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So how did you become vegetarian?

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AmIVeggieNow Sun 24-Feb-19 01:57:42

Obviously not an aibu but posting here for traffic.

So I made a bet for to stop eating meat for 5 days. It’s day 6 today and I haven’t cracked. Usually I eat meat most days, save a few days a month when we have salmon or other fish. I didn’t think I’d be make to make it for full 5 days but here I am! Not even craving meat. On the contrary, my body feels good. Probably psychological but I feel less sluggish. I have actually enjoyed my meat free meals and want to eat more vegetarian meals than meat-based meals. I might even become vegetarian or pescatarian but it’s early days. I might crave a steak in a little while but right now that does not sound appealing at all.

So all you veggies out there, I’d love to hear how you became vegetarian. Was it a gradual process or did you wake up one morning and decided that’s it, no more bacon rolls! 😀

beargryllshasabigrope Sun 24-Feb-19 23:43:50

I've been slowly eating less meat for a few months now. I keep putting off going fully vegetarian for daft reasons.. eating out might be hard, I like my GMILs roast dinners etc... but after reading through this thread I am going to take the veggie leap as of tomorrow

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