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Any good magazines for card making?

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pootlepod Sat 16-Apr-05 19:11:48

Am tempted by a subscription to a magazine for card making but wondered if you had a recommendation? Just found out that you can get a discount ordering through the NCT, but only on certain ones.

Dior Sat 16-Apr-05 19:40:45

Message withdrawn

pootlepod Sat 16-Apr-05 21:12:20

Is that the same as papercraft inspiration? that's listed as £30 for 13 issues. It was one that I was thinking about, but it needed to be good for that price. Any freebies with it?

layla Sun 17-Apr-05 12:10:34

The cheapest subscription one is Creative Card Making Ideas at £30 for a year.They change there free gifts from time to time so see which mag you like before deciding.The most expensive is Simply Cards and Papercraft but their free gifts are the best.I think it's a whispers ink caddy.I think their mag is definately one of the best ones.I subscribe to Card making and Papercraft and Paercraft inspirations which I love and which I have been in and won a competitionGosh there's so many it seems.I get 5 a month but then I'm mad anyway.

pootlepod Wed 20-Apr-05 15:10:55

Went and found my local craft shop today and they had old copies of various magazines for £1:25 each. Will keep me out of trouble for a few days any rate, and then I can work out which one might be best.

cheekychops03 Wed 20-Apr-05 15:45:23

Pootlepod - I'm interested. Which mags do you get a discount with through the NCT. I'm a member and have never heard of this???

pootlepod Thu 21-Apr-05 09:08:12

Think it's a fairly new thing but look here and /link{\here}

Plently to choose from!

pootlepod Thu 21-Apr-05 09:09:07

\link{ \here}

pootlepod Thu 21-Apr-05 09:10:06

ok I give up.

[stomps off with technical stress]

Munchkinola Thu 21-Apr-05 09:35:56

think it might be that last forward slash causing confusion


cheekychops03 Thu 21-Apr-05 20:48:17

Thank you!

Munchkinola Thu 21-Apr-05 20:51:11

I noticed that RED magazine is £29.00 on that website. I have just paid £18 for a year with an offer on the RED website.

Might be worth double checking current offers before you subscribe?

pootlepod Thu 21-Apr-05 22:26:53

Right, the 'Simply Cards and Papercraft' website has 5 issues for a tenner or 13 for @£43 with the whispers nk caddy. The caddy is supposed to have a RRP of £36. Both good offers, can'e decide which to go for, is the caddy good quality (I do like stamping and know that a lot of coloured stamps woould really enhance my life....)

champs Thu 21-Apr-05 23:34:45

i have to admit I buy all of the card mags. I flick thru them to see if I like whats inside and then buy it. also freebies tend to sway me.

the whispers caddy is good in that you get alot of colours. I had my eye on one for months and months and was gonna go for the subs to get it but I saw caddy in argos and brought it last week I deff spend too much!!

SoupDragon Sat 23-Apr-05 12:43:47

I was just about to start a thread asking the same question

PeachyClaire Sat 23-Apr-05 13:16:18

I find cQuick Cards Made Easy a bit basic now, I like Simply Cards and Papercraft though, some interesting ideas.

Took me a lot of shouting to get my QCME subscription fift too! Christmas themed gift turned up middle of December, way too late for me, how was I supposed to make 300 cards int hat time?!

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