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To think I am a great mother?

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yousignup Sun 26-Feb-17 11:53:53

I'm into my third hour of standing in a field in blazing hot sun watching DD watch a dog fancy dress show. It's awful. Where do I pick up my Mothering Medal?

I wanted to post something positive as the last two days all I've posted is misery. How great are you being recently?

abbsisspartacus Sun 26-Feb-17 11:59:25

I'm giving my kids what they want for lunch it's chocolate porridge they seem happy enough

fc301 Sun 26-Feb-17 12:01:16

Love it!

Thefitfatty Sun 26-Feb-17 12:03:58

I'm at work letting my DH handle sick, snotty, feverish, vomity DS. Best Mother & Wife of the year right here thanks. grin

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sun 26-Feb-17 12:04:48

Kids in pj's and we are all eating chocolate biscuits. . They love me.!
To clarify I am also making Sunday lunch later on!!

ProudBadMum Sun 26-Feb-17 12:05:04

Where are you? I need sun. I'll put up with watching that for sun!

MiddleClassProblem Sun 26-Feb-17 12:08:52

Yes! I want sun and dogs in costumes!

DearMrDilkington Sun 26-Feb-17 12:11:20

I want Sun and dogs in outfits too! grin

yousignup Sun 26-Feb-17 12:13:07

Nononono you don't. It's awful. And there and hundreds of categories. It's endless.

daisygirlmac Sun 26-Feb-17 12:13:43

DS is 3 weeks old tomorrow, he's had a bath, been fed and dressed in his best sleepsuits and I've showered, put makeup on, prepared his nappy bag and we're ready and waiting for my family to take us out for lunch not at all smug they are 20 mins lategrin

Melaniaspilatesinstructor Sun 26-Feb-17 12:14:09


ProudBadMum Sun 26-Feb-17 12:14:31

Have you double checked nappy bag? I get smug then realise I didn't pack everything while out grin

Haudyerwheesht Sun 26-Feb-17 12:14:42

That sounds blissful compared to my morning of watching endless football in the rain and freezing wind whilst trying to occupy Dd

Vinorosso74 Sun 26-Feb-17 12:15:29

I am cooking a roast dinner for 5 plus baby niece and have made a trifle for dessert which is DDs favourite.

daisygirlmac Sun 26-Feb-17 12:15:58

<panics and tips out nappy bag> grin

No it's definitely all there, kitchen sink included

yousignup Sun 26-Feb-17 12:17:17

Oh! I made jelly last night as well! If not a medal, at least a letter of commendation?

Welshmaenad Sun 26-Feb-17 12:17:35

I'm helping with the construction of an eisteddfod trophy and a carnival float, both Spring in me today and due in tomorrow (they've been with their dad all week). And I have a massive essay to write for uni that I was hoping to be cracking on with. I am Alpha Mother. I got the glitter out.

MiddleClassProblem Sun 26-Feb-17 12:19:27

yousignup I think you underestimate how much of a dog person I am grin

My win was doing dd's gammy eye eye drops on my own when the doctor said it's might be too difficult for me to do on my own.

yousignup Sun 26-Feb-17 12:19:28

Not convinced @Vinorosso74 gets a medal for cooking a roast and her baby niece.

SaucyJack Sun 26-Feb-17 12:19:38

Imma need pictures of dogs in fancy dress before I can judge whether you're being U or not.

Oreocrumbs Sun 26-Feb-17 12:19:48

I took the child swimming, it was packed, the small pool was so full they shut it, meaning all the none swimmers were in the big pool and there was no room to swim, so dd faffed and I was so cold! But she loved it.

Now we are going to bake.

Then I'm going to hang up the good mother medal and plug her into some sort of electronic baby sitter while I clean the bathroom and faff about. There will be wine at some point too...... grin

fc301 Sun 26-Feb-17 12:20:51

& possible a diagram 😀

Vinorosso74 Sun 26-Feb-17 12:21:01

Ooops slight grammatical error there blush

MiddleClassProblem Sun 26-Feb-17 12:21:02

daisygirlmac well done! At 3 weeks I think I had only just stopped crying

yousignup Sun 26-Feb-17 12:21:18

And a stealth biscuit?

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