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To get someone else to clean the oven?!

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berri Tue 06-Jul-10 21:02:37

Has anyone ever used any of those companies who come to your house and clean all the bits in the back of their van?

Sounds like genius - think it's about £60 which I'd gladly pay if it meant I didn't have to do it....

Or am I being a lazy arse grin

insertwittynicknameHERE Tue 06-Jul-10 21:05:30

Oooh I would come and do it for half the price, I love cleaning ovens blush

UniMummy Tue 06-Jul-10 21:06:01

I used one a few months ago - It was amazing and soooo worth it!! It looked brand new. After I got over the shame of showing him how bad it was I was fine blush

LynetteScavo Tue 06-Jul-10 21:06:33


They leave it good as new.

But the man did tell me most people clean their oven out between his visits. blush

NeverPushWhenItSaysPull Tue 06-Jul-10 21:07:37

I'm with UniMummy on this. It's the best £60 you'll ever spend.

In fact, I now get the man to come annually and only clean the oven door in between times blush

berri Tue 06-Jul-10 21:16:21

Ha ha IWNH - really??!! I don't mind the odd bit of cleaning, but....really??!! Bet your house is lovely and clean & tidy!

Have now made my mind up - feel free to recommend companies in Surrey (is that allowed on MN?)....and I will add the £60 to the shopping budget as I'd have spent about the same on 50 bottles of Cillit Bang!

Aaah I actually feel relieved now.....

MiladyDeScorchio Tue 06-Jul-10 21:18:53

Well worth it, even the metal racks come up all sparkly and they don't leave any mess or marks on the floor.

caramelwaffle Tue 06-Jul-10 21:20:33


Confuzled Tue 06-Jul-10 21:21:53

Worth every penny if you go for a good one. Not all are equal, though. It really does look like new afterwards - they took the glass panel out and everything last time.


StealthPolarBear Tue 06-Jul-10 21:22:04

YANBU but I ahve just used my first ever oven pride and am amazed by how well it worked and how easy it was. I keep turning the light on to look and it's been over a week now.
The sense of satisfaction and "I did that" is second only to the feeling I get when I look at the DCs and it's a close second

Meglet Tue 06-Jul-10 21:22:10

YANBU. They do a good job, even if you are a slattern like me and leave it 3 years between cleans.

StealthPolarBear Tue 06-Jul-10 21:23:23

mine was filthy - we've been here since Nov 07 and it hadn'treally ever had a proper clean


Portofino Tue 06-Jul-10 21:24:13

I want one!

StealthPolarBear Tue 06-Jul-10 21:27:04

an oven, oven pride or a man who does?

berri Tue 06-Jul-10 21:30:22

Confuzled who did you use?

SPB - is that a company or are you telling me to use it!

iloveasylumseekers Tue 06-Jul-10 21:30:35

Worth every penny - I either get a man in or it doesn't get cleaned at all tbh.

We have used The Oven Cleaning Co for years and they've always been good and reliable.

Effjay Tue 06-Jul-10 21:32:54

I get mine done every year - worth it. He usually charges around £50 for a double oven and spends up to 2 hours doing it. I think you could find someone a bit cheaper than £60 if you ring around a bit.

StealthPolarBear Tue 06-Jul-10 21:33:47

no it's a box you get at the supermarket - you stick the shelves in a bag, throw the gunk in, whizz it round a bit, pour gunk on the inside of the oven, leave it a few hours or overnight if it's really crusty like mine, rinse the next morning et voila sparkly oven for a bit of whizzing and rinsing and under a fiver

insertwittynicknameHERE Tue 06-Jul-10 21:41:06

Yes I really do like cleaning ovens, the rest of my house on the other hand could do with a good tidy blush

StealthPolarBear Tue 06-Jul-10 21:41:29

my oven, just wish I'd had a before picture

blueshoes Tue 06-Jul-10 21:42:54

Definitely get Oven Pride, just £3.

Your crusty oven will be sparkly again.

Euro1 Tue 06-Jul-10 21:46:24

Best £40 I have ever spent -due to return next week!

domesticdiva Tue 06-Jul-10 21:49:03

Sod that, £60??!!

My dad likes taking our oven apart, brings his own Oven Pride and leaves no mess! Only costs me a cup of tea and a biccie...maybe I should rent him out.... grin

berri Tue 06-Jul-10 21:51:11

Wow, looks good as new! You can probably imagine what mine looks like at the moment blush

Lovely shiny oven

<pointedly ignores own oven>

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