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The bloggers's support and blathering thread

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DillyTante Sun 19-Feb-12 22:01:16

I thought I would start off a new thread based on a comment by Queen Maeve on another thread, which I completely agree with. In the beginning, the bloggers' chat thread was just that, we chatted, shared links, tips and exchanged views on each others' blogs. Now it has become a bit 'post and run' sort of a one way street really.

While I think that has it's place, as I like to have somewhere to go to pick out new blog posts, I miss the chat and the community, so I am deeming this a chat/support/blather thread. Posts and running will only be tolerated in extremis from regular contributors. Otherwise we shall glare at you via our screens.

So, I'll kick off: how's your blogging going? I hit 101 posts today! That's since July. What sort of numbers are you averaging?

I was really inspired by Latte Lady's post here, and have decided I need to make my blog more instructive, rather than just bumbling around going "oh look, I made this, it's really easy, I bet you could do it too" and sticking a couple of instagrammed photos in. And I want to be more passionate and more interesting. I want to branch out a little, but I'm worried about putting off any followers I do have who follow me for my niche which is mainly crafting.

Blogging has also made me think a bit more seriously about writing. I have always enjoyed writing but never pursued it in anger. I did NaNoWriMo and loved it, but I think that blogging has shown me that if I am going to give writing ago, I don't think fiction is my thing. I'd like to write features. I currently have complete career envy of Perri Lewis. She craft blogs for the Guardian and writes on Mollie Makes and Psychologies. She get to write about craft and psychology, that is what I want to do!

annelg1 Fri 27-Jul-12 15:02:26

Wow! I've never thought of blogging for myself. Was it a kind of private journal? I'd like to hear some more about how that worked and why you did it.

CreativeFL0 Wed 18-Jul-12 23:37:33

Hi, I'm marking my place on this thread as I'm new to the MB Network and just finding my feet.

I've been blogging for five years but only to myself as I never made it public.
My latest blog is just over two months old and is a mix of tales from our daily famly life, stompy rants, and advice and support for parents whose children struggle with their learning eg: dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD.

I've posted on it every day since starting but that's only because I've got a lot of information that I can carry over from my first blog.
I'm sure inspiration will dry up soon enough! grin

Anyway, please pop by and have a browse sometime.

I'm enjoying reading through the threads in the Bloggers topic and hopping around the links to everyone's blogs.

There's some great stuff out there! smile

TheNewson Wed 18-Jul-12 17:04:51

Only been blogging for about a month and finally got round to adding metatags. Some very random ones indeed, it has to be said. Today I noticed that somebody searching for one of those tags stumbled on my site. The tag is: Shakin Stevens (this is from my hair related blog - long story).

I want to know what is the strangest tag that somebody has searched for, which led them to your site?

mrsshortiesmind Thu 12-Jul-12 17:50:36

Hi, I've not been on here for a while, probably because I haven't blogged for a while! I have recently done a couple of new posts and I have created a new blog to write about the family and our life.

I am getting a little bit despondent at the lack of visitors though, I apparently have 483 followers (this is from email, rss, twitter and fb) but I don't ever get more than 20 or so page reads a day, more if I am really lucky, but a normal day maybe 5 or 6. I am linked up to Twitter and FB, but I am not sure what I else I should do to get more people actually reading the blog. I know I might say I write for me, but it would be nice if more people would read my blog, or someone to tell me where I am going wrong and what I should change.

My personal blog is, comments about it good and bad (especially where I am going wrong) would be really appreciated.


TheNewson Tue 10-Jul-12 12:11:00

Top tip, Anna. It helps if you get your blog address right. Sorry...


TheNewson Tue 10-Jul-12 12:00:41

Hi - I hope you don't mind if I join you.

I'm also a newbie and will try my hardest not to post then run. I've been blogging for about four weeks now and am on to post number eight.

Like some have mentioned, writing is therapeutic and I enjoy it.

Like others have mentioned, I'm a bit clueless when it comes to the techie stuff and trying to get the blog seen, so any advice and tips are welcome.

Likewise, I will try to share my knowledge. It may be limited re blogging, but I have some experience in writing.

For those of you who are interested my blog is called Anna-notherthing

CakesnKids Mon 09-Jul-12 11:56:34

hi allll (not actually posted in here but have been around the board.)

does any one know of a good beauty bloig you dont have to be a millionair to follow tips? one that isnt too intimidating?

(sorry aboit semmi creappy typing i have my 20 month olds who want to 'help' grin

Bex66 Sun 08-Jul-12 17:53:27

Can I join you all ?- am a relative newbie having set up by blog exactly a month ago to the day about how I lost weight last year - - includes tips and funny stories - its going quite well I guess, its hard to know - have had 1000 visitors this month ( which equates to 16,000 hits) I monetised it a week ago, when I probably should have waited for visitors to get up to about 150/day - I'm only on 70 visitors/day at the moment (max) - but I was just a bit impatient! Made a small bit of money - about enough for a pub lunch! Have set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account for it but am running out of ideas to drive more traffic to it - its on page 1 of Google (no 6) for "how I lost weight" but not much traffic comes that way. I blog at least 5 times a week. Would welcome any new ideas - for instance has anyone got a list builder on their website? landof - will follow your advice re using twitter - thanks

