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Mother hates our baby name!?!

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outinthesticksmummy Sun 04-May-08 11:53:33


Had decided on Edie Jayne and Lana Grace for our twin girls, but was speaking to my mum the other day and told her we had picked the names, but weren't telling anyone. She says "well i hope its not Edie!! i hate that name" she knew it was on our list from last time.

This has really thrown me and made me have doubts - also heard other people mention Edie Mcredie from Balamory!!!

Me and DH both had Kiki in reserve as well, but is this maybe a bit too quirky???

Just usuing you ladies as a sounding board really, as don't want to let on to R/L people what our names are, as we wnat some element of surprise!!

ZeMNetterWithZeBigBoobies Sun 04-May-08 11:55:08

She'll have to like it or lump it imo!

RubyRioja Sun 04-May-08 11:55:44

I would say it is your choice. All nice names.

If your babies are not born yet though, I would hold on and see what they look like. We always changed our minds grin

Good luck

MrsMattie Sun 04-May-08 11:56:39

Your choice. Tough luck if she doesn't like it - not her kid!

Kezza7779 Sun 04-May-08 11:57:15

o my god what beautiful absolutely gorgeous names. kiki is lovely but Edie and Lana sound so much better together. Go for it.

my mum HATES my chosen name of Olivia mae (Livvie) for short) and really has tried to put me off. im mortified as we are so close and her opinion really mattered to me! However weve decided to stick with it and figured that mum will LOVE HER SOOOOOO MUCH the name will grow on her! x

mindalina Sun 04-May-08 11:57:21

Edie is a nice name, your mum will get over it once it's attached to her granddaughter Kiki is nice but as you say a bit quirky, and personally I'd be more inclined to use it as a nickname, but ultimately it's up to you and if you like it enough to use it as a first name then why not

Tommy Sun 04-May-08 11:57:56

your choice smile

My Mum has gone a bit hmm at some of her grandchildren's names at first but after a little while you get so used to them and they become so much part of the child that it doesn't matter smile

Hecate Sun 04-May-08 11:58:52

Nobody's business but your own. Your mum got to choose your name, now it's your turn. Tell her you have decided she's right, and you will now be naming your children Edna Gladys and Gertrude Wilma. Keep that up until they're born then quietly go and register them as Edie and Lana. grin

TsarChasm Sun 04-May-08 12:00:37

Lovely names smile

Unusual, not gimmiky, pretty, feminine
and can't be messed with.

littlepinkpixie Sun 04-May-08 12:00:37

I dont like Edie either, sorry. Lana is very nice.
But, the name choice is up to you, and your mum will eventually get used to whatever name is attached to her grandchild!

MeMySonAndI Sun 04-May-08 12:01:51

Well, my MIL mhated ds son name to a point that she introduced him with a different name. 4 years down the line she can use the name without problems.

I think your mother will learn to love the name.

Now, if you want a more sicere poll about baby names you may start a baby name thread. However... please note that no matter how BEAUTIFUL a name is, there will always be someone that hated it.

AbbeyA Sun 04-May-08 12:02:04

I can see her point as I dislike them both but if you like them that is all that matters,she will get used to them.

pointydog Sun 04-May-08 12:16:33

I like Edie. Will it be short for Edith? My mum doesn't really like one of my kid's names. She has obviously never mentioned it once since dd was born.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointydog Sun 04-May-08 12:21:00

Edith Piaf was very glam (ignore the stds). The current dj woman, Edith, is strong and attractive. I think the name has a nice sound, it just became associated with old people. But look at Ruby, Rose, Ivy etc.

SpookyMadMummy Sun 04-May-08 12:26:12

Your babies, your choice IMO.
I had a name in mind for Dd1, but my mother wanted me to call her Holly on account that she was born in December. She has the name we chose and Holly dosen't even come into it!!

She will get used to your choice.

nkf Sun 04-May-08 12:27:59

Is Edie short for Edith? O a name in its own right?

onlygirlinthehouse Sun 04-May-08 12:30:32

Like everyone else says its your choice. grin
My dad hated our eldest sons name (zachary) but is fine with it now. all names, even ones that dont sound quite right to begin with are always fine after a few weeks, the baby starts to suit them and soon you cant think that they could have possibly been called anything else.

It always amazes me that people see fit to comment on other peoples choices of names. Of course a name is never going to appeal to everyone but they should keep their opinions to themselves! When I was pregnant with last son my sil really upset me by being really rude about our choice of a girls name (Tabitha). as it happened it wasnt an issue as he was a boy (again!!), then she named her son something that didnt appeal to me in the least (wont tell you that in case she reads this!!wink).

Of course, I am now used to his name and cant imagine him being called anything elsegrin

onlygirlinthehouse Sun 04-May-08 12:36:25

By the way I think Edie is a lovely name and it doesnt remind me of "an old old lady in a hairnet". what a mean thing to say to someone!

a friend of mine called her baby Seth, and at the time the only Seth I had ever heard of was that old bloke on Emmerdale! 6 years on and it suits him down to the ground. Now when i hear Seth I think of him instead grin

outinthesticksmummy Sun 04-May-08 12:41:13

Thanks for the honest opinions, we were thinking of Edie just being Edie, not short for anything. Although according to my 3 yr old DD they are called Millie and Paula - think she may be disappointed.

Think we will probably stick with Edie, just makes you wobble a bit when someone close to you has such a negative opinion, but then she was only speculating, as we haven't actually told her for sure - Will take some of the joy out of that now!! but as you say, i'm sure as she loves the babies she'll love their names too . . . . . . .I hope

pointydog Sun 04-May-08 12:42:48

Your choice of names go very well together

blinkingthreetimes Sun 04-May-08 12:48:40

I think they are beautiful names ,my mum hated the names I chose for 2 of my dc and went so far as trying to call my newborn by the name she wanted till everyone looked at her like she was a complete madwoman.

I would'nt mind but they were quite normal (Dylan and Alice)

At the end of the it's your choice and you can't please everyone .

lins1uk Sun 04-May-08 14:50:15

my mum hated that i decided to call my son bobby but at the end of the day its your decision nothing to do with anyone else apart from you and your partner.

KaSo Sun 04-May-08 14:54:17

Your choice! Edie is gorgeous but so is Kiki!! I love that!! My Mum doesn't like the name we've chosen should we ever have another girl but that's her problem and she'd soon get used to it!

HarrietTheSpy Sun 04-May-08 16:48:58

I know what you mean. We have struggled with girls' names this pregnancy and my mother doesn't like ANY of the ones on our list, in fact I started a thread yesterday which touched on this. My issue is that I don't feel quite strongly enough about any of them to just not worry about it. I do think she will get used to your names though, I would go for it.

I like both your names. Kiki I think of as a nickname for Katherine or Kathleen (but then I'm a yank.)

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