Talula-Belle MacKenzie

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Saylavie Tue 16-Nov-21 16:08:28

With common surname, thinks Davies/Harries sort of thing?

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JaneJeffer Tue 16-Nov-21 16:09:42

That's a lot of names!

SleepingStandingUp Tue 16-Nov-21 16:10:27

I wouldn't use a K in the middle, just a k

DukkaDukka Tue 16-Nov-21 16:13:30

Talula-Belle is not a name for a grown up. Plus it’s a bit of a mouthful.

RiaOverTheRainbow Tue 16-Nov-21 16:14:35

I'd use just Tallulah or Belle, together they sound too much like Tinkerbell. I like Mackenzie a lot (this spelling when it's not a surname).

ILoveShula Tue 16-Nov-21 16:14:49

I'd spell it Tallulah and drop the hyphen

LadyDanburysHat Tue 16-Nov-21 16:15:15

Talullah is a lovely name, Belle is a nice name. That badly spelled hyphenated name is awful.


WheelieBinPrincess Tue 16-Nov-21 16:15:35

Are you thinking of putting her into pageants?

Tibby99 Tue 16-Nov-21 16:15:46

The Belle is too imo.

Tallulah Mackenzie <Davies> is lovely though!

whosaidtha Tue 16-Nov-21 16:16:43

That badly spelt, hyphenated name is not a name for a 40year old woman. Remember you are naming an adult as well as a baby.

Starcaller Tue 16-Nov-21 16:17:37

It's too much for me. Just Tallulah or Belle I think. Talula-Belle does sound like a child beauty queen or an old lady's very fluffy and spoiled little white dog.

LoveGrooveDanceParty Tue 16-Nov-21 16:18:11

I’d hate to be called that, so that’s usually my benchmark.

It’s a name for a 2YO, or a doll. It’s not a name for a woman who expects to go through life being taken seriously.

You did ask.

Irishfarmer Tue 16-Nov-21 16:18:21

I just can't imagine just a name like Tulula- Belle at work. Mackenzie is a lovely name.

littlebigtiger Tue 16-Nov-21 16:18:48

It's very Teen Mom.

WaltzingBetty Tue 16-Nov-21 16:19:13

It would be better if it wasn't misspelled

WheelieBinPrincess Tue 16-Nov-21 16:19:27

I’m picturing a horror in a garish sateen ball gown on Toddlers and Tiaras.

Puddlesandbubbles Tue 16-Nov-21 16:19:52

Awful!! Terrible spelling and it's a so twee. Cannot see it on an adult. Would you trust doctor, lawyer, accountant etc called Talula-Belle?

babouchette Tue 16-Nov-21 16:20:49

Dreadful. The name of a porn star. Please don't do this.

lovablequalities Tue 16-Nov-21 16:21:02

Is Mackenzie a surname or a given name?

DukkaDukka Tue 16-Nov-21 16:21:16

It’s very stripperish or porn star.

Starcaller Tue 16-Nov-21 16:21:26

I always do the 'prime minister'/'doctor' test when I think about names for DC! 'Prime Minister Talula-Belle Lastname' for instance. If it sounds absurd, then I think it's not a serviceable name for a grown adult who might want to do any one of a number of things with their life.

LoveGrooveDanceParty Tue 16-Nov-21 16:23:06


Is Mackenzie a surname or a given name?

It says in the OP:

With common surname, thinks Davies/Harries sort of thing?

DukkaDukka Tue 16-Nov-21 16:23:08

I always do the reaction I think I get if it was my name and DH was introducing me to the in laws for the first time.

RallySooney Tue 16-Nov-21 16:23:28

Brings to mind Bugsy Malone. It's a Gangsters moll's name.

EdmontinaDonsAutumnalHues Tue 16-Nov-21 16:23:38

child beauty queen or an old lady's very fluffy and spoiled little white dog


Hormones? Or first novel?

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