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AIBU To ask...What's your hobby?

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DipseeDaisey Fri 05-Jun-20 21:24:26

Can I ask you all what you hobby is? I'm looking for something to get me out the house maybe one night a week once lock down is over. grin

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DipseeDaisey Fri 05-Jun-20 21:25:55

Submitted to early...Doh! I don't want anything to sporty as I don't want to commit to a team, Thanks

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SomeoneElseEntirelyNow Fri 05-Jun-20 21:27:45

I knit, which is pretty solitary, but my knitting group meets once a week in the pub smile

BikeRunSki Fri 05-Jun-20 21:28:50

MN hates me

I’m also a Cub leader, and hace fine photography and conversational French evening classes in the past. Like a swim and a run too.

LivingDeadGirlUK Fri 05-Jun-20 21:30:51


Bubbletrouble43 Fri 05-Jun-20 21:32:32

I joined an art class and went for 2 sessions but lockdown put a stop to that. Gutted, it was really enjoyable. Huge range of abilities, lovely welcoming people. I can't wait to start again.

LadyMuck111 Fri 05-Jun-20 21:33:49

Up until lockdown I had no hobbies. Now my hobby is gardening I love it!

Allgirlskidsanddogs Fri 05-Jun-20 21:34:00

Crafting, sewing, crochet etc.

I make my own clothes and clothes for my children. I make bunting, decorate clothes and bags.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 05-Jun-20 21:35:40

Underwater battle reenactment.

georgie279 Fri 05-Jun-20 21:36:06

I've started gardening & doodling/sketching... also revamped the kitchen during lockdown so I guess diy is now a hobby!

topcat2014 Fri 05-Jun-20 21:39:41

Church bell ringing and beaver leader

ilovesooty Fri 05-Jun-20 21:39:57

I learn another language. Classes moved to Zoom after lockdown. I'll be continuing next year.

I also go to live football matches which I obviously can't do at the moment.

BikeRunSki Fri 05-Jun-20 21:39:59

I’m also waiting to do an intro Archety course. DS is really into his archery, but he’s too young to leave at the club and it’s s 30 min drive, so I thought I might as well do something whilst I’m there.

Windyatthebeach Fri 05-Jun-20 21:40:57

I collect ddogs!

SimonJT Fri 05-Jun-20 21:41:07

Rugby (also a job)

Poniesandgin Fri 05-Jun-20 21:43:17

@Windyatthebeach me too grin

SausageCrush Fri 05-Jun-20 21:48:18

Underwater battle re-enactment?
Did I just read that correctly?
Is this like war games, but in a swimming pool?
Please tell me more...

WatchingFromTheWings Fri 05-Jun-20 21:51:09

Genealogy. Running. Card making. Not very exciting but it keeps me sane! 😆

weegiemum Fri 05-Jun-20 21:56:37

Mainly solitary at home ones (am disabled) - knitting, painting glass and silk, card making (I selll at craft fairs and in some independent shops).

Used to run and was a Beaver leader. Am thinking of joining a photography class after lockdown.

TheBitchOfTheVicar Fri 05-Jun-20 21:56:56


Lactarius Fri 05-Jun-20 22:06:09


Megan2018 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:07:24


It’s all consuming and costs all the £
Definitely not what you are looking for grin

BarbaraofSeville Fri 05-Jun-20 22:32:06

Underwater battle reenactment

Sounds interesting, but I fear that is a joke, but I scuba dive and in normal times we have a weekly pool practice and training session followed by optional pub drinks.

Otherwise many running or outdoor fitness groups have weekly evening sessions.

BarbaraofSeville Fri 05-Jun-20 22:35:45

Meganyou could say the same about diving on the money front, especially when starting out and building your own kit, although there are often lots second hand options.

And then when you get going on trips and you're literally paying money for fresh air and to be taken out to sea to jump off a perfectly good boat.

Chesterfuckingdrorrs Fri 05-Jun-20 22:36:59

Running. 5 weeks ago I couldn't run for 60 seconds I wish I was joking today ran 3miles in about 35mins. I aim to go further or faster each tine I'm out and so far I'm enjoying it.

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