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To be a bit annoyed about all the fuss about halloween?

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Karlakitten1 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:45:32

I've had childrn at school asking why they have to go to school on Halloween. I think this is ridiculous and although it's all a bit of fun on the day, I just don't see the need for a big fuss and think going trick or treating is like begging IMHO. Am I a miserable git?

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Wed 12-Oct-16 18:47:43


It's not compulsory to go in for Hallowee'en in a big way (especially all the US trimmings), but guising is a considerably older tradition.

JennyOnAPlate Wed 12-Oct-16 18:48:09

No yanbu at all. My dc keep asking me what we're doing for Halloween hmm They're really unimpressed when I say nothing!

ImYourMama Wed 12-Oct-16 18:48:55

Your kids are going to have a lovely childhood if you sneer at things. Kids like Halloween so why can't you suck it up for them?

FrancisCrawford Wed 12-Oct-16 18:49:46

Let them go guising then - they have to do something to get their sweets.

And be just be honest with them - they go to school that day because the council haven't made it a holiday.

Halloween has always been a big deal in some parts of the country.

Shyposter Wed 12-Oct-16 18:50:10

I hate Hallowe'en. It's too commercial and I too think of it as 'glorified begging'.

Can't wait until it's over.

OutDamnedWind Wed 12-Oct-16 18:50:25

To be fair, Halloween is normally in half term, so they'll be used to having it off, like you're off for Easter and Christmas (though obviously Halloween is coincidental).

timeforabrewnow Wed 12-Oct-16 18:51:26

Aye - the first halloween thread - a Mumsnet tradition

weebarra Wed 12-Oct-16 18:51:49

This thread happens every year. It's a big tradition up here in Scotland (and not an American import). My DCs are practicing their "turns" and thinking about costumes and that's just fine.

timeforabrewnow Wed 12-Oct-16 18:52:25

Yawn, yawn and more yawns. Enjoy - I'm pottering off now.....

YellowCrocus Wed 12-Oct-16 18:52:51

I love Halloween. Cultural traditions are such good fun for kids that I think it is a bit mean spirited not to make a bit of an effort.

timeforabrewnow Wed 12-Oct-16 18:53:40

Soz - crosspost - yawns not directed at weebarra just at the thread in general!!

HalfShellHero Wed 12-Oct-16 18:53:55

Yer' mardy gets ....I love!!! Halloween!! ...we're big halloween ers!grin

AlmaMartyr Wed 12-Oct-16 18:54:26

I love Halloween. I love all the seasonal celebrations actually. Round here, houses that want to take part in trick or treating put a pumpkin out, and it's a lovely community evening. I love having all the kids come round, seeing the costumes etc.

RebootYourEngine Wed 12-Oct-16 18:55:19

I am with you.

Im not a big fan of halloween. Dont really see the point of it. Maybe it is because we didnt do it as kids.

elQuintoConyo Wed 12-Oct-16 18:56:22

And so the anti-Hallowe'en Mopey Dicks are out already?

Do something.

Don't do anything.

Explain wjy in an unpatronising way.

Smile and move on.

I have a party because I'm in a foreign country and the locals are curious. DS' schoolfriends love it! We don't do trick or treating. Just fancy dress, cobwebs, food that looks like mummies, bobbing for apples, that kind of thing.

I'm 41. Hallowe'en was a big thing when I was a nipper. I fondly remember my mum making an orange cake with black cobwebbing and a spider! Others went out trick or treating, my sister and I didn't. No biggie.

DixieWishbone Wed 12-Oct-16 18:58:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RebootYourEngine Wed 12-Oct-16 18:59:02

weebarra its not big where i am from in scotland.

mysistersimone Wed 12-Oct-16 19:00:22

Yes. It's not begging if people join in, I get sweets for trick a treaters, love seeing excited kids dressed up.

Undersmile Wed 12-Oct-16 19:00:46

I still do not understand why Americans go all out for Hallowe'en.
Lots of places banned Harry Potter for glorifying the occult. Surely a witch on Hallowe'en is the same as a witch in HP?confused

wigglesrock Wed 12-Oct-16 19:02:48

Different strokes - its a big enough thing where I live in the UK. Its also the first day of the midterm break so my kids aren't at school. There are lots of things I don't think are worth fussing over - but I understand why other people do and I'm not one for pissing on peoples chips.

0pti0na1 Wed 12-Oct-16 19:03:00

Halloween activities aren't usually in the daytime, so plenty of time for them after school.

RebootYourEngine Wed 12-Oct-16 19:03:09

I think what annoys me is that there isnt one rule for trick or treaters.

I dont decorate my house and neither do half of my neighbours but we still get people knocking.

CrazyGreyhoundLady Wed 12-Oct-16 19:03:31

I don't trick or treat and I don't open the door to trick or treaters... I feel as someone else has said it is like begging plus it just wouldn't be safe where I grew up sadly.
BUT Halloween is a massive celebration in my house, usually complete with a party and full house of decorations. Me and dp fight (in a teasing way) over which is bigger, Christmas or Halloween, my birthday is also around this time and dd is due around then aswell xD huge haloweeners in our house (yes that is a term we use xD)

ExcuseMyEyebrows Wed 12-Oct-16 19:05:20

When I was young in the olden days guising was at Halloween and was for money, not sweets.

We had to do our 'party piece' - a song, poem or joke - and wear fancy dress. We visited all the neighbours and they gave us money FOR FIREWORKS which we bought to set off at home on guy fawkes night. (I always thought guising was from the word 'guy' but I guess it's from 'disguise')

We also ducked for apples and tried to eat bread and treacle hung from a string - great fun and a big celebration in Scotland years ago.

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