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Anyone want to join me in a May/June/July weight loss challenge?

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Murtette Tue 30-Apr-13 20:27:40

I've realised that its 1st May tomorrow, that there are 13 weeks during May, June & July and that I want to lose a stone before going on holiday in the first week of August. So, if I can lose a lb a week for each of those 13 weeks, I'll have cracked it. Anyone else want to join me?
My plan is to have 1300 calories a day except for Sundays when I'll have between 1500 - 1600, do Zumba twice a week and finally get the Shred out of its packaging and do that a couple of times a week. I think my downfall is that, on the two days I work in an office, I'll have little control over what I have for lunch as always eat in the canteen with colleagues and there's little choice so I need to control what & how much I eat there.
I'm 11st10 today and want to be 10st10 by 1st August. If I can lose 1.5lbs a week, then I'd be 10st3 which would be brilliant as then I'd be a few pounds into my "ideal" BMI as opposed to still being "overweight" which I will be at 10st10.

Dingle Mon 06-May-13 22:15:44

Can I join please? After years of being a size 8/10 and being able to eat whatever/whenever I am now experiencing the middle aged spread! blush
After having the DC, now 13 & 11, I have never got back down to pre-pregnancy weight of 8.5 stone...and over the years I have just got heavier & heavier. I have not found myself at 11st 7lb!

Not really got a plan as such, not yet!

RubySlippers77 Tue 07-May-13 08:55:03

I would love to join too please! Used to be a slim 9 1/2 stone but weighed myself over the weekend & was dismayed to find that I'm 10st 13lb sad

I'm trying to sign up for lots of exercise-based challenges & as a starting point would like to have lost half a stone by my first Race for Life on June 1st, which is difficult but doable, I reckon (perhaps optimistically!)

Hopefully a combination of more exercise - I've joined a local running club & started going out myself too - & a low carb diet will do the trick, as salad & vegetables look more appealing now we finally have some sun...

I may also join my local Rosemary Conley class, not so much for the diet as for the support & the extra exercise!

Dingle Tue 07-May-13 09:42:42

I dusted off the running machine over the weekend and did my first bit of exercise in a long time!blush Legs and hips were very achy yesterday so I only did a few Wii Yoga exercises and some small weights in an attempt to tone.
Got the day off today so I have downloaded the Couch to 5K podcast and just done that. I am limited with both time and cash so I am trying to monitor my progress on the Wii and by logging into My Fitness pal. I do like to keep track of things!

berrygood25 Tue 07-May-13 20:22:56

Well done on the weight loss Murtette 4lbs is great!! I'm fighting the urge to weigh myself daily, it's hard not to have a sneaky look though.

I wish I had your attitude towards exercise Ruby by the time I get home from work, I just don't have the energy or desire I am however, contemplating setting my alarm earlier (6am!!) for a 30 min workout, but I will see how realistic that is in the morning...

I've had another ok day food wise - jacket potato with beans for lunch and stew and broccoli for dinner. Not feeling very satisfied though and craving lots of junk food!

wizzler Tue 07-May-13 20:28:39

Can I join in ? I lost 2.5 stone on WW two years ago and got tremendous help by being on the MN ww thread, so would appreciate your support.

Feel like I know what to eat, ( not that I have been eating it you understand.blush. but I know what it is I should be eating! So I am going to try to stick to that, and also do the Couch to 5k
Will weigh myself tomorrow morning and post on here ( if I can bear to look) . Definitely need to lose a stone at least
Dingle, how are you after your first run?

CarolBornAMan Tue 07-May-13 20:32:07

Looks like a few of us now on this which is great - am doing OK - weight loss is a bit odd - very up and down which is the downside of daily weighing I guess

Foodwise am loving it - not missed carbs at all so far and enjoying the "bad stuff" in life - exercise is going well - aiming to do 30 mins of something every day .. tomorrow it is cycling to work - not been on a bike for 30 years so survival is main objective and then the weight loss!

My target is to lose 6lb by end of the month to be well in the 11 somethings for the first time in year!

overitalready Tue 07-May-13 20:39:35

Can i join as well please? smile

Im doing x2 bootcamp shakes during the day and then 900 calorie meal in the evening..started 2 weeks ago and 10lb down so far..

This is just for a month to help me get the 1st stone off then i shall be doing 5:2

I have put on a stone a year every year for the past 3 years so would love to get rid of it all!

Good luck all grin

eslteacher Tue 07-May-13 20:53:45

Day 2 has been challenging, because the day didn't go as I expected. Colleagues suggested going for an imrpomptu drink in the park after work, as the weather was lovely and sunny. And I don't want this healthy regime to restrict me from doing things like that, else what's the point of life, so I decided to go. Unfortunately as well as wine though, there were loads of snacks! But I managed to stick to two small glasses of wine and the healthy crudite style snacks, and resist the crisps / cheese (except one cube) / bread! Not too bad.

