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Poster of toddler 'breastfeeding' her doll is apparently 'distasteful, inappropriate and crude'

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ChairmumMiaow Thu 21-May-09 12:06:46



Does anyone on here think that a picture of a toddler pretending to breastfeed her doll is anything other than cute?

JodieO Thu 21-May-09 12:07:56

Oh but little girls feeding their dolls with a bottle is acceptable then? Double standards in the extreme.

littlelamb Thu 21-May-09 12:09:01

She said: "The picture is shocking and it isn't normal. Children copy their parents but I don't think any little girls should be breastfeeding their dolls.

Whyever not??? Dolls all come with bottles, what's the difference? My dd is 4 and 'bf's her dolls. I don't see the problem

ChairmumMiaow Thu 21-May-09 12:10:30

I think that's my issue - I cannot see what the problem could possibly be unless you think that breastfeeding is shameful, however you do it! (The little girl isn't even showing her 'breasts'!)

LadyOfWaffle Thu 21-May-09 12:10:34

"The picture is shocking and it isn't normal. Children copy their parents but I don't think any little girls should be breastfeeding their dolls"

But they can change pretend nappies, with pretend wee, push pretend prams and feed pretend bottles (and stick them in cars/on horses)? How bizarre. My DS (3) breastfeeds his tiger grin

wastingmyeducation Thu 21-May-09 12:11:24

Because breasts are sexual innit? hmm

Very cute, but I don't see the point of the poster tbh.

lockets Thu 21-May-09 12:13:31

Message withdrawn

amybswansea Thu 21-May-09 12:14:56

DS (2.10) offered to breastfeed DD (8 months) the other day that may have made a slightly odd poster grin

pooka Thu 21-May-09 12:16:23

Oh how bloody ridiculous.

All the anti-comments in there are just hmm

Is crazy. Daft. Stupid. [grr]

Merrylegs Thu 21-May-09 12:16:48

Next time my LO breastfeeds her doll in pretend play I shall tell her she is 'shocking', 'not normal' and 'highly offensive.' hmm

juuule Thu 21-May-09 12:22:29

All my children have 'bf' their teddies at some point.
Unbelievable the comments that the grandma made.

CherryChoc Thu 21-May-09 12:22:29

This is absurd and very sad

CMOTdibbler Thu 21-May-09 12:28:10

My DS likes to bf toys - and I think its totally normal and sweet

How could anyone think it was crude angry

juuule Thu 21-May-09 12:29:27

"Councillor Jean Ashworth, who works as a healthcare assistant "
"The picture is highly offensive and everyone is up in arms about it"

There's no hope is there, if even the healthcare people find it offensive.

CherryChoc Thu 21-May-09 12:39:39

I'd better not tell them when I was 5 and my sister was 2 I used to "breastfeed" her when we played mums & babies then grin

...Or that we thought bellybuttons were a spare nipple in case the other two ran out of milk!!


Upwind Thu 21-May-09 12:40:43

Why does this get such attention - is it because of an extremely prudish councillor?

If I objected to a picture of a toddler bottle feeding, I would be laughed at and it would not make the national papers

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Thu 21-May-09 12:43:35

Is there a better copy of the picture somewhere? I can't see anything at all offensive with that picture (not that I would see anything offensive with anything to do with any children breastfeeding their toys).

pooter Thu 21-May-09 12:44:28

this is so disheartening. sad

juuule Thu 21-May-09 12:46:50

And the prudish councillor is also a healthcare assistant who surely should be promoting breastfeeding as part of health care. Perhaps she's in the wrong job.

Maybe it's the outraged gran who said
"The picture is shocking and it isn't normal. Children copy their parents but I don't think any little girls should be breastfeeding their dolls."
Shocking - isn't normal - girls shouldn't breastfeed their dolls? hmm

Bucharest Thu 21-May-09 12:48:04

Perhaps Councillor Ashworth reads the Sun and thinks her tits are only for the lads.
I shall go and start a rumour to that effect.

AnarchyAunt Thu 21-May-09 12:49:43

Oh dear.

I was so so proud when 2 yo DD pretended to BF her dollies. Isn't there research to show that gils have decided how they will feed their future DC by the age of 9 or something?

mawbroon Thu 21-May-09 12:49:49

Well, all the people on the busy bus this morning would have had to have averted their eyes as my 3.6yo ds fed his teddy on the way to school.

I think it was an act of defiance because we don't do milk on the bus, purely because of the coats/bags/backcarrier issues.

The fact this has made the papers is pretty depressing sad

FioFio Thu 21-May-09 12:49:51

Message withdrawn

scottishmummy Thu 21-May-09 12:50:26

harmless.dont see what the indignation is

mollyroger Thu 21-May-09 12:51:31

I find her attitudes as a healthcare assistant innappropriate, offensive and distasteful, actually.

Anyone who thinks that photo is abnormal is fucked up has some worrying isshoos IMO.

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