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Bob - Would you?

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Flum Wed 02-Jul-08 22:49:56

Dh wants it. Not even Robert. I am considering Robert and ok with it. It doesn't suit our surname well as that also starts with a hard consonant. It is his Grandads name and he was christened Bob so that is why he wants it.

seb1 Wed 02-Jul-08 22:51:18

What about Robbie?

snowleopard Wed 02-Jul-08 22:51:56

He will get called Bobby though, which is somehow not as "old man" as Bob. Actually I like Bobbie for a girl, but baby Bob... nah, not feeling it.

ButterflyMcQueen Wed 02-Jul-08 22:52:59

love it

so so sweet and baby boy ish

harpomarx Wed 02-Jul-08 22:54:10

cannot hear the name Bob without thinking of What About Bob? with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

a very cheesy film but one I have a strange affection for

snowleopard Wed 02-Jul-08 22:55:16

And of course there is Bob the builder so it should go down well with his peers.

bossykate Wed 02-Jul-08 22:55:50

only if you officially name him Robert.

greenelizabeth Wed 02-Jul-08 22:57:52

I really love Robbie. Not keen on Bob. The builder doesn't put me off. Just not loving it.

WendyWeber Wed 02-Jul-08 22:58:43

One of DS2's best friends is a Will (aged 15), with an older brother Tom & a younger brother Bob. But they all have proper Sunday names. Do not call him just Bob, please

Flum Wed 02-Jul-08 23:03:25

The Grandad he will be named after was Christened Bob though, so thats what DH wants.

I have never bothered arguing before as we have 2 dds and so I expect this one will be a dd too.

The name I like is very kind of poncey, slightly unnusual of its time. Not a classic really.

I think I will accept if he is christened Robert.

LynetteScavo Wed 02-Jul-08 23:06:04

I'm not keen on Robert.

I like Bob. smile

FAQ Wed 02-Jul-08 23:11:24

nope sorry I couldn't - Bob or Robert just makes me think "Mugabe"....

Flum Wed 02-Jul-08 23:22:26

Praps Bobinogs instead of Robert thEN?

ravenAK Wed 02-Jul-08 23:26:47

Robert's good - missed our shortlist as have about 4 mates between us called Robert!

I really think better to go with full form not diminutive, so as to give him more options later on? (Even though I dislike my 'full' name & no-one ever uses it).

Or use Bob as middle name?

janeite Wed 02-Jul-08 23:29:14

Not Bob - it just makes me think of Rowan Atkinson and then makes me laugh!

Robert is a nice, solid name but I prefer it as a middle name I think.

Robin is nice - although obviously not your dh's grandad's name so totally irrelevant!!

harpomarx Wed 02-Jul-08 23:31:09

had forgotten about that Bob, janeite.

now you have made me laugh too grin

nappyaddict Thu 03-Jul-08 00:12:01

I like bobby as a full name to be shortened to bob but not bob as a full name.

olyoly Thu 03-Jul-08 05:24:57

Not Bob as a full name.
It just doesn't fit a baby.

Comerscroft Thu 03-Jul-08 06:24:20

In Scotland, there is Fat Bob (Oor Wullie) and Black Bob, the sheepdog.

AbbeyA Thu 03-Jul-08 07:32:25

I love Robert as a name but would never shorten to Bob or Bobby-prefer Rob.

moonpigdotcom Thu 03-Jul-08 17:08:58

It reminds me of Bob from the episode of Blackadder where he thinks he's in love with a boy. At our school we all did bad impersonations of Rowan Atkinson saying "Well now.......Bob". What's so wrong with Robert? Everyone needs a grown up name for formal stuff, surely?

lilyloo Thu 03-Jul-08 17:16:24

Dp Robert get's called Bob anyway !
Dc's think it's great as do dd's 3 year old friends with Bob builder connotations grin

sumomum Thu 03-Jul-08 17:23:23

What about Bertie? Loving Bertie.. grin

TheFallenMadonna Thu 03-Jul-08 17:26:24

I love Robert.

I prefer Rob as a diminutive, but I guess that wouldn't work for you smile

EmmyLou Thu 03-Jul-08 17:39:59

I know a Bobby, he's a sweet little boy too...

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