Jun-17 12:44:26

Dd1 was an induced birth at 42 weeks. Quite long and painful but I didn't need any intervention. Dd2 was born at 41 weeks at home. A few tightenings but no waters breaking and then within 30 minutes I had two big contractions and she was born in my pants ( born in her sack too so not messy at all) I had to wait for the paramedics to deal with things as I was too afraid to see what had happened down there ( hoping it wasn't just a big poo)

alltouchedout Fri 23-Jun-17 12:48:09

My second labour was a dream. Second stage was 4 mins, total labour was 2 hours 45 mins. Never got unbearable, never felt scared, easiest birth of the lot.

IWantABlueBanana Fri 23-Jun-17 12:51:11

DD2 was a breeze(well am fairly sure i prob still told dh to kill me) but easyish 3 hours start to finish.

DD1, DD3 and DS all emergencies. Prem/low heart rates/placental abruption. All needed forceps.

IWantABlueBanana Fri 23-Jun-17 12:52:06

Sorry, v rude of me!! Best of luck captain

CaptainWarbeck Fri 23-Jun-17 13:15:58

Thanks *iwant
Yours sounds like the dream all!

EekThreek Fri 23-Jun-17 13:24:39

Yes, first time very slow labour, over 72 hours, 12 of them from 5cm to delivery. They had to break my waters at
7cm, and DD still took 6 hours to appear. Narrowly avoided "assistance", but had post partum haemorrhage.

Second time, contractions for 18hrs until waters broke spontaneously, DS born 4 hours later. Only had time for g&a, and no other complications or problems. He was born at 40+5, she was born at 40+3.

Good luck! smile

mistermagpie Fri 23-Jun-17 18:46:46

My second labour was lovely. I went to hospital at 38+6 for reduced movement and they decided to induce the next day. In the meantime they gave me as sweep as I was already 3cm dilated. I then went into labour naturally and DS was born two hours later. I actually enjoyed the labour, it was peaceful and I was totally 'in the zone'. I only needed gas and air at 8cm and he was born 20 minutes after I got it. Would happily do it again.

For full disclosure I had a very quick precipitous birth with DS1, it was agony and I didn't have time for any pain relief. I tore despite having an episiotomy and was quite traumatised for weeks after.

Newjob12345 Fri 23-Jun-17 18:53:52

First labour I was induced and took just over 24 hours, then 2 hours pushing. Great big tear right down to me bum hole.

Induced again with second, only took a couple of hours for proper labour to start. Once established it took 2 1/2 hours and minutes for pushing. No tears.

I think the fact my body had done it before helped massively but also I had a water birth with my second which I would 1000000000% recommend

Nibletmum Fri 23-Jun-17 18:57:53

1st was an 11 hour labour from 4cm with an episiotomy and ventouse delivery accompanied by group b strep!

Had my 2nd at home on Saturday. 55 minutes from 4cm just with a tens machine. Midwife nearly didn't make it!

EllieFredrickson Fri 23-Jun-17 19:22:53

Yes. First labour (well the early stages) to birth was 3 days. Needed fetal monitoring some drugs to try and speed it up and then had a retained placenta.

Second birth waters broke around midnight - at hospital around 3am who didn't believe me. Wanted to send DH home but we resisted! Found us a side room and when they checked me at 6.30 was 5cm. Wanted pool for pain relief - got in there around 6.45 and son born at 7.15 - didn't plan a water birth but just felt right. Out by midday and that was dawdling.

MidnightVelvetthe7th Fri 23-Jun-17 19:33:36

I had a dreadful awful horrible first birth, I was traumatised for months. When I had DS2 who was overdue, I didn't want the same experience so I had ante natal acupuncture & he flew out the next day in under 4 hours with no problems at all smile grin

Plus it healed me mentally after the first birth, the second easy birth erased all memories of the first.

I know some people pooh pooh it but the acupuncture worked for me.

Smurfsrock Fri 23-Jun-17 20:38:21

2nd labour was a breeze! Mild period like cramps for a few hrs, was in hospital to see mw anyway and she checked me and said I was 7cm dilated so time to go to delivery! I felt like a fraud for next hour as still no pain, then had 45mins of recognisable contractions and Dd was born after 3 pushes. She was over 10lbs too. Good luck OP

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