Am home now having eaten roast chicken with green beans and just a couple of potatoes for dinner. Dying for a chocolate-y desert but it will put me over 1600 cals which is my daily target. Don't plan on calorie counting in the long run, but I think it's a good idea to do it for a while just to get me aware of what a reasonable amount of food per day consists of. ie not what I was eating before!

The impromptu drinks also meant that my exercise plan for today went out the window, so will have to make the effort to do something extra tomorrow. And, tomorrow evening I have a dinner party to go to, so am going to have to think carefully about how I will manage that, what is and isn't reasonable etc.

Is anyone else on myfitnesspal? My username there is riverboat83 if anyone wants to add me.

Congrats on the exercise Dingle! I know what you mean about the weight creeping up, I had always been 10 stone pretty much since I was a teenager no matter whether I exercised and ate healthy, or ate what I wanted and did nothing. But over the last year or so that 10 stone has crept up to 10,6 - which scares me a little as it doesn't show signs of stopping, and all the women in my family have a tendancy to balloon in their 30's and 40's!

Welcome and good luck wizzler and overit.

tri10 Tue 07-May-13 21:13:54

Well done on all the losses, I'm trying to stay away from the scales as I like to weigh everymorning to see the little losses but haven't lost anything since I started the shred a week agohmm so I'm going to try and stay off the scales till Saturday.

Dingle Tue 07-May-13 21:17:21

I have actually enjoyed the exercise, although I did over do it on my first day. I did 15 min on the x-trainer then 25 mins on the running machine. The day after I really felt it in my hips hence the gentle yoga yesterday.
This mornings couch to 5K was a huge success, I raved about it so much even hubby did a his first podcast tonight. I feel very motivated and I am looking forward to working my way through the podcasts.

My time and money are obstacles I need to work around but I think one of my biggest issues the lack of planning healthier meals.

Off to update My Fitness Pal! x

Murtette Tue 07-May-13 21:29:32

Dingle - how does C25K work? How long does it last for? And how much of a run/walk split does it start off with?

I didn't manage any exercise yesterday as I just ran out of time & am feeling really PMTy. Still feeling a bit rubbish today but will try the Shred in a few minutes. I've already had to cancel tomorrow's Zumba class as DP is out. Foodwise was OK today... until DP made courgette risotto and, only after I'd eatenhalf of it, told me it was supposed to serve 4!

Now there are so many of us (yay!) do we want to do some sort of list of start weight, goal weight & current weight?

Murtette SW 11st10; GW 10st3; CW 11st 7; loss - 4lbs

Dingle Tue 07-May-13 21:52:37

I can only tell you about week C25K week 1. It lasts for 30 minutes, you start with a 5 min warm up, then you do a 60 second run, followed by 90 seconds of brisk walking, this 60 sec run-90 sec walk continues until the last 5 mins of cool down!

You do this 3 alternate days.

Happy to share my stats; SW 11st7: GW ???? 9st7-10st: Loss 0 (so far!)

RubySlippers77 Wed 08-May-13 12:37:52

Hi everyone,

Well done to all & a big thank you for being so positive & inspiring, nice to know I'm not on my own with this being hard work, but we will get there!!

Went running again last night & am out with my ladies running club tonight. I'd like to join the local mixed club but am not good enough yet sad hey ho, will keep plodding along.

Foodwise, bit dull but I can cope with dull as long as it's filling and not time consuming to prepare/ make...

Currently out on a walk round the park at lunch time as part of Operation Stress Less and Obtain a Better Work Life Balance (need a more catchy title I reckon!) - I used to optimistically think that walking the 5 minutes to Tesco cancelled out the pastry I then bought there, but the scales tell me otherwise!!

river - sounds like a fun picnic & I think you did well with resisting further temptation smile

SW: 10st 13lb GW: 9st 12lb CW: 10st 13lb (I only started yesterday!)

wizzler Wed 08-May-13 19:00:26

SW 11ST 11 lb . There, I've said it

Well done to everyone who has lost. Dingle, I plan to start C25K tomorrow night

Murtette Wed 08-May-13 21:20:36

I feel as thought I'm falling off the wagon, mainly due to getting my period. All I want is comfort food & I certainly don't have the energy to exercise (or the time as we're interviewing nannies every evening at the moment). I have managed to avoid chocolate today and stick to my calorie limit but, after such a good week last week, I feel as though I've lost my way a bit this week.
Ruby - I know what you mean about calories in/calories out maths. It was only when I was on holiday with thinner friends last year, that I realised that they didn't have cake/chocolate every day in the same way as I did. Since then, I've observed people a bit more and have noticed that other friends don't come up with excuses in the same way as I do i.e. the sun is shining, I'll have an ice cream; ooh, you've made a cake, it would be rude not to have a bit. I am trying to be more strict!
To inspire you all - I saw a friend today who'd lost 5kg (so 10 or 11lbs) and she looked transformed.

