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River island sizing

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Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 14:19:16

Does anyone find that river island jeans come up small? Or is this me just hoping confused

I'm usually a size 12 and I ventured into river island for the first time to buy jeans. Tried on the mom jeans and I couldn't fasten them up.
I wondering if it's me that's gained a few pounds, or if they are small to size?
I've got a few different brands at home which are all 12s and no issue. Come you through some true to size shops at me? I find new look, very and m&s really good for jeans.

Please help before I go on an eternal crash diet.

Kennehora Sun 24-Mar-19 17:18:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cardibach Sun 24-Mar-19 17:18:34

GG20 what do you mean by a ‘real’ size 12? There is no industry standard, that’s why there’s an issue between stores...

polkadotpixie Sun 24-Mar-19 17:33:13

@Kennehora I'm 5'3, weigh 10.7 and am also a pear shaped 10 on top and 12 on the bottom. It depends on your shape as well as your weight

I think that was a bit rude to the OP tbh!

Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 17:36:01

I've worked really hard to keep my weight off I've gone from 16st to 10.7

Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 17:37:20

I think I look average.

Kennehora Sun 24-Mar-19 20:39:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ambereeree Sun 24-Mar-19 20:48:50

I find RI sizes on the bigger side compared to topshop or zara but smaller than next or gap.

kaytee87 Sun 24-Mar-19 20:59:38

@Kennehora op said she was a size 12 confused

Zebraantelopegiraffe Sun 24-Mar-19 21:01:16

So you are normally a size 6-8 and op is normally a 12..... yeah same thing

Zebraantelopegiraffe Sun 24-Mar-19 21:01:44

And you look very lovely in that picture OP

Kennehora Sun 24-Mar-19 21:10:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

XiCi Sun 24-Mar-19 21:18:02

Yes kennehora you were rude and you know it. There is always one person on these threads that comes on to exclaim that a person couldn't possibly be that weight and size. Always someone getting a sly dig in. Well if you want to play that game there's no way anyone that's 9 stone 3 is a size 6 in any store smile

tinkerbellla Sun 24-Mar-19 21:22:27

I'm 10.7lbs, 5ft 5 and was wearing size 10 RI trousers yesterday but always a 12 in top shop jeans, although the bum gets saggy. It just depends on your individual body shape. Your figure looks fab by the way 🙌x

lostfrequencies Sun 24-Mar-19 21:32:10

Kennehora -yawn-

Coffeeisnecessary Sun 24-Mar-19 21:44:09

I'm the same height as you op and a little bit heavier, more like 10st 12lb and I am mostly a 10, normally a 12 on top half though. I have some RI jeans in a 14, they are a not big in the waist but tight on the legs.Everyone carries weight differently and has different muscle mass etc. Your photo looks fab.

Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 21:49:57

Sorry if I wasn't clear and caused confusion. I mentioned I was a size 10 on top mostly and can fit into some size 8s. This is on top only as I'm pear shaped and have a small waist and an A cup. I'm a 12 on the bottom half.

Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 21:51:33

The only reason I posted that picture was to show that everyone is different and even though I am 10.7 stone I feel you could easily pin point me as an average size 12 or whatever average means. I hold weight differently, so my weight goes to my thighs and bum

Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 21:54:50

Previous weight has alot to do with it as I felt like I had to justify my size when I've worked so damn hard to be told No, you're not and again you looked at my picture and said nope you're not that size. I appreciate you may not have intended to be unkind, but it came across that way. I'll repeat it again, I'm a size 10 in tops can fit into 8 depending on cut. However, majority is a 12.

talktoo Sun 24-Mar-19 22:14:16

Kennehora yep. You are rude. And can't read. The OP clearly stated that she is a 10 top, sometimes an 8 and always a 12 on the bottom. You've said you are normally a 6-8 but an 8-10 in RI. So you are a completely different size to the OP but you decided that she couldn't possibly be the same size as you as she is heavier. So you are a 6-8 and she is a 12 on the bottom and you can't get your head around that. Rude.

GoGoGadgetGin Sun 24-Mar-19 22:19:25

Kennehora, you remind me of an acquaintance who always always has t bring into any conversation how 'tiny' she is and always has to be the thinnest, smallest in some oddly 'self depreciation' attention seeking way.

Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 22:20:13

But thanks for saying I don't look like a size 12. I feel utterly shit now.

Kennehora Sun 24-Mar-19 22:21:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GoGoGadgetGin Sun 24-Mar-19 22:22:38

BMI is bollocks!

Sunkist12 Sun 24-Mar-19 22:22:46

Hopefully this is a clearer picture and that I 'pass now

DareDevil223 Sun 24-Mar-19 22:24:22


You look slim and absolutely lovely and congratulations on the fantastic weight loss.

Any thread on MN about size or weight is a magnet for those who have to be slimmer than everyone else and make themselves feel better at the expense of others. Take no notice.

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