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Any mums-to-be in Plymouth area?

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Kerri28 Tue 10-Apr-07 16:29:51

hello, i'm first timer and 19 weeks pregnant, just getting over the worst of pregnancy symptoms, is there anyone else who lives in the Plymouth area? i live in Tavistock where, for once, the sun is shining!

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Loopymumsy Tue 10-Apr-07 19:16:27

Message withdrawn

charNbump Tue 10-Apr-07 19:18:25

hey! No don't live in tavistock or plymouth, but i do live in bideford - near barnstaple. Hope all's going well with your pregnancy....i'm due in 8 days and literally counting every bloody minute at the moment! ha xxx

oooggs Tue 10-Apr-07 19:20:19

I'm in Saltash and just had my twins now 12 days old

Loopymumsy Tue 10-Apr-07 19:23:38

Message withdrawn

oooggs Tue 10-Apr-07 21:19:01

DS1 3.4, DD & DS2 12 days

MN is my sanity

oooggs Tue 10-Apr-07 21:19:30

ooops - very tired and muddling through

Loopymumsy Wed 11-Apr-07 08:51:45

Message withdrawn

Kerri28 Wed 11-Apr-07 14:11:51

hi and thanks for all welcomes!! i am almost 20 weeks (according to scan, although this doesnt fit in with my dates very well!) but no movement felt as yet!!! hoping this is normal and that baby is moving, but i'm just not used to feeling it. have felt really ill from conception until about a couple of weeks ago, had acne, constant nausea and extreme tiredness!! still fairly tired and a bit sick, but feeling more like my old self again thank god!!

Loopy, where do you live now? how you coping with the stress of pregnancy AND moving house?!

Char - how you feeling? bet you can't wait to meet you baby, do you know what you're having?

oogs, was the birth experience as bad as i'm expecting it to be?! and how you coping with sleepless nights (my worst fear!)

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Loopymumsy Wed 11-Apr-07 18:09:00

Message withdrawn

oooggs Wed 11-Apr-07 19:35:57

sleepless nights you get through, the dt's are better than ds1 ever was.

Their birth was so easy it was untrue - very quick & painless, but ds1's birth is something I didn't want to experience again!!!

Loopymumsy Wed 11-Apr-07 19:38:31

Message withdrawn

largeginandtonic Thu 12-Apr-07 08:39:29

Im in Plymouth!!!! Temporary move from Portsmouth to have my 6th baby << waves to oogs >>

No family in Portsmouth so have relocated until the half term after Easter. Baby #6 due 13th May.

OOgs can i come visit? I promise to only bring 1 when when all the others are at school

Or we could organise a get together? Im not sure how long it took me to get out of the house when the twins were 12 days.......probably about a week id imagine!

Plymouth has a lovely starbucks in the new shopping bit and Dingles cafe up on floor 5 is child friendly.

What about it everyone?

largeginandtonic Thu 12-Apr-07 08:41:12

Loopsymummy where in Portsmouth are you, im in Alverstoke just outside Gosport. DH is in the Navy im guessing yours is too!

Loopymumsy Thu 12-Apr-07 08:44:21

Message withdrawn

largeginandtonic Thu 12-Apr-07 08:56:15

Oooooh it is hard, the children do help alot though. You just have to immerse yourself in toddler groups and school playground chit chat.

When i moved last August dh was sent away in September and only returned for 2 weeks at xmas and was away again till the end of Feb. That was harder than anything, no adult conversation for weeks on end it seemed. It was in September i found MN, im pretty sure i would have cracked up if wasnt for all the lovely ladies on here

By the time you arrive Loopsy i may have had the baby....sooooo scary

Loopymumsy Thu 12-Apr-07 09:11:51

Message withdrawn

charNbump Thu 12-Apr-07 10:18:52

kerri28 - i'm fine thanks, having bad stomach ache today since 3am this morning so hoping this could b the start of summit! Nah, dunno what we're having - baby was crossing his/her legs! never mind. How is the pregnancy going then? hope all's been well xx

Loopymumsy Thu 12-Apr-07 13:51:30

Message withdrawn

Kerri28 Thu 12-Apr-07 14:16:02

Welcome large G&T!!!hope Plymouth is ok for you?! 6 kids!! my god, you brave girl!!! i am panicking about one!!

char, i have my fingers tightly crossed for you!!! how exciting!!! i want to know ALL the details!!!


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Kerri28 Thu 12-Apr-07 14:20:42

oh, and i think i felt baby kick last night!!! hoorah!! lots of bizarre movement going on today too, so perhaps this is the beginnin?!

will write again after scan on monday when will know for sure that the "kicks" aren't imagined!!

i am very excited about scan, but not at all nervous - should i be?! i would not terminate baby unless quality of life would be severely impaired (and DS etc doesnt bother me, as quality of life would be good, and the DS people i've met are nicest/happiest people i've met for long time anyway!) so perhaps this is why i'm not worried, or perhaps i'm very naive?

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oooggs Thu 12-Apr-07 14:32:12

Loopymumsy - birth story

Large G&T - sure just give me a bit more time

oooggs Thu 12-Apr-07 14:32:40

bugger link didn't work!!

oooggs Thu 12-Apr-07 14:34:30

loopymumsy have a look at birth story

Loopymumsy Thu 12-Apr-07 16:42:49

Message withdrawn

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