RubySlippers77 Wed 08-May-13 23:32:31

Hi Murtette - ah who can blame you for diving into the chocolate at that time of the month?! I haven't faced that challenge yet but am hoping that dark chocolate will satisfy me when it does, as I do actually prefer plain to milk, but not when I am craving a big bag of Maltesers.....

I have to say that calorie counting doesn't work for me - I am doing the low carb bootcamp - now I'm running as well I'm trying to eat lots of protein and brown rice, and cut out potatoes, bread etc. On the positive side it's very difficult to overdose on brown rice, you get bored long before you finish eating sad

Whatever works for everyone though, WW worked for me a few years back but I do prefer the low carbing way!

Very true what you said about thin people - the people I find most infuriating though are those who can eat what they want and still stay twiglet thin - grrrrr!!

eslteacher Thu 09-May-13 01:34:31

I didn't do so well today food-wise, mainly because of going to a dinner party. On the one hand I ate a lot less there than I would have done a week ago before I decided to start this regime. On the other hand typing all I DID eat into MFP was still depressing seeing the calories tot up and up...and up!

I did 20m on the treadmill today which I was pleased with, plus sit ups.

Murtette, interesting point re other people not using excuses. I wonder though, is it because they are tempted but strong-willed, or just not that tempted in the first place?

Dingle Thu 09-May-13 08:28:43

wizzler I hope you enjoyc25k as much as I did!

I am only in my first week but yesterday I really struggled and ended up going over my calories and still having a brioche and warm milk before bed! blush I haven't been sleeping well, feel like I am fighting off a cold and had a full day of working at pre-school! I was aching and shattered.

I am due to do my second "run" on c25k this evening so hopefully that will give me a boost.

I am hoping to try some of the standing abs routines as I do have problems with my lower back, can anyone recommend any in particular please?

Good luck everyone.x

peacefuloptimist Thu 09-May-13 15:38:20

Hi. Can I join too. Sw is 12.6 stones. I want to lose about 2.5 stones imh but focusing on getting rid of the 1st stone is just what I need to back away from the pit of despair. I'm currently doing ww and I have the shred which did help me when did it. I lost about 7 1/2 lbs and I'm looking to go back to it as well as going for more walks taking advantage of the good weather. About four years ago I managed to lose 20kg and it totally transformed me. My confidence just shot through the roof. I've always felt like was big and it was the first time I saw myself as a slim person when I looked in the mirror. I want that feeling again and I know now that I can do it. I just need to build up my willpower. Last time I mainly did it through exercise which helps me to regulate my eating. But this time I will have leads opportunity to exercise because of my 8month old ds so I need to finally conquer my bad eating habits. Good luck everyone!

kelbop Thu 09-May-13 18:44:48

Late to the party as ever but can I join in? I'm 10 st 10 and want to be 9 by the summer. I have a calorie counting app which has shocked me into how much I eat regularly but am too ashamed to put my odd steady fueled binges in(anyone got any tips on how to avoid this???). I try and run once a week and dvd twice but dh is rarely home before 7 and with two dcs its hard (2y and 6mo). Used to do triathlons and run marathons so I know I can just need some mates to help me along the path :-) good luck everyone and bring on those summer swim suits.

kelbop Thu 09-May-13 18:51:47

My fitness pal username is Kel2bugs but have been abit sporadic so far...

Dingle Thu 09-May-13 20:08:23

Calorie counters- I need advice please! Sorry, it may be a silly question and I know it must depend on how much I have to lose and how quickly I plan to use it but MFP is only giving me 1200 cals per day and I am struggling.

I am up to 1527 so even with my C25K run, I will still be over.

wizzler Thu 09-May-13 21:57:28

Hurrah I have done my first run.
It was ok actually, although the uphill bits burnt my calf muscles. Feel quite revived, and much better than I thought I would.
Even better, it took me so long to work out how to download the podcast to my MP3 player, that it was dusk so no one else was about to see me!

Dingle.. did you run? was it easier?

Dingle Thu 09-May-13 22:48:21

Yes, wizzler I did. Not sure it was easier 2nd time round, I'll let you know tomorrow! I think I pushed myself a bit more too, did 2.3 miles and burnt 23 more calories. I need all the help I can get at the moment as I am still over my calorie target set in MFP. Well done on your first run.

eslteacher Thu 09-May-13 23:25:09

Dingle - MFP told me to eat 1300 cals a day, but I knew that was less than I'd be able to stick to, so I changed the target to 1600. I know I was eating well over 2000 p/d before, so 1600 is still a loss. And MFP still tells me I'm on track to lose weight if I keep to this plan, just at a slower rate than if I did 1300 p/d...

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