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Changed my mind on girl's name...

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Golfbuggy1 Tue 19-Jul-16 14:21:13

We'd decided on Tabitha, I loved it and have suddenly gone off it (a bit). Dh likes Hattie and Hetty (Harriet and henrietta I guess).

Friend suggested Iona which I like. I also quite like Merryn and Seren. Definitely don't want anything too popular, other than that, I don't know!

Golfbuggy1 Tue 19-Jul-16 14:42:12

I like nature names, dh not so much.

I also like Serena and Willow (vetoed sad)

Anyone suggest anything similar (or vote for an existing suggestion?

Nospringflower Tue 19-Jul-16 14:46:48

Prefer Tabitha out of your other choices! Sorry not much help!

yaaasqueen Tue 19-Jul-16 16:19:06

Seren Harriet would work nicely

I really don't like Tabitha and Henrieta sorry they're too riding boots and big blonde hair hoorah type names to me but each to their own, I'm sure there are plenty of nice ones

RiverTam Tue 19-Jul-16 16:20:32

Merryn is lovely.

itstheYbirdstop Tue 19-Jul-16 16:21:22

Harriet isn't a pretty name. Tabbitha is lovely

Coffeeandafag Tue 19-Jul-16 16:39:44

Op here, nc. Not terribly helpful so far grin

Vixxfacee Tue 19-Jul-16 16:41:09

I like seren. Hattie and Harriet and Tabitha are awful.

Spandexpanties Tue 19-Jul-16 16:44:08

Iona and tabitha

Spandexpanties Tue 19-Jul-16 16:45:03

Iona is stunning though.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 19-Jul-16 16:46:04

I like seren, Iona and Harriet. Don't like henrietta at all. Quite like merryn. Not a fan of tabitha.

yaaasqueen Tue 19-Jul-16 16:54:31

Iona Harriet or Iona Willow would be fab

I missed Iona in your original post

I LOVE Seren but Iona is gorgeous

Coffeeandafag Tue 19-Jul-16 16:55:12

I don't really like henrietta either. Started anothe thread on Finley (for a girl...). What do you think?

GoldPlatedBacon Tue 19-Jul-16 16:55:39

I really like Iona at the moment. If I had a baby today that's what I'd call her!

yaaasqueen Tue 19-Jul-16 17:04:18

Finley isn't as nice as Iona IN MY OPINION but I know a few girls with boyish names and they all suit them really well! I've said it before on here a few times but I know a female Carlisle, Saxon, Boston, Austin !

itstheYbirdstop Tue 19-Jul-16 17:09:22

Iona is horrible and even written down looks horrible. Vile.

Woopsiedaisy Tue 19-Jul-16 17:19:22

Tabitha is lovely, but always reminds me of that American sit com from the 70's about a Witch.

I love Hattie and Iona.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 19-Jul-16 17:21:26

Tabitha or Iona

Postchildrenpregranny Tue 19-Jul-16 17:24:00

How would you pronounce Iona ?The Welsh way?(Yona )

Laquila Tue 19-Jul-16 17:26:20

Merryn was my choice for a girl, but I had another boy. Of your other choices, I think I prefer Iona but I also like Seren and Tabitha. How about Talitha?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 19-Jul-16 17:26:44

i didn't realise there were two pronounciations of Iona.

I only like I - own - er personally.

toadgirl Tue 19-Jul-16 17:31:47

LOVE Harriet.
Like Henrietta.
Like Tabitha (though this is not so unusual as the first two I don't think?)

Don't like Iona much.

Not keen on Seren. Also, in Wales, it's the name of an organisation helping abuse survivors. Also the name of several other companies. I looked up Seren and it's actually a Welsh name (you know that already, I'm sure, but I looked it up as I had never heard it before).

Laquila Tue 19-Jul-16 17:33:14

I'd have said that Tabitha was much more unusual than Harriet or Henrietta.

toadgirl Tue 19-Jul-16 17:33:18

Nature names for girls at this link. Some of them pretty, some a bit "out there".

toadgirl Tue 19-Jul-16 17:37:41

-Harriet is 61 ranking as of 2014
-Tabitha is 191 ranking as of 2014
-Henrietta is 427 ranking as of 2014

I had no idea Harriet was so popular already!

Tabitha seems to be over twice as popular as Henrietta (I am not good at maths or statistics though!).

Interesting site:

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