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What name do you secretly like but would never name a child it?

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skratta Sat 16-Feb-13 11:19:33

I like Raven. For a boy- not even for a girl. blush

And Wolf. I don't think I could name a child that, but I love the nn Wolfie!

Thor. Don't think it'd work out in real life.

Aphrodite. Again, love the name blush

Rune. I just love the name for a boy!

Btw, I wouldn't EVER name my child Raven (for a boy), Wolf, Thor, Aphorodite or Rune. But I still love them.

Does anyone else have any guilty pleasure names?

eggso Tue 19-Feb-13 23:27:18

I was desperate for Rocco for DS.DP wanted Liam... [hmmm] we eventually compromised on a middle ground for DS.

DD's - Iwouldn't of been ableto chose,there are so many more ridiculous options for girls smile I love Julia,after watching something with JodieFoster in a few years ago. DS is a J, so wouldnt ever double initial!

AmericasTorturedBrow Tue 19-Feb-13 23:30:52

Iago for a boy
River for a girl

hmc Tue 19-Feb-13 23:30:59

Anastasia - I see that I'm not the first

DizzyHoneyBee Wed 20-Feb-13 08:18:19

I love the name Cassiopeia, I suppose you could always go with Cassie as a NN.
How do you pronounce Persephone, I need to know if I have been doing it wrong all this time!

Lucia2013 Wed 20-Feb-13 08:39:34

To be honest... One syllable names, made up names, silly names like Paris, Brooko, Rocky and names that people can make silly nicknames with such as Luky Dukes!!! My husband creates nns all the time that sound absolutely ridiculous hence why choosing the name of our first baby boy is so difficult ...Luky Dukes is actually named Lucas which is a nice name!!!!

MothershipG Wed 20-Feb-13 11:30:34

Myfanwy and Meironwen, etc - love Welsh names for girls & boys, unfortunately despite being born on Anglesey, and grandparents with Welsh sounding surnames, I have no Welsh blood and just didn't feel we could get away with it! wink

LulaBear Wed 20-Feb-13 12:45:59

I have a secret fantasy to have twin boys and call them Hunter and Gunnar grin I'm very anti-hunting and I've never held a gun, either

NaturalBaby Wed 20-Feb-13 12:50:32


AbbyCat Wed 20-Feb-13 12:57:10

I wanted Hani for dd and her nn would have been honey-bunny. Also wanted Sabeena for her. Nn beanie baby. Both vetoed by dh. sad

almapudden Wed 20-Feb-13 13:05:52

Tennessee. For a boy.

Alabama. For a girl.

JambalayaCodfishPie Wed 20-Feb-13 13:26:33

Adelaide, for a girl.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 20-Feb-13 13:31:37

Paris for a boy, would be awful with our surname.
Pagan and Jezebel for girls.

MothershipG Wed 20-Feb-13 15:57:36

Oh yes! Jezabel & Lilith, like both oh those.

Meredith, too, having Merry as a nickname would be a complete pain wink

LineRunner Wed 20-Feb-13 16:09:16

Antigone for a girl

DizzyHoneyBee Wed 20-Feb-13 16:09:29

I love the name Meredith, I have no idea why I didn't use it when I had the chance.

MothershipG Wed 20-Feb-13 16:56:24

Because Dizzy when your little Meredith turned into a grumpy teen she would hate you for all the (100's of) people who would say - So Merry by name but not by nature then! hmm

At least that's why I didn't and my pre-teen is glad I didn't! grin She is also very glad I didn't hear the name Tegwyn until she was already named, I love that name, she hates it!

zingally Wed 20-Feb-13 17:33:11

I really like the name Rain (for a girl, but might be tempted to use spelling Rayn)

Also like Dorian for a boy.

Would never use them though, as - although I love the names - I'd rather my kids had more traditional names that they can live with easily.

Also have a tendency to like boys names for girls. But that would be a bloody nightmare for the child growing up!

HorraceTheOtter Wed 20-Feb-13 17:42:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DizzyHoneyBee Thu 21-Feb-13 08:00:26

MothershipG, yes, that would be a very good reason smile My grumpy teen proclaims to hate her name but nobody dares to abbreviate it - her wrath would descend from a great height, good luck to them - they would need it!

Rain would be one that would hate their name when ever it rained!

HeartShapedSaw Thu 21-Feb-13 09:18:21

Argh now my name is on here as well as ds's!

CheeseStrawWars Thu 21-Feb-13 09:28:34

Angharad is my all-time favourite girl's name, but it doesn't sound right in my non-Welsh accent.

GreatGooglyMoogly Thu 21-Feb-13 09:39:28

Cassandra (Cassie)

spaghettina Thu 21-Feb-13 11:29:07

Salome for me too -but it's too much like salami! I also like Sabine, Sabrina, Severine. And "Selvaggia" for a girl which means "Wild" in Italian, generally only very posh people could get away with it use it.
Also Tempest and Rain for a girl, and names like Autumn, Summer, January, Tuesday...and lots of Greek names.

ButterPopcorn Thu 21-Feb-13 11:34:12

Ariadne, Digby, Yolanda, Rudy grin

ButterPopcorn Thu 21-Feb-13 11:35:28

Oh, and Saoirse ("seer-sha")

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