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Glindathegoodwitch Tue 18-Aug-15 12:43:00

what do you think?

Reagan (pronounced Ray-gun)

or perhaps Regan (pronounced Ree-gun)


FrancesOldhamKelseyRIP Tue 18-Aug-15 12:45:38

For a girl?

Reagan only means the president to me. Regan is an actual girls' name but too King-Lear-y for my personal taste.

FrancesOldhamKelseyRIP Tue 18-Aug-15 12:46:28

Oh, and The Exorcist of course.

Glindathegoodwitch Tue 18-Aug-15 12:51:29

I had actually picked it off a boys names list from a book but as I was typing 'Reagan' , I actually wondered if I liked it for a girl.

I thought of the presidential reference but King Lear and Exorcist bare no reference to Reagan for me.

Do you think it sounds girly?

AuntieStella Tue 18-Aug-15 12:54:01

I'd think King Lear first as well, and therefore expect it to be a girls name.

FrancesOldhamKelseyRIP Tue 18-Aug-15 13:09:12

I reckon people will divide into five groups.

A) confused Errm can you spell that?
B) Oh! Like the girl in the Exorcist?
C) Oh! Like the evil sister in King Lear?
D) Oh! Like the President?
E) Irish people

Glindathegoodwitch Tue 18-Aug-15 13:23:46

Haha! I do love mumsnet and it's brutal honesty!

hashtagwhatever Tue 18-Aug-15 13:27:58

I have a dd Reagan and have never received any negative comments about her name.

She likes it alot she does sometimes have to correct people who pronounce it regan

Glindathegoodwitch Tue 18-Aug-15 13:34:54

Thanks hashtag, I think your dd has a lovely name!

I kind of had a shortlist for girl's names, and I think that may have just slipped on there. Except I passionately hate the name Teagan so if people were to use the ree-gun pronounciation, I think it'd get on my nerves.

MamaLazarou Tue 18-Aug-15 15:27:24

I've never heard of Reagan being pronounced Ray-gun before.

MamaLazarou Tue 18-Aug-15 15:28:03

For me (and I'm sure for many people my age), Reagan just has president/Exorcist connotations.

patienceisvirtuous Tue 18-Aug-15 15:34:07

No way, simply due to the Exorcist connection. Watch the film (again if you've seen it) and then reconsider...

RiverTam Tue 18-Aug-15 15:38:31

I knew a very beautiful Canadian guy called Regan (raygn). I've never seen the excorcist. I just though it was a lovely name for a gorgeous guy (he looked like a young Christian Slater).

Glindathegoodwitch Tue 18-Aug-15 15:39:42

What is your age range if you don't mind me asking mamalazarou? - President Reagan was 1980's and I fell going into the 2020's when my child will be at school age, I think this will be less of a concern, so just curious what generation would connect these 2? Asking my age range - circa 30yo, nobody has said to me 'oh like the president'

I would probably hope that nobody old enough to have seen The Exorcist would say to a child 'oh your name comes from a fictional film about your body being consumed by the devil' so that doesn't really bother me either. Actually I don't know anybody who would actually say that, so the exorcist connotation bears no impact for me.

Great to hear it though, nobody has said anything negative that has actually bothered me smile

hashtag - if you are still reading, what pronounciation did you use?

Tiggeryoubastard Tue 18-Aug-15 15:39:52

Ugly name. And downmarket.

SmugairleRoin Tue 18-Aug-15 15:40:25

I do think people would use the Ree-gun pronunciation tbh. I like the name though!

FlyDragonfly1 Tue 18-Aug-15 15:41:53

I know one Reagan, he's male and pronounces it 'Ree-Gan'. Only one I've ever met though.

Glindathegoodwitch Tue 18-Aug-15 15:42:16

I remember watching it when I was about 15 patience and was rather disappointed with the 'scariest film ever' - it never had any impact on me. And I think with all the films out these days, The Exorcist had its day and is dead? Like I said, that connection doesn't bother me as it isn't there for me but thanks smile

River - I absolutely love it pronounced Raygn - thankyou!! flowers

Glindathegoodwitch Tue 18-Aug-15 15:43:21

Also, glad to hear if people have heard if it, they only know one!

hashtagwhatever Tue 18-Aug-15 18:22:52

We pronounce it rae-gan.

Not many people are keen on my other dd's name but I love their names.

YeOldeTrout Tue 18-Aug-15 18:39:38

I lived under the President so big fat No from me, although I guess a boy called Thatcher would be ok.
Went to school with a girl called Pam Regan ("Ree-gun").

dotdotdotmustdash Tue 18-Aug-15 18:40:53

I think it's a very hard and rough name for a little girl. There are nicer names out there.

Pepperpot99 Tue 18-Aug-15 18:51:19

No no no:

Reagan - dreadful ex Hollywood Republican US President who sucked Maggie Thatcher's arse frequently, secretly sold weapons to the Ayatollah and invaded most of Central America.

Regan: Major biyatch gold digging Shakespearian princess who betrays her family and help gouge out Gloucester's eyes.

Ragin: poor daughter of US actress who is possessed by Satan and is, among other delights, raped with a crucifix.

Please choose a different name smile

pilates Tue 18-Aug-15 18:54:00

Dislike for a girl or boy

BertrandRussell Tue 18-Aug-15 18:57:51

The Shakespearean Regan is so cruel and awful I just can't imagine why you would want to give your child the same name. sad

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