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to ask my MIL to rinse dishes after washing up with Fairy

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Oriole Wed 25-Jul-07 17:48:08

My MIL often offer to do the washing-up when she is staying with us. At first I was happy with this, but soon I noticed that she didn't rinse them off after washing with Fairy in the sink. I had a talk with her about this, still I see some foam in salad bowls and cups.

Is it unreasonable to ask my MIL again to rinse dishes after washing up with Fairy?

allgonebellyup Wed 25-Jul-07 17:48:31


not sure

Blandmum Wed 25-Jul-07 17:49:26

I never rinse my dishes!

pointydog Wed 25-Jul-07 17:49:57


I always rinse but would bite my tongue if someone else was washing my dishes. I'd dry them very hard

2shoes Wed 25-Jul-07 17:49:58

can't see the problem. dh does that and we are all ok

donnie Wed 25-Jul-07 17:50:20

no not unreasonable. Unrinsed dishes are vile,vile,vile - may as well pour the washing up liquid straight into your mouth!!!!

or you may have to just do it yourself.

donnie Wed 25-Jul-07 17:50:57

do you have a dishwasher though?

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 25-Jul-07 17:51:00

don't think you need to rinse really unless you've overdone the Fairy !

ProfYaffle Wed 25-Jul-07 17:51:23

I once washed up for a friend. When I'd finished she said 'we don't eat soap in this house' and poured water over the dishes to rinse them. I was mortified and more than a little p*ssed off, certainly didn't offer twice.

If she's offered to help out, it's churlish to critique her work I think.

Wisteria Wed 25-Jul-07 17:51:59

Yes I think in the grand scheme of problems you could have with a MIL YABU!

Sometimes I rinse, sometimes I don't - it's hardly the crime of the century is it??

DarrellRivers Wed 25-Jul-07 17:52:52

YABU and churlish

2shoes Wed 25-Jul-07 17:53:08

donnie calm down dear. we are oly talking about washing up not world peace

WigWamBam Wed 25-Jul-07 17:53:22

Something about looking gift horses in the mouth springs to mind!

I don't rinse - never noticed the taste of Fairy on my dishes either.

You could always do it yourself ...

LazyLineLegilimens Wed 25-Jul-07 17:53:33

If you want them done your way, do them yourself!

donnie Wed 25-Jul-07 17:54:22

yes I realise the tone was a little outraged of essex - but I still say they taste horrid!

quiveutmabonnebaguette Wed 25-Jul-07 17:57:13

I tought it was a british thing not to rince, my dh doesnt rince unless I'm watching him...not rincing is not nice.

geekgirl Wed 25-Jul-07 17:59:24

I would, I find this really gross (and it is a uniquely English thing, btw).
Don't know how to do it tactfully though...
get a dishwasher - that'll remove the problem

geekgirl Wed 25-Jul-07 18:00:10

I would rather do it myself than eat off dishes 'washed' this way

DarrellRivers Wed 25-Jul-07 18:01:07

Gross is a word i tend to use for poo and sick and actually I don't think i find them particularly offensive anymore.
Gross for not rinsing the dishes, little OTT methinks

SpamFritter Wed 25-Jul-07 18:01:23

Have never rinsed - don't overdo the Fairy though.

Dishes washed in the dishwasher don't have a completely 'clean' rinse at the end do they? They have Rinse Aid which looks remarkably like dilute Fairy to me.

noddyholder Wed 25-Jul-07 18:01:53

I wouldn't care Anyone doing dishes here would be thanked and rinsing again is a waste of water

pointydog Wed 25-Jul-07 18:01:55

Re british thing, I remember being told off for not rinsing by a 14 year old when I lived in belgium

Hulababy Wed 25-Jul-07 18:03:24

I wouldn't care. I'd jst be grateful someone was doing my washing up!

Think YABU to be honest.

geekgirl Wed 25-Jul-07 18:03:52

of course they have a completely clean rinse at the end.
And rinse aid is just something that makes the water dry faster.

Malfoynomore Wed 25-Jul-07 18:04:02


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