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to be more than a bit [shock] at the women in the park this morning?

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NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:16:12

Three women. One pre-school kid, obviously on their way back from the school run.

And ...

A 1.5 l bottle of white wine! Ok, they weren't far into it, but ... it was 10:30 in the morning! shock

TrinityRhino Mon 29-Sep-08 11:18:12

oh my god
I bet it was the nasty cheap shit I dirnk

{not at 10.30am I hasten to add}

pgwithnumber3 Mon 29-Sep-08 11:19:18

Shit, I have been caught out. grin

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:20:25

I don't know what it was. I didn't peer that closely, honestly, because, well, what sort of people drink at 10:30 in the morning, on a Monday, with kids underfoot! I was worried they might be up for a fight or something.

Does it make a difference that they didn't appear to have any glasses? grin

(I did peer enough to see that the bottle was open, and some was gone. I didn't actually see them drinking it. I guess they might have been carrying an open bottle around but not drinking?)

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:20:47

Oh dear god, was it you! And you're pregnant, too! <collapses in horror>

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 29-Sep-08 11:22:38

hmm sun definately not past the yard arm on the way home from the school run methinks.

I am both shock and sad by the circumstances that must have arisen to prompt my ds's infant school to put up a sign reading 'no alcohol on school premises'.

Though I do think it's just the parents, not the children btw.grin

belgo Mon 29-Sep-08 11:23:30

Presumably they were celebrating someone's birthday?

There was a farmer's fair in my town recently and the farmers were drinking beer and eating hamburgers ( real belgian hamburgers, not MacDonald's rubbish) at 10am. I had a hamburger, I just couldn't resist, but I couldn't face beer at that time!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:24:23

I've been to a lot of school events with alcohol, and I must admit to being quite hmm by that, too. (But I'm forn, and we have a different attitude to alcohol where I come from - drinking in the street is illegal, for one thing.)

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:25:01

I guess they could have been celebrating ... but really? Is a 1.5L bottle of wine in the local park, shared among 3 women, at 10am, really the best way to celebrate?

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:26:17

I did shrug to myself, whatever, I mean, it's possible they're hardened alcoholics, it's possible one of them has had a Very Bad Thing happen, or indeed a Very Good Thing - I don't really know, it's not actually my business. They didn't seem drunk, to be fair (but they'd only had about an inch of the wine so far), and they weren't rowdy or anything.

TrinityRhino Mon 29-Sep-08 11:26:45

I thought it was illegal to drink in the street here in the uk too

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:28:07

No, it isn't - sometimes there are local bylaws that make it illegal, but the 'default' setting is, it's legal.

You've only just made it illegal to drink on tubes and buses.

Every so often I explain the drinking culture to Canadians back home, just to watch them go shock shock shock

Marina Mon 29-Sep-08 11:28:35

NQC, they weren't accompanied by two naked small girls were they wink
(hoxty and versdesociete were in a park in that area last week and were accosted by a nutter, they might have decided to fortify themselves for today's visit wink)

NorbertDentressangle Mon 29-Sep-08 11:29:44

I would have been a bit shock too.

Then again I feel a bit guilty buying alcohol at that time of day in case people think I'm going to drink it there and then (not if its in with a big weekly shop but if you've specifically gone to buy wine for that evening for example or gone to stock up on a good offer from Lidl etc )

EffiePerine Mon 29-Sep-08 11:29:48

that's what you get for living in London wink

though the drunks round here have Traditional Values and hide their tinnies in brown paper bags

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:32:09

Oooh, which park were they in? No, it wasn't Hoxty, I've met Hoxty.

I don't know why I was that shock, I see men with tins all the time, even early in the morning, next to their wives pushing pushchairs. It's unfair that I'm that bothered by it being women with a big sociable bottle rather than a man with a tin.

I don't mind buying alcohol whenever, but I got really really really really trashed on Saturday (birthday party in afternoon at mine, 50 kids, then karaoke until 2am, how mad am I?) so the thought of any wine, ever, makes me a bit green at the moment.

pushchair Mon 29-Sep-08 11:36:35

Once had to very tetatively tell a dad that another parent had reported his ex wife, who was not allowed to pick up the son, drinking gin at the school gates. Could it have been her? He thought for a moment- 'ah no it couldnt have been her she only drinks vodka!' Well thats all right then. It was a bit of a rough area.

batters Mon 29-Sep-08 11:37:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 11:39:37

Hmm, but I'd expect an MN meetup to happen at someone's house. And for there to be glasses.

Maybe this was a Bounty meetup? <runs away>

CherryChapstick Mon 29-Sep-08 11:40:15

It might have been somebodys birthday.

batters Mon 29-Sep-08 11:43:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 23:00:09

So ... do I check to see if they're there tomorrow, too?

hapsty Mon 29-Sep-08 23:08:56

NQC Welcome to Our Country, we do things different here grin
I am remembering with fondness my American friend's look of sheer terror and horror when I attempted to take my open can of beer into a car in which I was travelling as a passenger
an open can of beer, apparently, is the key to opening the floodgates to anarchy and lawlessness, and quite possibly the apocalypse

susia Mon 29-Sep-08 23:14:05

well someone I know has a night on speed/coke then 'sobers' up the night day by taking her son to the park with a few cans of cider

NotQuiteCockney Mon 29-Sep-08 23:17:57

Yeah, in North America we have Open Container laws, which mean that carrying an open container of alcohol (except in the boot) in a car is an arrestable offence. (I think these laws were to let them arrest people who were driving drunk, in the days before breathalizers.)

I suspect people really only get in trouble for it if they do something else stupid, though like arguing with the officers, or being Black.

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