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any other photographers out there?

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quickdrawmcgraw Mon 09-Jun-08 21:52:31

Is this even the place to be calling or is there another section for photography that I haven't found?

I've just bought 2 new lenses and am dying to drone on about f-stops etc.

Ecmo Mon 09-Jun-08 21:54:45

drone away lol

I just use a little digital thing and photoshop now!

quickdrawmcgraw Mon 09-Jun-08 21:57:12

I could drone on about photoshop too if you like. I have a great tip for sharpening images if you're interested?

Here's what you do:
Duplicate the layer you want to sharpen
make it Overlay
Go to Filter/Other/High Pass
once there sharpen the image to what suits best. I've found for portraits that 4.5 is pretty good.
Then you can erase out any parts of the image that you would prefer to be less sharp on that layer.

Ecmo Mon 09-Jun-08 22:06:44

ooooooooh kaaaaaaaaayyy


I usually just take a better photo if it need sharpening lol!

BlueDragonfly Mon 09-Jun-08 22:08:19

i am a photographer. Ish.

i take photo's but i don't really know what i am doing, although i am slowly learning. I also have this huge aversion to photoshop despite the fact i use occasionally!

BoyzntheShire Mon 09-Jun-08 22:09:57

i am keen beginner
i am doing a PT course at local college
tis fun
and i am learning (from scratch)
i think i take a nice pic
and ive just bought photoshop elements
but i havent the foggiest what youre on about in yr second post yet grin

Ecmo Mon 09-Jun-08 22:15:02

I'm doing Graphic Design at college (again!)
I understand it
But would probably still just take the photo again smile

Crocky Mon 09-Jun-08 22:20:37

I love my dslr and photoshop but am mostly a lousy photographer. Then again if it is true that practice makes purfect there is hope for me grin
Tell about the lenses.

Aarrgghh Mon 09-Jun-08 22:24:01

Ive a Nokia D40 and a keen amateur! Fancy

Aarrgghh Mon 09-Jun-08 22:24:39

a new lense myself!

ingles2 Mon 09-Jun-08 22:26:46

I'm a photographer...Boys you never did reply to my email!?! smile

quickdrawmcgraw Mon 09-Jun-08 22:41:12

ok, I usderstand I may have rushed a bit but it's really easy! I swear. I don't mean that you take an out of focus photo and try and make it good. It's just for getting photos just a little sharper.
Anyway back to my new lenses...grin
I got a canon L lens (70-200mm f2.8) and a canon 60mm 2.8 macro and I'm on love with both of them. I'll definitely have to do less photoshop work now that I have them.
Ingles2-what kind of photography do you do?
I take children's portraits mainly.

Crocky Mon 09-Jun-08 22:46:19

Wow, you spent some serious money grin
I am after the Sigma 50mm macro.

ingles2 Mon 09-Jun-08 22:50:36

I'm an advertising photographer for my

quickdrawmcgraw Mon 09-Jun-08 22:50:56

I know! my brother got them for me in Hong Kong but it's still a LOT of money. eeek.
The Sigma 50mm macro is one I also would have gone for.

Crocky Mon 09-Jun-08 22:53:24

What are they attached to?

quickdrawmcgraw Mon 09-Jun-08 22:54:12

My dad was an advertising photographer too! He had a company called Photo AD (Ireland) back in the 70's. Pity dad died before I started photography, he would have loved to talk about it.

quickdrawmcgraw Mon 09-Jun-08 22:54:54

I use a Canon Eos 40d

Crocky Mon 09-Jun-08 22:57:14

That is what I am hoping to change to next year. Have a 400d at the moment and it will probably be worn out by then.

Ecmo Mon 09-Jun-08 22:59:19

My dad used to make photographic emulsion. He'd like to have chatted about it to. He's a bit forgetful now thou.

BoyzntheShire Tue 10-Jun-08 09:50:37

blush ingles - apologies! i dont think i knew what to reply/ask... tho i cant remember what i thought now as it was a while ago. its still marked for attention in my inbox so i'll find it blush

i used to be organised you know. honestly.

BoyzntheShire Tue 10-Jun-08 09:55:43

i have <checks camera as is packing bag for class> a nikon D70 which is a few years old now, but a v nice camera(as far as i know!) and a little kodak compact for snaps/days out.
have been using it on auto and a couple of the settings for all this time... am gradually getting to know what the settings even are - told you am beginner! but i frame a nice pic now and then... i should upload some for critical appraisal grin

mistypeaks Tue 10-Jun-08 10:15:01

This is my dream. I love photography, but am limited to my phone at the moment (although it is actually a cracking camera considering!!) Our digi is awaiting new batteries. I really really want an slr and dh really really wants to buy me one. But is a lot of money. We would go e-bay/car boot etc if we knew enough to know good entry level . . . which we would find out if I could do the photography course I want to do, which I can't do because I work nights sad. In the meantime I'll plod on. I think I take good pictures.

BoyzntheShire Tue 10-Jun-08 10:16:37

sad misty
keep trying wont you? something will turn up

mistypeaks Tue 10-Jun-08 10:19:49

I will keep trying. If I'm one thing it's bloody persistant (DH says stubborn grin). I have a lot of decisions to make re: job/career/children/dreams - I'll get there.

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