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To think what fresh hell is this?!

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Happyinheels Tue 26-Feb-19 20:49:35

Exactly that!!

What fresh hell is this?!!

43 years old... noticed a hair on my chin. Yep. A HAIR on my chin. BTW I'm female. For clarity. I feel that's an important piece of information. Anyway, back to the hair. It wasn't just a little hair. It was jet black and stuck out at an angle - like it was stood on end. I mean - how long has said hair been there?! And why the hell has no one told me?!!! Have people been doing that thing when talking to me where they're trying desperately to maintain eye contact whilst thinking all the while 'don't look at the chin, must not look at the chin.'

Upon said discovery I grabbed my tweezers. I say grabbed but to be honest I weep when trying to pluck my eyebrows so I couldn't lay my hands upon said tweezers straight away since I hid them and vowed to never inflict such pain on myself ever again. Anyway, I digress. Had to stand very close to the mirror because at this point I realised that my eyesight is just not quite what it used to be and focusing on said hair just wasn't quite that easy. It took forever to find the little bugger again and when I did I couldn't quite grab it and as such my chin now looks like it's been attacked by a small animal.

Not satisfied with the discovery of said hair, as I was stood in the bathroom, practically nose to mirror I was a little taken aback at the line of fuzz on my top lip! Again, I ask you all dear people, what fresh hell is this?!!! Knowing that my DD has Veet wax strips (others are presumably available?!!) in her shit tip bedroom I decided I was on a roll and that I'd tackle said fuzz. Fuck me. Dear God. I read the instructions and held the strip in my hand to warm it. The first strip I put on I pressed down firmly. And then?...

Then I was too scared to pull it off. I counted to 3. Then I counted to 3 again. Then I counted to 10. Again I ask you, what fresh hell is this?????? Plucking eyebrows has nowt on this!! Weeping??? Rolling round on the bathroom floor! However... I'd only done one side. There was no one home to dtd and it fell to me to finish what I'd started.

Needless to say that whilst my chin looks like I've been attacked by a small animal , fuck me my top lip has been annihilated!!!!

I ask again dear friends, what fresh hell is this getting older?!!!

How long till the bleeding stops and the red swelling goes down?? I look like I've had lip fillers that have gone wrong!

AwdBovril Fri 01-Mar-19 08:53:05

Facial hair is the only reason I bothered keeping my Lumea. The leg hair was just too time consuming so TBH I just wear trousers! Chin hair... plucked daily. Think I found my first chin hair in my late teens. I'm definitely a yeti. The only place I don't have any is my top lip!

PissOffPeppa Fri 01-Mar-19 14:31:56

I got my first chin hair when I was 17. It wasn’t a shock since I’d had a moustache since I was 10

WhatHaveIFound Fri 01-Mar-19 14:42:52

I get them often so I check every single day week or so. All plucked out.

More concerning this week is that i found my first ever GREY pube. That must be a sign that i'm getting old!!!

NannyKasey Sat 16-Mar-19 16:23:39

On the recommendation of my DM, I bought a JML Flawless Facial Hair remover yesterday. I have a completely hairless chin for the first time since the menopause kicked in about 4 years ago. £20 well spent in my book

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