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JANUARY BOOK OF THE MONTH - discussion night and author chat will take place here Thursday 31st Jan from 8pm

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TillyBookClub Wed 23-Jan-08 12:58:59

This the place to come for our January Bookclub discussion and to chat to our esteemed author Tim Dowling, author of The Giles Wareing Haters Club.

If you can't make it on Thursday then do post a question for Tim here and we'll make sure he gets to it. And if you are coming on Thursday but want to post an advance question then feel free - we'll email them to Tim and will kick off with the answers when he comes on.

Hope everyone can make it, see you Thursday...

TillyBookClub Thu 31-Jan-08 21:57:41

I'm super relieved to find someone else who hasn't read Middlemarch.

I think we ought to let Tim get back to his out-of-bed boys so I'd like to say a massive thank you to him for coming on tonight. Tim, you have been a trooper - especially considering the, erm, technical hitch, that made things rather surreal for a while. Good luck with everything (and if Middlemarch wins, will you come and join February's bookclub? I bet I'll be able to spot your false nickname...)

Nerdbomber Thu 31-Jan-08 21:58:41

You really should go for a book that would inject the singular british-style humor in an American setting and for that audience (we would love it - I'm a yank in London). Impressive how you developed this character without actually being British

Hassled Thu 31-Jan-08 21:59:30

Many thanks .

fryalot Thu 31-Jan-08 21:59:39

you could always just cut & paste this thread into a word document...

TimDowling Thu 31-Jan-08 22:00:24

does Middlemarch stand a chance? Bye everybody. Thanks for having me, and sorry to anyone who feels hard done by at having to buy the hardback. The papaerback comes out tomorrow, btw.

It's been great. I'm going to go get drunk now. Bit late actually. hmm.

midnightexpress Thu 31-Jan-08 22:00:49


fryalot Thu 31-Jan-08 22:00:54

thanks for talking to us, Tim.


midnightexpress Thu 31-Jan-08 22:02:10

<twiddles thumbs, whistles a bit>.

So everyone, what did we think of him then?


fryalot Thu 31-Jan-08 22:06:46

I thought he seemed okay, I think he answered everyone's questions, and he seemed like a good sport.

Don't feel like setting up the Tim Dowling Haters Club just yet wink

midnightexpress Thu 31-Jan-08 22:10:51

I was only joking squonk, but I thought he was a good sport too.

Right I'm off to recruit some people to vote for anything except to Kill a Flamin Mockingbird.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 31-Jan-08 22:43:49

He was indeed.

Do you thin he will check back here to see what we are saying? grin

I must say I'm not a fan of the new list. I have either read, or am not interested in them , so thats a shame.

I don't see why 'classics' have to be 'at least 40 years old' or ones we have all heard of before.

chocoholic Fri 01-Feb-08 17:50:46

Oh no, missed it again. blush
Now this is getting a bit silly but I am getting to read some books I wouldn't have so I guess something good is coming out of it even though I miss the chats every month.
I really must try harder to make them.

TillyBookClub Fri 01-Feb-08 20:15:40

A quick message here to say To Kill a Mockingbird has won February's vote (sorry, midnight express - will you come on anyway and tell us how much you don't like it? All grist for mill etc)

Chocoholic, are Tuesday's better? We're moving discussion night back to Tuesday, so fingers crossed you can make it (this month it'll be Tuesday FEb 26th, 8-10pm). No author chat, obviously.

TillyBookClub Fri 01-Feb-08 20:26:21

Hang on...I didn't realise Harper Lee is actually alive (check out a brilliant website called deadoralive). But she is 81. And famously publicity shy. So not sure if we'll get an author chat but I'll give it a shot.

midnightexpress Fri 01-Feb-08 20:33:38

Oh it's not really that I don't like it Tilly, it's just a bit 'schooly' isn't it, that's all. Was looking for the kick up the jacksy I needed to make me read Briadeshead, as I've read most of his other stuff, and I thought that would probably be quite different.

Anyhoo, yes, I'll come back <sigh>, especially if you can persuade Harper Lee to come too. I would be seriously impressed by your pulling power grin.

DualCylinderCod Fri 08-Feb-08 16:24:24

i liek it
and read it in a day and a half
totally missed the cheriton gag

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