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what shall i try?

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Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 11:47:34

My DD will be 7 weeks on wednesday and for the past week has been drinking 8oz bottles dry and has 3-4 a day, was wondering if okay to give her half a rusk or some baby rice to fill her up as can't fill her bottles up anymore!

hermykne Sun 15-May-05 11:52:50

eh no, . gem 16 wks the earliest for solids of any thing and World Health Org advise 6mths.
plenty of web info out there

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 11:55:26

What shall i do then?

gingernut Sun 15-May-05 11:55:27

I make up 9oz bottles, fill up to 9oz line then 9 scoops - my bottles (MAWS and Tommee Tippee) will just hold that. Will she take her feeds more frequently? Or you could switch to `hungry baby' formula. I would try all those things before starting her on solids.

gingernut Sun 15-May-05 11:56:12

BTW, she is probably just having a growth spurt and will be taking less in a week or 2.

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 12:03:25

I'm gonna switch to SMA tomorrow, and she has got avent bottles so they take just up to 9oz, but she sleeps for half the day and has some water in the day 2!

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 12:06:09

If she s having a growth spurt she has been having one from 4 weeks as went for 4-8oz in those few weeks!

marne Sun 15-May-05 12:08:43

SMA White is good, i gave my dd a tiny bit of rusk in her milk when she was a few weeks and she was fine, only gave it to her before her night time feed in hope she would sleep for longer, didnt realy help much though. Good luck with the SMA, what milk are you using at the moment?

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 12:13:26

using SMA gold

marne Sun 15-May-05 12:17:01

def try SMA White, put mt dd on it when she was 3 weeks, shes still a greedy baby now and shes 16 months.

mears Sun 15-May-05 13:31:09

SMA white will give her constipation. I would wake her for feeds more frequently so she had smaller amounts more often.

Windermere Sun 15-May-05 13:44:39

I would just give her more bottles, she is probably going through a growth spurt. My DS was on 5 7-8oz bottles at that age. At that age they recommend feeding them every 4 hours which works out at about 5-6 feeds per day. Save the rusks until she is older, DS was a very hungry baby when he was going through a growth spurt but I waited until he was 4 1/2 months before moving him onto solids.

tiktok Sun 15-May-05 14:01:59

Gem, in fact it's 17 weeks for the very earliest age for solids in the UK, and 6 mths is the normal age. 3-4 bottles a day is not very often for a baby of this age....feeding more often is likely to suit her needs better.

Honestly, rusks or rice at this age is potentially dangerous.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 15-May-05 14:04:33

A friend just took the Unicef baby-friendly course (she's getting ready to teach it), and recent studies show that babies have no pancreatic function at 3-4 months, which means they can't digest starch. Starch is the main thing in rusks, and the only thing in baby rice. So babies get absolutely no calories from starch before 5 months or so.

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 21:02:39

Well i'm switching to sma white tomorrow, i can't give her more bottles because she buttons her lips and says no or drinks a bit and brings the whole lot back up again.

Pruni Sun 15-May-05 21:12:58

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 21:14:03

She'll just bring the lot up if i try to give her anymore than she wants or needs!

Windermere Mon 16-May-05 13:12:17

NotQuiteCockney - The course your friend has been on sounds interesting, do you have any more info?

NotQuiteCockney Mon 16-May-05 15:50:14

It was part of the Unicef Babyfriendly initiative - the same one launched by Elle Macpherson. You can get some info here . She's training to be able to offer the course to health visitors, midwives, GPs, and others - but then, she's a BFN breastfeeding counsellor, it's what she does for a living.

Gem1355 Wed 18-May-05 14:40:06

Right i've tried to reduce her bottles so she'll have more in the day, but she screams because she is still hungry.

tiktok Wed 18-May-05 16:17:00

Gem - why are you reducing her bottles? Sorry, I may have misunderstood, but no one here has suggested your baby needs to have less milk, have they? She needs more milk, not less, as far as I can tell.

Cristina7 Wed 18-May-05 16:58:48

Gem, on the side of a formula tin I have here it says at 7 weeks to give 5 oz 5 times a day. I think 3 or 4 times a day may be too little, she may be thirsty in between, even if not hungry. Just a thought.

Gem1355 Wed 18-May-05 17:14:06

Well she has 4 8oz bottles a day and drinking them dry so will have to up to 9oz soon but as she is only 7 weeks today i can't give her baby rice or rusks or anything, so am gonna try her on hungrier baby milk to see what that will do, beacuse other than that don;t know!

aloha Wed 18-May-05 17:19:42

Gem, the idea is to feed more often.
I agree that three to four feeds a day sound very few for such a young baby.

aloha Wed 18-May-05 17:20:05

I don't mean put more milk in each bottle, but to offer the bottle more often.

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