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user1486493272 Tue 07-Feb-17 19:02:15

Any good ideas for snacks to take for during childbirth?

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ExpectoPatronummmm Tue 07-Feb-17 19:33:47

Bags of sucky type sweets.
Although I must say eating was last on my mind and on both occasions I never ate

TheLongRains Tue 07-Feb-17 19:41:10

I was advised cereal bars each time. Though had c-sections, and they don't let you eat in surgery (pffffff.....) ;)

Cereal bars were nice to have for the ward afterwards though.

Snifftest Tue 07-Feb-17 20:24:19

Drinks more than snacks, I couldn't stomach any food but downed a litre of orange juice in 30seconds. They won't let you eat in second stage anyway. I wish I'd taken more sugary drinks for energy.

StrawberryShortcake32 Tue 07-Feb-17 20:27:10

Not really a snack but energy tablets helped alot for me! Also bags of haribo. You will be glad for the extra energy.
Also Lucozade is a winner!

annlee3817 Wed 08-Feb-17 12:06:15

I didn't touch any of my snacks, but anything that you would fancy on a normal day is good for after the labour. I had some cereal bars and some sweets and was grateful for them once on the maternity ward afterwards. Fluid wise, a huge bottle of still lucozade and one of those cups with the screw lids and straw that goes all the way to the bottom so that you don't have to lean your head back to drink

nuggles Wed 08-Feb-17 17:41:15

I second lucozade sport! I was shattered during my labour so that helped a little.

I couldn't eat when I was in labour (mainly fear of being sick) but took a massive box of flapjack with me. Tasted amazing after my son was born!

MrsGB2225 Wed 08-Feb-17 17:42:02

Cereal bars & lollies

Blinkyblink Wed 08-Feb-17 17:44:01

Surely that depends on what you like?

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 08-Feb-17 18:02:27

Jelly babies. All I ate for three days when in labour. They were great for energy and easy to eat.
I also took some flapjack which came in useful after.

SockQueen Wed 08-Feb-17 18:50:30

Any food made me vomit while in labour. I did take in some Lucozade Sport though, and had sips of that between contractions, alternating with water when it got too sweet - helped keep my energy levels up.

westeringhome Thu 09-Feb-17 16:00:14

Last time I was worried that my stash of minstrels, porridge bars, fruit pastilles and lucozade sport wasn't enough so made DP stop at Asda to get some crisps and topics on our way to the hospital at 1am in full blown labour. Side issue - I shouted out loud "are you for fucken real??" when I saw how slowly he was sauntering down the car park as I puffed through yet another contraction. Turns out I couldn't face eating any of it in labour but boy was I glad of my little hoard of food and drink afterwards. DP arranged it all on my hospital bed-table before he left so there wasn't room to put my breakfast plates down blush

OhHolyFuck Thu 09-Feb-17 16:05:06

Didn't eat in labour either (17 hours and 8 hours) but was starving afterwards and it was a long time until breakfast - DS1 born at 1am and they wouldn't get me any food until the breakfast trolley came round at 8am with its tiny tiny packets of cornflakes!
So I recommend packing something fairly substantial just in case that happens to you

hearyoume Thu 09-Feb-17 16:10:23

I didn't think about food during, just water the gas and air dry mouth. Snacks for after though! I was shovelling those Belvita soft bakes into my face while the mw was arranging tea and toast (then I hid the wrappers in case she took said tea and toast away). I also had fruit pastilles, huge wholenut and 10 sandwiches. Yup. And 6pack of Irn Bru. And all the usual meals on the ward.

2014newme Thu 09-Feb-17 16:13:23

I didn't take food couldn't have eaten anything. I was in hospital for a month after, dh brought me food in. By time left hospital was a stone lighter than pre pregnancy weight 😂. However not a diet I would recommend!

FirstTimeMummy25 Sat 11-Feb-17 16:21:53

I didn't eat during labour couldn't stomach it but the lucozade and boost bars I took I loved snacking on afterwardgrin

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