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Ideas for Fathers Day Cards

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Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 09:08:20

Has anyone got any ideas for a Fathers Day card that don't involve a theme ie fishing,golf etc.I need an idea that's for old & young dads alike. I've looked in a load of mags & nothing inspires me

Whizzz Sun 08-May-05 09:17:46

In the magazine I got in my MN Swap - there were some good ideas for mens card involving tools. They used little washers & nuts, bits of tape measure & spanner shapes. (I probably didn't describe that very well !) But they did look good honest !
Or maybe use a beer / wine theme if they like the odd tipple !

Agree - mens cards in the shops are dire

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 09:37:54

You're getting me going with ideas I feel inspirations coming on, most men do DIY & drink beer. Brilliant thank you. I know you are running a competion at the moment & I'm waiting to get approval to look at the yahoo site but I'm so desperate, I'm willing to give a prize of a pack of 10 C5 cards & envelopes with flower push outs & some bits I won in a competion, that I'll never use, for anyone that could email me the best picture of a card for me to copy.

Whizzz Sun 08-May-05 09:42:44

I've only just started making cards & haven't got any of mine in the gallery as yet. It's so addictive! I find I have the ideas but not the know how at the moment - I'm improving though !
I'll get the mag & have a look

Whizzz Sun 08-May-05 09:50:55

Heres a link to Hobbycraft that has a few ideas.
The cards I saw in the mag (Crafts Beautiful - May)are made from brown card & textured paper. They have items stuck onto the cards like tape measure pieces, small washers & nuts, some also have eyelets punched in - the paper is good as it looks a bit like grubby fingers ! Unfortunately its not on their website

Whizzz Sun 08-May-05 09:57:55

Carolinett - meant to say (if you haven't rushed off already to start making !!) - I think anyone can look at the cards - there are passwords to get into the Gallery but you need to join to add to it (which is what I am waiting to do)
Have a look in the MN GAllery thread

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 10:04:30

I've just got to go out for a couple of hours but when I come back I'll look at all the suggestions For now big thanks for the responce, dippy me forgot to give you my email address

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 12:42:00

Brilliant the hobby craft site has just given me an idea. The dad & star I've got a WS design template for a star I used it at christmas. I don't know if you now what I mean it's like a popout card template. That will do me that would cover old & young dads. I could use their design for the front and put "Dad Your a Star inside When I've made it I'll email you a picture. Email me with your address & I'll send you the cards & bits. I've got another card set if anyone else can come up with another brilliant idea.

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 13:03:27

I know what you mean about the knowhow. I went to a wire and metal workshop last week, it was brilliant. I learnt how to to emboss on thin metal sheets. She just gave us a cut up peice of a floor mat you would us for yoga, put the metal sheet on top then put the brass embossing template ontop and she used a biro that had run out of ink. The best bit was the pins with big knob heads on the end and a block of polystrene you draw the shape you want put the pins in the polystene & wrap the metal wire around the pins & they don't come out of the polystrene as your doing it, not like those stupid expensive pin boards things you can buy. When you've finish pull out the pins & your left with your shape Here's the best bit what to do with the end wire dead simple when someone shows you make a tiny hole in the card push the end wire through fold it back & tape it. Clever hey. She also showed us how to free hand write in wire as well.

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 13:24:47

Forgot tell you I've got a great formula for printing gold or silver for your card inserts. I'll email it to you

Whizzz Sun 08-May-05 14:30:04

Cheers - I've sent you an email !
I've just bought a few more bits too !!

Help I'm an addict !

Dingle Sun 08-May-05 16:52:07

Carolinette and Whizzz, are you joining in on our next card challenge? Have a look on the "so whose up for another challenge" thread. I think the them will be a wedding card, and you have untill next week some time to put your names down on the yahoo group. AQ is the one to see really though, she wil help with the technicalities!

There is quite a range of cards in the gallery suitable for Fathers Day. If you join the mumsnet crafters group on Yahoo, you get you own ID and Password to use, otherwise you can use the general ID/PW.

Carolinette, would love to have a bit more info on the gold/silver inserts.Is it much different from the formulas on the thread here? If so could you email it to me please on dinglescards @ yahoo .co. uk

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 17:27:38

I'm waiting for approval on joining the yahoo site.
What is the general ID/PW so I can view please?

AQ said there was no spaces on the site to put a card on & to email her pics of my cards which I intend to do shortly.

Not sure about a formula that has been given before, could you guide me to it if it's the same I'll let you know straight away.

Yes I'd love to join in with the card challenge thank you.

Dingle Sun 08-May-05 17:34:23

Bumped the Gallery thread for you Carolinette, take a look.

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 18:13:10

When I click into the Yahoo site from the BUMP it's says theres an error never mind I get to view one day.
Couldn't find anything about an ink formula anyway, I think everyone would prehaps appreciate these formulas I know I did, are you ready
Go into WORD
Write your words
highlight them
Go into the font colour icon
Click on more colours (at the bottom)
Click into Custom (at the top)
Against Red /Green / Blue (on the left)(Don't change anything on the righthand side)
Delete the 0
For GOLD Enter against
Red 192 Green 168 Blue 104
Another shade of GOLD Enter
R165 G138 B82
For Silver Enter
R151 G151 B168
Let me know what you think it gives a matt type finish if anyone is confused let me know

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 18:19:27

Sorry just realised it was AQ who sent me this so you must already have it couldn't think where I had got it from had a hundred sleeps since then and senile dementure is setting in

Dingle Sun 08-May-05 18:23:18

Yes, it's the same as the ones I use. I am forever losing the notes with the "formula" on and having to come back onto MN before printing out my wording!

Carolinett Sun 08-May-05 18:29:22

It's the best tip I had she's a clever lady to make up for my stupidity I'll give you a webb site for free back ground papers decoupage it's a german site an somtimetimes its get rather busy I'll attach it to the emaiil you send me plus a couple of other thing you can pass them round the group

Dingle Sun 08-May-05 18:44:04

I use them already too. I have just made a 3D decoupage card and put it on the gallery, I am sure it was from here, I also do a few other designs printed online.
My "my Picture" file is getting rather full!

Jayzmummy Sun 08-May-05 21:17:29

Dingle...easy way not to loose the gold and silver settings....write them on a sticky label and attach it to your monitor!!!! The hours I spent looking for my bit of paper with the settings scribbled on drove me insane!!!!It was dh's idead to stick 'em on the screen and it works!!!!!! He is good for somethings!!!!

Dingle Sun 08-May-05 21:19:45

Good idea JM, now...where did I put those post it notes?

champs Mon 09-May-05 13:25:19

dingle -- prob in your craft stuff for use with masking

Dingle Mon 09-May-05 13:31:54

Well, that's it then, no hope of finding them!

champs Mon 09-May-05 14:03:23

lol, must sort out my stuff, but that means finding somewhere to put them, any storage ideas?

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