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To be annoyed that DP doesn't want a new washing machine

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AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 22:39:40

I'm trying to persuade DP that we should just buy a new washing machine rather than fixing our old one so can someone help me out here. I'm also trying to persuade him that we should be getting a new one and it shouldn't be "the cheapest one going"

Our current washing machine the plastic bit that stops the water from getting out of the drum has been ripped (stupid bra) Its an integrated tecnic and apparently because of the type of machine the only way we can get it fixed is to either activate the warranty £15.99 per month for 10 months, 12 month contract. Or get the manufacturer's engineers out £80 call out fee before parts and labour.

So I think its better to get a new machine as when we move we'll take it with us and the new owners should be happy that they're being left with an integrated dishwasher, a lace for the washing machine to be plumbed into and integrated fridge freezer but DP thinks it'll stop people buying our house.

Also I want to get a good washing machine but he doesn't want to spend more than £150 as that's how much the guarantee would cost us.
You can't get a washing machine for that price unless I go looking on ebay but I dont like that idea as a 2nd hand one could break tomorrow.

I've got a pile of washing upstairs thats enough to clothe us for a month blush cos i've been without it for nearly 5 months and had to keep going to laundrette but there's only so long I can keep 11 month old DD happy in a laundrette so only ever manage to get 3 loads done.

so what do you think? I want this one cos I think a 9kg drum will mean I can just do 2 lots of washing a week instead of 5.....

What size drum do you have? It's just me, DD and DP (although we're thinking of having DC2 within the next year)

Sorry its so long.

themoon66 Mon 15-Dec-08 22:49:57

I would go for a new one. But I wouldn't touch that hoover one with a bargepole.

You can get a Bocsh for that price.

Go and look inside them in the shop... look inside the drum... the hoovers have plastic 'fins' that move the clothes around. They break off very easily. I lost a 'fin' every time I did a towel wash. They cost £9 or £10 each to replace. When one breaks during spinning, you risk clothes going down the hole they leave and ripping.

The 'fins' inside the Bosch are metal and moulded as part of the drum.

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 22:51:09

oh ok - Thanks Moon, I didn't know that.
So would you reccomend a Bosch then? - The drum I was looking at was a 9kg do you think I actually need one that big? Lol

poshwellies Mon 15-Dec-08 22:54:09 dh fixed our washing machine for £15-just needed a new belt,there was no way in hell he would fork out for a new machine or even pay someone to fix it (they always overcharge),so he bought the part off of ebay and saved us a fortune.

It works and we are quids in,lucky enough for us, dh is good at engineering.

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 22:56:28

Posh - We wanted to do that but you can't buy the part thats missing from anywhere but the manufacturer. We've tried 5 different shops who've told us the same story hence having to pay an EXTORTIONATE amount to get the damn thing fixed.

Another reason I want a new one - if it breaks again we're gonna have to get the engineers out again anyway!

dingdongmerrilyonpie Mon 15-Dec-08 22:56:41

Bigger drums about the size of 9kg are worth it because you can wash duvets (even king size ones) in them. And if you're not doing a big load you can use the half load option.

How old is the machine,

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 22:57:01

Oh and I'LL BE PAYING FOR MOST OF IT ANYWAY!! He just doesn't want a new one.

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 22:57:41

The broken machine is just under 3 years old.

AdventCandleQueen Mon 15-Dec-08 22:57:47

Our local washer/dryer spare parts place will print off instructions of how to replace parts if you ask them nicely!

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 22:59:19

The thing is we know how to fix it but can't get the part from anywhere except manufacturer who wont sell to any ol' soul, they want their engineers to come fix it

blowninonabreeze Mon 15-Dec-08 22:59:59

miele better than bosch in my opinion. Their quick wash cycle is super fast.

poshwellies Mon 15-Dec-08 23:00:21

Oh bummer aaliyah! What a pain.

ninedragons Mon 15-Dec-08 23:00:48

If he's after the cheapest possible, sooner or later he will come home with a brochure for Haier.

We had one in our last flat, courtesy of our stingy landlady, and you might as well stand by the hob and set fire to 150 quid.

They are garbage. In a two-year tenancy, we must have called out the engineer ten or eleven times.

Washing machines are really one of those areas in life where you get exactly what you pay for, and cheap ones are just a waste of money.

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 23:01:18

Thats the problem Posh - Its sooo annoying cos its a little bit of plastic!! angry

Ok so Miele - will go look at prices of those now too.

dingdongmerrilyonpie Mon 15-Dec-08 23:01:48

just get a big new one. Men never like having to fork out for washing machines and hoovers, especially if they don't use them angry - I bet he's got a laptop or an x-box or wii or something - just get the bloody thing.

He'll be quite happy to let you keep going to the launderette forever.

poshwellies Mon 15-Dec-08 23:03:03

Ours was Zanussi,ok,it broke but under constant useage for over 6 years and bloody easy (and cheap)to fix.

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 23:05:11

hmmm Zanussi?

What about indesit as there seems to be a few for around the £250 mark and I can afford that nicely.

LyraSilvertongue Mon 15-Dec-08 23:07:42

Try looking on Gumtree or some other classifieds site. I bought a Bosch washing machine from Gumtree in perfect working order for 50 quid last month.

poshwellies Mon 15-Dec-08 23:08:26

oh and freecyle too!

poshwellies Mon 15-Dec-08 23:08:53

freecycle even

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 23:09:32

I've put a wanted on freecycle but not really getting anywhere. Will try Gumtree as well I spose. Just worried I'm gonna be forking out more money on a 2nd hand one.

LyraSilvertongue Mon 15-Dec-08 23:16:01

Mine's worked perfectly so far (touch wood)

AaliyahsFirstXmas Mon 15-Dec-08 23:18:09

hmmm ok well maybe i'll meet him halfway and we'll get a cheaper 2nd hand one.

Seriya Tue 16-Dec-08 00:13:07

Had a thirty quid second hand one we'd found via Friday Ad for aaaages. Think we had it for coming on ten years before it finally broke. Can't remember for my life the make, but just to say, buying second hand isn't necessarily a bad option, especially when you're strapped for cash.

scaryteacher Tue 16-Dec-08 08:27:24

I'd recommend Indesit - our first one was a recon second hand that dh had before he got me, and it lasted from 1985-1993. I bought another Indesit that lasted from 1993-2006, and got me through the advent of ds and he was 11 when it died. I now have a machine I bought in Belgium, which has a huge drum...BUT you can only put that much in when you use the 3 HOUR cycle, so I never bother.

Indesit are cheap, but my machines from them have gone on forever, and the second one I should add coped with the mountains of sports kit that ds had at prep school; my work clothes, and dh's uniform as well, so it did well. I think it disliked the change from Cornish water (soft) to Belgian water (rock hard).

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