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Ridiculous argument over table, Aibu?

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Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 21:44:18

AIBU unreasonable to ask, how many tables does one need in a house?
We currently have TWO tables, one in the kitchen and one in the living room.
I want to SELL the one in the living room (seats 6 to 8 people) to make a "play nook" for the kids and have more room to move around the room in a free way. The table gets in the way of everyone. Husband thinks this table is ESSENTIAL for when we have guests, although he admits we don't have guests often (even before covid).
The kitchen table can sit 6 people.
YABU- you need that table
YANBU- sell the table and make room for your lods to play

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OoohTheStatsDontLie Fri 05-Jun-20 22:01:50

Can you move the bigger table to the kitchen? Or sell both and buy an extendable table?

TorkTorkBam Fri 05-Jun-20 22:04:17

A small table in the play nook would be excellent for board games, lego, jigsaws, art, etc.

snowybean Fri 05-Jun-20 22:05:55

Get rid of both, buy an expandable table that lives in the kitchen. Have play book. Job done 👌

snowybean Fri 05-Jun-20 22:06:19

Oh, blimmin' 'ell, play nook

Lockdownlover Fri 05-Jun-20 22:08:11

You can only eat dinner on one table at a time so get rid! A play area would be so much better for young dc.

RJnomore1 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:08:53

Can never have too many tables or sofas.

Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:22:36

I really like your replies, lots to consider there. Possibly an extendable table in the kitchen

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Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:23:01

*might be a good compromise

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Standandwait Fri 05-Jun-20 22:23:15

What? No one in your place has bought an extra table for wfh / homeschooling / general piling up of crap? Amazeballs 😁

Standandwait Fri 05-Jun-20 22:26:08

We HAD two tables and had to expand to two more! But YANBU really. Unless both tables are priceless / sentimental-- We had a cupboard that would have made a great play cave when they were little and I'm still sorry I didn't bi all the crap in it then. I have sine, but they're all over 16 now!

BobbieDraper Fri 05-Jun-20 22:26:21

I'm the same! We have a table in the kitchen and a table in the living room.

The living room table only seats 4 though so it's not in the way, and is essential for us. We are board game obsessed and it's our board game area. We would hate to not have it.

Standandwait Fri 05-Jun-20 22:26:39

* bin

Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:30:18

@BobbieDraper thats good as it doesnt sound like a big table. My kids are both under 4 though, so they can't really sit at a big table unless for eating.
I'm planning to buy a desk for my work related stuff, but it would hardly take up any room and I might put it in another room, not sure yet.

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Mosaic123 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:32:52

Buy a folding table for the lounge.

abw94 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:34:21


Elouera Fri 05-Jun-20 22:36:35

My thoughts:
If you sold the dining table, would you move the one in the kitchen into the dining room for the night? Would that work for the times you do need it in their?

Unless its antique or very special, you'd be unlikely to get very much for a 2nd hand table!

Get an extender table. We got one in Ikea. Its normally a 4 seater, and doesn't take up much room at all. 1 panel comes out and is useable extended like that. You can also extend again to seat 8. It wasn't that expensive and have been SO useful when we need more table space, but don't want a giant table ALL the time.

Choccyp1g Fri 05-Jun-20 22:39:50

Turn the table on its side to make a den.

Sweetmotherofallthatisholyabov Fri 05-Jun-20 22:43:11

There was stress city when I told my dm and dmil we weren't having a dining room. What is the point. Neither of us cook? And we've since had children so now we've a playroom which is infinitely more useful than a dining room would ever have been.

Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:44:25

@Elouera you are right, we wont get much money for the table but I dont feel its work keeping when it takes up so much space. Thank you for your suggestion I will be checking out tables on the Ikea website!

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Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:45:32

@Sweetmotherofallthatisholyabov its also my impressions that dining rooms never get used thay often!

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strawberry2017 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:52:41

You don't need 2 tables, keeping one for just in case is ridiculous. Children live their full time, their needs come first.
Get rid of a table!

Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:56:23

@strawberry2017 exactly my thoughts! Guests can eat in the kitchen or on a coffee table!

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raspberryk Fri 05-Jun-20 22:57:16

We have a coffee table which extends up and out into a fairly large dining table. It's been a game changer. Could you get something like that to replace the dining table in the lounge?

Tsubasa1 Fri 05-Jun-20 23:06:42

@raspberryk if i can find one! But a coffee table might be comfortable enough for guests.

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