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To think that i actually have the bestest dog in the whole wide world

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imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 20:16:20

(well, on par with his two predecessors (sp))

My little border terrier x, is a real runty looking thing, looks like a skinny jack russel with too long legs. But Christ on a bike, i love that dog!

He is currently sat next to me quivvering because he heard a clap of thunder. He has the patience of a saint - my DD loves him to distraction and has some rather full on ways of showing it. Never a growl, never a curled lip - which for a terrier aint half bad! He properly loves me - he follows me up to the toilet just so he can sneak a cuddle all to himself.

Yesterday he escaped amid manic b'day party decorations - he took himself round to my mums for a bit of peace and quiet and just sat on her doorstep until she came to the door on her way to mine, he walked in and sat down!

I love the way he sits in the window waiting for us, he often sits there waiting for DP, who always says he is a runty rat dog, but i often catching him being really soft with him.

My DP bought him for me after we lost our last dog and i was suffering from depression, he certainly is my furry therapist.

Thats all i have to say about that.

pjmama Fri 24-Jul-09 20:24:36

Aw!! Can I borrow him for a bit?

skybright Fri 24-Jul-09 20:25:10

Awww,he sounds lovely. I have a big sooky weimerama..who is currently curled up on her,the couch.

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 20:35:49

sure pj - i'll pack his little red spotty hankie and send him round. He's no trouble, well how could he be - hes so small he's hardly there at all! Well he is compared to my previous two dogs (both ten stone rotweillers grin) who were also the bestest dogs in the whole wide world. One of them would push his head into my tummy and sort of twist around, i would be pinned to the sofa unable to breathe - he was called Tiny

Lovesdogsandcats Fri 24-Jul-09 21:05:32

Because I have the bestest dogs in the whole wide world wink

Seriously, dogs beat humans paws hands down.

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 21:10:30

i totally agree ldac grin

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:14:15

Awww, how lovely.

envy at him running away and not killing himself in the process.

My dog follows me to the toilet too. Makes me feel all loved when I open there and she's sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for me.

Dogs rule.

<hoping the dog hating contingent on here hide this thread!>

southeastastra Fri 24-Jul-09 21:15:35

i'm so jealous, i've always wanted to have a dog

PortBlacksandResident Fri 24-Jul-09 21:18:54

Woot Woot - at dog loving thread on MN - can i bookmark it forever? grin.

Your dog sounds fab. My collie is nuts and 10 (DS are 8 & 6) and my PFB and when he goes there will be nothing doing with any of us.

AlistairSim Fri 24-Jul-09 21:20:34

I met a Newfoundland today.

I really want one now, it was so huge i could ride him around town. Or fit panniers for the children.

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:23:33

Agree, it's great to have a doggy love-in.

Have put pics of my dog on my profile if anyone is interested, I want to see everyone else's!

Goober Fri 24-Jul-09 21:24:48

YABU cos my Boxer is the very greatest, pic on profile. Today we took her to the beach and by gum that girlie can run!
Right now she is snorring softly after a tiring day, but if I say the word sausage she will wake up and sit up right away.

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:26:00

Goober what a beauty, what colour is she, she looks white in that pic.

Haribosmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 21:26:32

YA(obviously)BU because I have the best dog ever! grin

Seriously, he sounds great.. So pleased you are happy with him. I adore my choccy lab with a passion (He's like my 3rd child!!)

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 21:28:24

Shes lovely goober! Curry maid i can't see your profile for some reason.

I love newfies too - they have such great temprements. They have webbed feet dontcha know! I have actually seen one pulling a little cart.

Sherbert37 Fri 24-Jul-09 21:28:31

I could have written your post. I am totally besotted with my new BT pup. She has fixed a rapidly degenerating family (courtesy of a DH who left) and has brought us all together as a new unit.

I got home from work yesterday to find the two DSs had taken her on a walk together (they haven't done much together since the split because of divided loyalties). DS2 had taught her to give a high five and hold out a paw and was so proud. I now have a reason to go out for walks.

But the best thing is coming down in the morning and seeing her in her basket - I'd forgotten how lovely that is.

Ours too was the last to be had from a litter of 6. It makes me well up thinking of all those people who visited but did not take her. Our gain as she has a lovely nature.

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 21:30:10

Curry, my dog is getting to be a bit of a houdini - he doesn't go far, but the stupid mutt has no road sense blush. Have to be ultra vigilent about doors etc

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:30:26

Hmmm, I don't know why it's not working.

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:31:39

It's a pain isn't it, the door thing?

We got a stair gate for our porch, but she jumped it. Then we got a dog gate (much higher) and she jumped that. Now the dog gate is balanced on a plank, and keeps her inside. Just.

But other than that, dogs rule.

Goober Fri 24-Jul-09 21:32:02

She is white.
2 months ago she was very poorly but thanks to the genius vets at Newmarket Small Animal centre she is now a picture of health.

MaybeAfterBreakfast Fri 24-Jul-09 21:34:00

CurryMaid - I can see your dog pics. She looks lovely, although not quite as lovely as my dog (obviously grin).

Mine is currently asleep upstairs on my bed. Every night he tries (and fails) to spend the night with me. Cruel dh turfs him out.

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:34:15

THat's brilliant she's better Goober.

Just out of interest, is her hearing ok? My dog is deaf and apparently it often goes with white coats - obv not all white dogs are deaf but quite a few are apparently. Something to do with a piebald gene; white coats, spots and deafness, that's why so many dalmations are deaf apparently.

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:35:13

MAB another springy spaniel! He is gorgeous, they're such tinkers aren't they.

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 21:35:37

Sorry Imaynotbeperfect, hijacking your thread here, will stop!

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 21:36:41

ive always wanted a BT, but we couldnt find the "right dog", we paid far too much money for bob as he is probably a three way cross, but i don't care - had spent the whole weekend looking at dogs. DP announced that he was taking me to get a dog because he couldn't stand me moping around without one. That was the longest i have ever been without a dog since i was five (two months!). When i met bob i just picked him up and wouldnt put him down, didn't even look at the other pups. Its funny how you just "know" that its the right dog, he wasn't much to look at, but i didnt care and ive always been a bit vain when it comes to dogs (my rotweillers were by far the sexiest things on four legs in the world)DP made a flippant remark that we should take two - we now really wish that we did

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