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AIBU to be horrified by this?! (Lighthearted)

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MadScientist10 Thu 15-Mar-18 10:56:37

My British husband and MIL insist that adding sugar to cereals (rice crispies/shredders/corn flakes) is a thing that everyone does. I have never heard of this before and although I’ve lived in several different places no one I know has ever done this!! AIBU to think if you’d like a sweet version of corn flakes you’d just go ahead and buy Frosties????

MammyHester9116 Thu 15-Mar-18 10:58:30

I would add lots of sugar on weetabix but not other cereals. I imagine people do though!

MissCalamity Thu 15-Mar-18 10:59:28

I add sugar to shreddies, can't stand frosted shreddies though! 😜

katmarie Thu 15-Mar-18 11:02:20

I used to put sugar on cornflakes, frosties, sugar puffs, and weetabix. I thought everyone did that!

Firecarrier Thu 15-Mar-18 11:04:29

There is quite a big difference between sprinkling half a tea spoon of sugar over cornflakes than sugar coated frosties. I wouldn't do it with something like branflakes which already taste very sweet.

Plus, you can buy a cheaper brand.

Also, this is completely normal to me and I still do it now even though I rarely if ever buy sweets, biscuits, squash and pop!

scampimom Thu 15-Mar-18 11:05:25

Oh yes, definitely. Milk first, THEN sugar for me. Well, when I was a child - can't stand milky OR sweet things now. But I thought it was pretty standard.

Having said that, we don't put sugar on our daughter's cereal, so I have just completely confused myself.

<goes for lie down with coffee and toast>

Rikalaily Thu 15-Mar-18 11:07:24

I always add sugar to any cereal that doesn't have a sweet coating or filled with fruit. Can't stand frosties etc, far too sweet and slash your mouth the shreds.

Eltonjohnssyrup Thu 15-Mar-18 11:09:36

Cornflakes with sugar sprinkled is nicer than Frosties. You can decide how sweet you want it and you get lovely sweet crunchy milk.

frasier Thu 15-Mar-18 11:10:23

Never had sugar on cereals, not even porridge. DS (age 3) has never had sugar on his Weetabix. I was wondering about this the other day, wondering whether he ever would if he sees other people doing it.

SIL's children put sugar on Frosties. I wish I were joking. But then their main meal of the day (when not at school) is a pot noodle.

OutyMcOutface Thu 15-Mar-18 11:11:20

That’s grim. People did sometimes add sugar to porridge/weetbix when I was a child but only occasionally as junk food.

TossDaily Thu 15-Mar-18 11:12:13

It was common practice in the Seventies and Eighties. I wouldn't think to do it now - unless it's my period in which case you could well find me sprinkling sugar on the dog and attempting to eat it

honeysucklejasmine Thu 15-Mar-18 11:13:04

If you do it right you can get a nice crust of sugar on top of your Weetabix.

doze931 Thu 15-Mar-18 11:13:20

yip everyone in know does this too tho i only put it on weetabix for my kids. I use sweetener in my porridge (probably worse)

DobbyisFREE Thu 15-Mar-18 11:14:04

Completely normal to me

MadScientist10 Thu 15-Mar-18 11:14:10

I guess he is right then shock!

I find some cereals sweet (like shreddies for example) where he doesn’t so maybe it’s also down to sweet tooth. I think the only cereal I’d add a bit of sugar and fruit to is weetabix.

I do something which he can’t understand which is eat cereal without milk for a snack. I think that is quite weird though as I don’t know many people who do that haha.

AristonAndOn Thu 15-Mar-18 11:15:02

I don't put sugar on my children's cereal and after a conversation about the same topic, my friends were 'mock' horrified, aghast I could put my children through it!

PuppyMonkey Thu 15-Mar-18 11:15:29

Yes, I used to put sugar on cereals but have stopped now.

I still enjoy the odd Weetabix with sugar on, though - that is a thing of deep joy and wonder.

catyloopylou Thu 15-Mar-18 11:19:04

Yuck no! I only sweeten porridge with honey otherwise no added sugar on cereal for me or kids. DH puts sugar on his cornflakes though. I find most cereals sweet already and most of them already have added sugar.

steppemum Thu 15-Mar-18 11:19:14

we grew up with sugar on cereal, sprinkle on top of cornflakes, weetabix etc.

Far less sugar than frosties (and much cheaper to buy cornflakes too)

but with my own kids I never put sugar on, and they eat them without sugar.

frasier Thu 15-Mar-18 11:19:49

I just don't like the cruching sugar on my teeth - argghh!

TossDaily If it's a 70s thing then that is why SIL's children do it. They were brought up by MIL who was a parent first time round in the 70s. That probably explains their diet of instant noodles and other "convenience" foods that came onto the market then.

ReinettePompadour Thu 15-Mar-18 11:21:03

Yes I do this. When I was a child in the 70s we used to race downstairs to get the new bottle of milk off the doorstepp. I would pour the cream off the top of the milk onto cornflakes and sprinkle with sugar, absolute bliss grin I miss real milk with the cream on the top (sigh).

MadScientist10 Thu 15-Mar-18 11:22:01

I should add that we have 2 kids and are in agreement that their cereal stays sugar free. He is adamant that he pours a large helping of sugar on his every morning. At least now I know he’s not alone ;)

BluthsFrozenBananas Thu 15-Mar-18 11:23:16

My grandparents always had sugar on their cereal for breakfast, along with half a grapefruit with at least half an inch of sugar poured on top. They put sugar on strawberries too, they were scandalised when they saw DD eating “naked” strawberries, they thought I was being horribly mean!

Coincidentally wink they both had full sets of dentures before they were forty.

Clevs Thu 15-Mar-18 11:23:27

I used to have sugar on cereals as a kid (except for sugar coated ones like Frosties and Ricicles), but don't as an adult. If I feel the need to add some sweetness I sprinkle sultanas over the top.

steppemum Thu 15-Mar-18 11:25:22

the best however is brown sugar on weetabix and cream and brown sugar on porridge.

(memories of bliss)

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