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Planned section

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MrsBtobe1208 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:06:29

Posted elsewhere but no reply so posting here for traffic

I'm having my second baby via planned c section next Wednesday. Nervous as I am anyway with all this virus stuff visiting has been stopped so as soon as baby is born I'll be on my own with no support from my partner.

Can anyone tell me how long they were in hospital for after a planned section please?

Wynston Thu 26-Mar-20 21:16:37

Not planned (emergency section-with extra surgery).
Ds was born 4pm monday i was home 1pm Thursday.
I know that you was asking about planned but i just wanted to give you some sort of idea.
Good luck!!!

Song6 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:17:52

Midwife here, if it all goes well you should be able to go home the next day.
Good luck!

NemophilistRebel Thu 26-Mar-20 21:19:30

I asked my consultant the same thing when I saw him last week and they said turn around time to get people out even after c section is far quicker and as long as no complications it will be out the next day

Sceptre86 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:19:54

I stayed two nights and got a decent amount of rest as the midwife took my son overnight. It was my second section too. Some women went home the next day, it just depends on demand for beds and how you feel.

Thumbtoestofu Thu 26-Mar-20 21:22:13

I was home the next day with an EMCS - again not planned but I recovered really well.

GetTheSprinkles Thu 26-Mar-20 21:22:57

Even with my EMCS I went home the next day. That was 4 months ago. Good luck!

AlwaysColdHands Thu 26-Mar-20 21:23:44

1st section, 2 nights
2nd section, in and out in just over 24 hours

Helpwithaversion Thu 26-Mar-20 21:24:34

3/4 nights with mine

Purpleartichoke Thu 26-Mar-20 21:25:26

They were willing to discharge me the next morning, but Baby had to stay for a 2nd night so obviously I stayed too.

Heismyopendoor Thu 26-Mar-20 21:26:08

All my planned sections it was two nights. Emergency and first section was five.

I reckon if you are feeling ok you could go home the next day, I think they would be happy to do that.

Lofari Thu 26-Mar-20 21:27:58

Its next day discharge now

twattymctwattwat Thu 26-Mar-20 21:28:23

Home the next morning. I had a horrible birth with dc1 and a planned c section with dc2, was pleasantly surprised by how lovely and uneventful the whole experience was.

Just keep on top of the pain relief even if you feel you can skip or delay a dose...I speak from experience!

MrsBtobe1208 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:35:15

Thankyou everyone! I feel a bit more at ease now ☺️

I've had such a whirlwind 24/48 hours from my growth scan to having baby turned to now having to have a section next Wednesday. My head is spinning with information and questions.

Is there anything I should expect that maybe I wouldn't have been told?
Anything I should take that's different to natural birth?

Heismyopendoor Thu 26-Mar-20 21:44:08

Big giant knickers, slippers that you can slide on and off without bending down, and either clothes or pjs that come up quite far past where your incision will be or I preferred to just have night dresses and dresses. I didn’t like anything touching where my wound was.

FluffMagnet Thu 26-Mar-20 21:44:19

Big knickers! Up to your belly button. Sexy they are not but needs must. I had a planned section last year. They aim to have you in only 24 hours. I was there 2 nights as had an annoyingly placed mass of veins across the cut site, so lost more blood than usual (in a controlled way though - they were completely on top of it!). Really chilled but slightly surreal experience. You'll be fine but make a note of how often you should be taking your pain meds and chase the staff up if they don't bring them on time. You do need to take them on time to be well enough to move around.

CrispsAndChoc Thu 26-Mar-20 21:47:27

My daughter was born at lunchtime on the Tuesday and I was home Thursday afternoon. Good luck!

Needallthesleep Thu 26-Mar-20 21:48:34

Yes to the big pants. Get some neurofen and paracetamol for home. Eat lots of fibrous food for the awful post birth poop.

I had a planned section two years ago and it was a really lovely calm experience.

PawPatrolMakesMeDrink Thu 26-Mar-20 21:49:30

I had two nights in hospital following my planned section. I could have gone home after the first night but I needed additional pain relief and wanted more help with breastfeeding.
Big knickers.
Bigger knickers.
And don’t do much as pick up a Hoover for a good 3/4 weeks.

Disneymum1993 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:49:52

I had my 3rd section in august and was in just under 48 hours they wanted to let me out after 24 but I had a lot of blood loss. Planned sections are so much easier to recover from than emergency ones I think (had one emergency 2 planned)

CrispsAndChoc Thu 26-Mar-20 22:02:25

Also-They were ready to send me home on Wednesday but kept me in for observations for an existing condition

MrsBtobe1208 Thu 26-Mar-20 22:02:51

Already stocked up on my big knockers so Thankyou smile haha!

Will bear everything else in mind, Thankyou!

user1493413286 Thu 26-Mar-20 22:06:59

I had one a month ago at 3pm on a Thursdays and was out at 3pm on Saturday, I was ready from Saturday morning but the paperwork took some time. If I’d had mine first thing in the morning I’d probably have been ready by the end of the day the next day.
Make sure you take big knickers and clothes that won’t press on your scar and I found a rolled up blanket helped to protect my scar on the car journey home. If you can get it I’d recommend peppermint tea for the wind and make sure you have plenty of paracetamol and ibroprufen for when you’re at home; if you struggle to find paracetamol in the shops see if the hospital can prescribe it.

Roozy123 Thu 26-Mar-20 22:14:54

I had my 3rd baby 2 weeks ago, planned section.

I wasn't allowed any visitors because of the virus (was given out letters when put of recovery stating this)
We were allowed one person in with us, no other visitors.
I was in for 3 days 2 nights.

PawPatrolMakesMeDrink Thu 26-Mar-20 22:25:12

Oh and roll up a big towel and hold it against your stomach as support for when you do your first poo.

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