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baby girl shortlist

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bunnybunyip Mon 23-May-11 19:22:32

Hello all,
struggling with a name for DD. here is our current shortlist; any other suggestions in a similar vein gratefully accepted.

Harriet (Hattie)
Elizabeth (Beth)

If we go for a name that we would like shortened, how would you go about it? Announce the shortened version of the name straight away?

onlyaname Mon 23-May-11 19:35:57

Love Harriet, Elizabeth, and Martha - do like Sophie & Lucy too. Harriet is a top fave tho' and love Hattie.

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 23-May-11 19:37:33

Harriet <biased>

Sylvaniasandwich Mon 23-May-11 19:41:14

Harriet is sweet. I love Elizabeth but it seems very in at the moment if that bothers you.

SloganLogan Mon 23-May-11 19:50:22

In order of preference...

Lucy - lovely, classic
Sophie - very nice, although Sophia even nicer IMO
Elizabeth - OK, like Beth as nickname
Harriet - nice but not as pretty as the others
Martha - rather plain, sounds a bit downbeat

mummissinghermind Mon 23-May-11 19:53:08


randomimposter Mon 23-May-11 20:21:47

Martha and Elizabeth (Beth) are both lovely. Not personally keen on the others. Bit meh to my ears...

When I texted arrival of DS I said Jerome Benedict (known as Jem to his friends) to indicate what I expected people to call him. (Not DS1 name btw but on list for future DS2!)

cazzybabs Mon 23-May-11 20:22:34

I like Hattie

culturevulture Mon 23-May-11 20:22:57


TheSecondComing Mon 23-May-11 20:23:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BikeRunSki Mon 23-May-11 20:28:29

Harriet and Martha

I'd introduce her by her full name.

smother Mon 23-May-11 20:59:48

In order of preference...
Martha - divine
Elizabeth (Beth) - lovely, and Beth is absolutely beautiful

Lucy - like a lot, also like Alice which has a similar feel to me
Harriet (Hattie) - ok (i knew a lovely Harriet, known as Harry to her friends, really suited her)
Sophie - really can't get excited about this name, lots of sophies everywhere, sounds very bland, watery and girly to me (sorry, that's only my insignificant opinion! don't mean to offend anyone)

stripeytiger Mon 23-May-11 21:34:30

Lucy. Classic, pretty and ageless.

dexifehatz Mon 23-May-11 22:29:06

I have a Hattie Hope aged 12, so am biased grin

breadandhoney Mon 23-May-11 22:33:23

Some lovely choices, with the exception of Harriet and Martha. Can't explain why I don't like Harriet, but Martha just sounds unattractive to my ear (no offence intended) I love Beth and am really warming to the name Lucy these days. Sophie is lovely, as is Sophia (I have one).

mathanxiety Mon 23-May-11 22:44:50

Lucy and Harriet (love Hattie) would be my picks.

oohlaalaa Tue 24-May-11 09:45:54

I like all your names, except Martha.

smother Wed 25-May-11 09:20:55

bunnybunyip - so what are you thinking? feedback please!

LadyGrace Wed 25-May-11 09:24:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

somewherewest Wed 25-May-11 16:29:18

My entirely personal (and probably total wrong) opinion:

Harriet (Hattie): A bit fussy old lady...sorry!
Elizabeth (Beth): Lovely...dignified and timeless
Lucy: Nice when DD is small but might be a bit too cutesy when she's a 45 year old mountaineer or brain surgeon or whatever
Martha: Bad connotations for me (remembering the Marthas in "The Handmaid's Tale")
Sophie: Prefer Sophia (Sophie a bit too cutsey).

Can you tell that I have a bias against cutsey or Victorian names ;-)

suspiria Wed 25-May-11 18:56:45

My picks are Harriet, Elizabeth and Martha

Sophie and Lucy are perfectly nice, just not my taste.

Catsu Wed 25-May-11 19:04:35

Harriet and Hattie are gorgeous! Really like martha too. Not so keen on the others.
I'd introduce baby harriet rose (hattie) arrived today at x time etc to let people know of the full name and your preferred nick name

bunnybunyip Wed 25-May-11 20:14:01

Thanks all, quite pleased to get a generally positive response!
However lots of different opinions so I'm none the wiser.
My thoughts:
hattie: might be a bit too posh/straw boater.
Sophie:pretty but a bit ubiquitous at the moment which is putting me off a bit
Beth: I really like, sounds quite cool I think, but don't really like liz (no offence anyone!) and worry Elizabeth might end up as liz
Lucy: I'm not sure. I once knew a bit of a weird Lucy!
Martha: I'm swinging between thinking of this as anold lady name and a cool more edgy name.
It has to go with brother jacob if that helps.

mathanxiety Thu 26-May-11 17:54:37

Jacob and Lucy sounds nice.

feckwit Thu 26-May-11 18:00:23

I've a Matilda with Jacob smile Love Martha! And Hattie is beautiful.

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