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Elliott for a girl! What do you think?

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Bumpingalong84 Sat 18-Jul-15 22:59:20

Just that really! DH and I expecting a little girl in November and struging with girls names. DH really likes elliott for a girl, she'd be Ellie for short. Or the other name weird is Edith and she's be Edie for short. Thoughts please smile

Littlefish Sat 18-Jul-15 23:02:53

Elliot is a boy's name. There are about a gazillion little girls called Ellie.

Edith and Edie are much nicer.

ems942 Sat 18-Jul-15 23:04:45

Yes! There was an Elliot in Scrubs so a lot of people will recognise it as a female name. Go for it!

Quasilulu Sat 18-Jul-15 23:09:09

The Elliot in Scrubs was so called because her father wanted a boy. Edith is lovely.

Bumpingalong84 Sat 18-Jul-15 23:11:00

Yeah we were huge fans of scrubs and liked Elliott for a girl! A few people have said it's a boys name but I like some boys names for girls like andie, Dylan, joey! I really can't make my mind up if I prefer Edith or Elliott ahh! Just trying to see what people think. I love Martha but other half not so sure!

Ekkwhine Sat 18-Jul-15 23:11:17

Yes! I almost went for Elliot, I love it grin. We went for another traditionally thought of male name (though I think it actually sounds very pretty) for our daughter because it 'matches' the other two DC's names.

Charlie01234 Sat 18-Jul-15 23:14:55

My son is Elliot. It's a boys name isn't it?

LondonRocks Sat 18-Jul-15 23:17:29

It's a boy's name. And Ellie is sooo commonplace.

PeasinPod1 Sat 18-Jul-15 23:56:36


NadiaWadia Sun 19-Jul-15 00:00:27

Boy's name, definitely. To use for a girl just daft. Especially if you're intending to call her 'Ellie' anyway, for which there are numerous long names which are actually female (Eleanor, Ella, etc,).

PurpleDaisies Sun 19-Jul-15 00:01:58

Edith is really nice. I'm not a fan of Elliot sorry. It'll definitely be a marmite name for a girl.

NadiaWadia Sun 19-Jul-15 00:04:32

I don't get this fad for using boy's names for girls, anyway, when there are so many lovely actual girl's names available. And you never get it the other way round, do you, a traditional girl's name used for boys?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 19-Jul-15 00:22:33

Elliot for a boy is gorgeous but that is exactly what it is a boy's name.
How about

Sophronia Sun 19-Jul-15 00:25:59

I've seen Elliette / Eliette before, you could go with that instead?

IHeartKingThistle Sun 19-Jul-15 00:32:52

My son is Elliot too. I don't get it for a girl really. Though I do know a girl called Finn. Very cool, though apparently it's a pain in the arse at school.

AndNowItsSeven Sun 19-Jul-15 00:37:12

Reminds me of the American little girl who had quintuplet sibling , think they were on Home and Health. She was very cute but I
much prefer Eleanor.

ladybird69 Sun 19-Jul-15 00:38:25

Love both Elliott-Ellie
And Edith-Edie
How bout Everline-Evie ?
My fav name for girls at mo is Jaymes, or Jayme.

Raeray Sun 19-Jul-15 00:39:29

I like Elliott for a girl, I look at it in a similar way to Harriet (preferring Elliott out of the two!).
Think the double t spelling looks slightly more feminine for some reason, but either way I reckon go for it! smile
Ps she could be lottie as a nickname too perhaps?

StupidBloodyKindle Sun 19-Jul-15 00:39:41

I'd think you were a Scrubs fan and high five you whilst doing Ell-i-ott E.T stylee with your kid.
Not keen on Edith but love Edie. Also love, Ellie, ubiquitous or not.
Finn sounds surprisingly good on a girl.

BombaySapper Sun 19-Jul-15 00:42:15

Edith is lovely, Elliott isn't.

Back2Two Sun 19-Jul-15 00:43:13

It's a boys name

Butterflywings168 Sun 19-Jul-15 00:43:17

If you like it, go for it. I personally think it's cute.
Yeah people will recognise it from Scrubs. 'It's a boys' name! shock ' pearl-clutching idiots can piss off imo.

Back2Two Sun 19-Jul-15 00:45:20

"Pearl clutching idiots" grin <<<<total mumnetter crazy response>>>>
It's a BOYS name pearl clutching .... It's just a boys name

Cloggal Sun 19-Jul-15 01:56:46

I like it for both boys and girls, even though I think of it as a boy's name. Nice sound to it.

Raines100 Sun 19-Jul-15 03:50:11

I know this is a boys name, but remember first hearing it in ET and thinking it sounded feminine. Obviously the makers of Scrubs agree! Would still assume boy if I was looking down a register, but wouldn't think it was at all strange to find out it was a girl.

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