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Aibu wood burning hot tub?

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Bigbumfatthighs Sun 03-Mar-19 22:14:06

New to this, looking to get unbiased views! We’ve recently installed a wood burning hot tub in our garden. We generally use it Saturday and Sunday evenings which involves starting a small fire with wood once alight we add smokeless coal for a slow burn to heat the water. Yesterday I started the burner at just gone 4pm, I always check neighbours don’t have washing out etc prior and never start it in the day time. Within 10 mins a neighbour 2 doors down knocked to complain the smoke was blowing into her garden , I apologised and explained i had added coal and the smoke should be dying down shortly which it did. That night at 8pm she then shouted out her window that the smoke was going into her house. For reference it’s blowing an absolute gale in our region so I’m not sure how she could smell it. So as not to drip feed I think we are good neighbours generally, always take parcels in , don’t park on the road, no loud parties etc. We live in a pretty busy housing estate and although I know it’s not ideal I kind of think you have to deal with some noise / environmental pollution living in a built up area. The smell produced is similar to a bbq if that helps and the flume reaches the top of the house. Are we BU ?

FascinatingCarrot Sun 03-Mar-19 23:11:21

Was the coal smokeless. It does have its has its own smell, and can be pretty harsh. Maybe it was that and not the wood?
As an aside I would so sit in a heated hotub in a gale grin

Notcontent Sun 03-Mar-19 23:14:21

I am sorry to say that these sorts of things are ok if you live a long way from other people but not ok if you have other houses close by.

steppemum Sun 03-Mar-19 23:15:42

we have a woodburning stove.
Our chimney is about a metre above the level of the guttering, so pretty much at chimney level.
One or two neighbours have them, theirs come out at chimney level.

In any of the gardens, you cannot smell smoke at all. Occasionally walking down the street, you might get a slight whiff. We burn ours every weekend, and there is, 99% of the time, no smoke smell at all in the garden, in the house, and no smoke coming in through windows etc

You sound as if you are making a lot more smoke than that. if she can smell it, your chimney isn't high enough. If smoke is going in through her windows, your chimney isn't high enough. If your garden or hers smells like a bonfire, even for that first half an hour, your chimney isn't high enough.

sorry, but I think a neighbour having a BBQ/bonfire every single weekend, that smelt enough to come in my windows, would be a pain. A wood burner is no different, which is why the chimneys have to be at chimney height, not at second storey height.

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