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France again. Near a village, pool and poss waterslides....

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hillbilly Tue 08-May-18 22:15:10

We have only ever been to Les Valades which we loved, but the kids are older now (13 & 10) and we would like to go somewhere different. Tent camping. Walking distance to a village with shops and a market would be good, definitely a pool (slides optional), a bar and restaurant with maybe something going on in the evenings but not too hectic. Preferably not much further south than the Dordogne, but different area. I was contemplating Brittany but concerned the weather may be too much like here.

Any suggestions? I realise it's very late to book too.


hillbilly Wed 09-May-18 13:18:37

Did a lot of searching through previous camping threads and have decided upon Sunelia La Ribeyre 😀

profpoopsnagle Wed 09-May-18 20:54:44

grin we may well see you there then, depending on your dates! I'm not too sure though, how close it is to a village, and if it's reasonable to walk.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the Auvergne area though.

hillbilly Wed 09-May-18 23:42:39

Prof I think we were at Les Valades the same year and Millimat too. We are going from 23rd July 😀

profpoopsnagle Thu 10-May-18 17:41:48

Yes we were hillbilly -a few years ago now! Think we get there on the 5th Aug as popping to Burgundy for a few days before.

millimat Sat 12-May-18 07:56:19

Haha I was going to say la ribeyre! It is very different to les valades, but as I've put before those are our two favourite sites ever.

millimat Sat 12-May-18 08:11:26

It's possible to walk into murol but not the most exciting route. When we were there, DCs were fairly young so I think we only did it a couple of times.
You must visit the puy de dome. We loved there and the village called SuperBesse. There's one of those summery toboggan runs. We also enjoyed the puy du sancy.

hillbilly Sat 12-May-18 08:55:19

Thanks Millimat I will have a look at those places mentioned. We are so excited. Hoping to hire bikes for a few days too 😀

profpoopsnagle Sat 12-May-18 11:49:10

It's good that it's walkable Millimat. Thanks also for the recommendations, certainly looks like there is a lot to see there, we've booked 10 days but I'm not sure it will be enough!

millimat Sat 12-May-18 20:25:19

We were there 11 nights and could have stayed a lot longer. The only thing was that there was a lot of traveling to get to places.

hillbilly Sat 12-May-18 23:09:11

Millimat do you know if there are any cycling routes close to the site? Nothing too challenging we will be on holiday after all!

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