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Please critique my list!

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mintyourownbusiness Wed 14-Dec-16 18:07:13

Alys / Alice
Cecily / Cecilia

Please critique smile

ineedamoreadultieradult Wed 14-Dec-16 18:08:43

Alice or Ottilie but please do not spell Alice with a y.

MrsGsnow18 Wed 14-Dec-16 18:09:32

Alice is my favourite and I agree with above poster about spelling.

mouldycheesefan Wed 14-Dec-16 18:09:41

They are all ok, I agree with pp don't spell it alys

Loyly Wed 14-Dec-16 18:10:32

Cecilia is my favourite from your list.

Ylvamoon Wed 14-Dec-16 18:10:37

Matilda, I don't like the other names.

Coey2016 Wed 14-Dec-16 18:10:47

I like Alice and Cecilia rather than Alys or Cecily.

Not so keen on Ottilie.

SVJAA Wed 14-Dec-16 18:12:28

Alys is the Welsh spelling of Alice, I like it. I think people would drop the t's in Ottilie which would drive me nuts.

Helloooooitsme Wed 14-Dec-16 18:12:59

I only like Matilda.

Allalonenow Wed 14-Dec-16 18:15:24

Lovely names.
Cecily is my favourite.

I prefer the Alice spelling.
Matilda is my least favourite from your list, though I think Tilda as a nn is sweet.

Nospringflower Wed 14-Dec-16 18:18:09

Like Alice then Ottilie then Matilda. Don't like Cecelia.

Baseballcupcakes Wed 14-Dec-16 18:31:27

Hate Ottilie. Love the others. I know a baby Cecelia called Cece which is sweet.

isby Wed 14-Dec-16 18:34:14

Cecily is gorgeous

mintyourownbusiness Wed 14-Dec-16 18:37:13

What do people dislike about Alys spelt in that way?

SVJAA Wed 14-Dec-16 18:38:02

It's MN, people probably think it's made up instead of an actual spelling of a real name.

SVJAA Wed 14-Dec-16 18:38:14

But I like it.

BellMcEnd Wed 14-Dec-16 18:41:22

Alice is a lovely name. I like the Alys spelling a lot but I wonder if you'd be setting yourself (and your DD) up for a life of spelling it / having it misspelled? (Unless you're in Wales, maybe)

Really don't like Ottilie at all

Orangebird69 Wed 14-Dec-16 18:42:24

Cecilia - such a gorgeous name!

Agadooo Wed 14-Dec-16 18:43:47

I only like matilda

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 14-Dec-16 18:46:03

Ottilie is awful. Like a mix or Natalie and otter gone wrong.
I just don't like Matilda. No reason its just not my thing
Alice is okay. There are worse names, but. Its a bit boring and the unusual spelling doesn't make any more exciting.
I can't fault Cecila. Although I do prefer Cecily.

SorenaJ Wed 14-Dec-16 19:04:30

OP, Alys is perfectly fine. It's just MN being allergic to anything non-English.

I like all of your names, prefer Cecilia to Cecily. My favourite is Matilda.

Pluto30 Wed 14-Dec-16 20:20:01

Like Matilda.

Alice is fine, but a bit boring. Alys is setting your child up for a lifetime of misspellings and mispronunciations if you're not in Wales.

Ottillie is awful.

CarrotCakeMuffins Wed 14-Dec-16 20:23:23

I like Cecily best. And I know an Alys (and I'm far from Wales, but she does have a welsh parent)

Pipilangstrumpf Wed 14-Dec-16 21:15:25

I like Cecily and Ottilie.

Matilda is a little boring and overused imo.

DramaAlpaca Wed 14-Dec-16 22:03:37

I love Alice & Alys. I can't see why anybody would object to Alys. As others have said it's the Welsh version of Alice & I think it's a lovely spelling.

Cecily, Cecilia & Matilda are lovely, I particularly like Cecily.

Ottilie looks pretty, but sounds much better in a French accent.

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