DillyTante Sat 07-Jul-12 19:55:33

Hi all, how's it all going?

landofmakebelieve Fri 15-Jun-12 21:08:08

Hi, my blog deals with topical parenting issues, family life and such.
For those saying they're social media illiterate, I find Twitter a great way to find new blog followers.
I didn't have a clue what I was doing on it at first, but now I'm hardly ever off there. grin
Start off by following things that interest you - eg people with other blogs, and reply to tweets creating a conversation. Use hashtags about subjects you are tweeting about, for example if you were tweeting about the X Factor, write it like #XFactor (all one word with no breaks or apostrophes in it) and others talking about the X Factor will pick up on your tweets and you can converse with them.
Basically interact with others and the rest comes naturally. smile

My blog is

Stillbloodysingle Fri 15-Jun-12 13:03:50

My blog is called Stillbloodysingle ... which I think tells you everything!

I post twice a week. It gives me time to work up a head of steam, and also means that I can schedule posts in advance for weeks when I'll be busy, or away, without making the task too onerous.

To be honest, I find that the number of hits is pretty random. (I'm hugely impressed by BlackAffronted's 13000 hits. Congratulations!) Although Thursdays generally seem to be the best day to post for my audience, I seem to get 100-150 hits on the first day of posting, no matter what.

It's interesting to see that my hits come from all over the world, though (44 countries at the last count!) ... I guess that proves that there are disgruntled singles the world over! smile

stanleypj Fri 15-Jun-12 12:02:45

As someone else posted, I see my blog primarily as therapy. I have found it helps. But I also hope others get help and information from reading it. So I want it to be seen and read:

Also, as I've always enjoyed writing, I get a lot of satisfaction from writing a post I'm happy with.

lifeafterdebt Thu 14-Jun-12 11:27:36

I am completely new to Mumsnet and virtually computer and social media illiterate so I have no idea how to increase my hits. I may well be posting and running because I can't find my way back! I have been blogging for just over a year about my battle with the banks and the politics behind the regulatory authorites and the governments decision to the let the individual shoulder the losses the banks created. Probably sounds really dry but its been a real roller coaster ride to live it for the past four years as we have lost everything(job, home, financial future). I am hoping I may discover how to secure thousands of readers a week as opposed to a hundred a week because I would like to raise awareness of just what the banksters are up to and in doing so, shame them and our politicians into acting compassionatley.

QueenMaeve Tue 12-Jun-12 22:21:06

I am trying to decide should I have a blog just for crafty stuff, and then a general blog. My blog is a bit of a mixture and all the blog advice is to find a niche for your blog. I don;t think mine does, its just craft, family stuff, thoughts, whatever notions come into my head. Help me decide what to do!

DillyTante Wed 06-Jun-12 21:07:38

Hi all,

QueenMaeve, I've been the same, not been making much, haven't wanted to post unless I've had something decent to say.

QueenMaeve Mon 04-Jun-12 21:53:16

thats true. I've noticed posts get a lot more comments and people get a chance to read them when I'm not posting as often

annelg1 Mon 04-Jun-12 11:19:28

5 times is not too bad really. If you over-stretch yourself you'll burn out pretty fast. If you have a full-time job and family you'll be cutting yourself short.
The last thing you want is to not give your readers something of substance. It's better to blog once a week with something great, than do it 3 times a week with random pictures or posts that make no sense.

As long as you blog regularly (e.g you always put up a new post on Tuesdays) you'll be fine. Remember you also need time to promote each post you write, comment on other blogs, tweet etc.

All the best.

QueenMaeve Wed 30-May-12 22:31:30

I have only blogged 5 times this month! really low for me. I am suffering from bloggers block and also from a severe shortage of time to blog or to make anything to blog about. Hopefully I will get my groove back soon. How are things going for everyone else?

Dillytante Sun 20-May-12 09:32:56

Kayano, my recommendation about twitter is to not just limit yourself to posting about your blog, you are unlikely to build up a following like that. You have to interact and post about different things, that's how you get noticed. Well done on starting your blog though.

Kayano Wed 16-May-12 01:56:50

I started a blog earlier this week so I am very new to it. Only had 250 pageviews so far but I'm doing it every day and loving it!

I have just enabled ads but obv not going to get anywhere soon. I've also created a twitter account to post just about the blog and topics related to the blog. It's quickly becoming an obsession and I find its also helping my creative process

BlackAffronted Sun 06-May-12 21:10:31

I passed 13,00 views today smile

BlueEyeshadow Tue 01-May-12 12:07:11

My blog is through blogger so I get updates of things on my blogroll through that.

annelg1 Mon 30-Apr-12 14:13:33

Hi Lowimpactmama,

I've just found Alltop. It's a wonderful platform and lets you choose blogs in different topics to put in your reader. You can also add your blog on the site. I'm getting quite a lot of traffic from them and I've only been with them for a month. Let me know if you need more details. I've written about them on my writing blog.

mrsshortiesmind Sat 28-Apr-12 07:45:48

I use google reader, it's good to have the blogs in one place, but I do get some to my inbox too. I've got so many blog posts to read at the moment I can't keep up.

I had no Internet for a couple of days and it's been so hard! I never realised how much I use the Internet!

trulymyrtle Fri 27-Apr-12 08:15:36

That should say... ones I keep tabs on...

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