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To think the military wives choir is a bit rubbish?

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yummymummy1920 Wed 24-Aug-16 16:54:54

Now please don't think that I'm against what they do and the reasons they do it.
I think they are supporting a VERY worthy cause and I donate to help for Heros every month BUT the choir is just a bit rubbish.. They don't sound particularly harmonious like a good choir should and a few of the solos i have listened to have just been awful.
Is it wrong of me to think that they should just raise awareness in other ways rather than people buying CD's that they aren't actually going to listen to?

JigglypuffsCaptor Wed 24-Aug-16 16:57:41

I'm a military partner and Welsh, the land of choirs, so I obviously know lots wink...they are poor YANBU grin

CaptainCrunch Wed 24-Aug-16 16:59:25

YANBU, they're rubbish. I'm in a Community Choir, we're no great shakes but we're much better than the "Millie Wives". Our version of Bridge Over Troubled Water is better than that NHS thing as well.

SpaceDinosaur Wed 24-Aug-16 16:59:58

Did you just hear them on that antiques program too?!! grin

ChipmunkCheeks Wed 24-Aug-16 17:00:08

Were you watching Flog It, OP? smile
I have no opinion, but I did change the channel.

LunaLoveg00d Wed 24-Aug-16 17:01:24

I saw that too - they sounded OK-ish singing as a group but the soloist was DIRE.

MoreCoffeeNow Wed 24-Aug-16 17:01:51

Awful and out of tune. Embarrassing.

ImperialBlether Wed 24-Aug-16 17:03:21

I agree - awful and really embarrassing.

TheDevilMadeMeDoIt Wed 24-Aug-16 17:29:33

They were much better when the first choir was formed with Gareth Malone. Now they don't have any sense of direction.

But if they have fun, so what?

You don't have to watch them.

yummymummy1920 Wed 24-Aug-16 17:58:07

Yes I was watching flog it haha!

JudyCoolibar Wed 24-Aug-16 18:20:59

YANBU. And I'd much rather support the British Legion, anyway.

Anyoneoutthere36 Wed 24-Aug-16 21:16:52

Sadly not all choirs out of the 75ish now running will sound the same. They are there for creating morale and companionship. This link is a recent recording from the original choir (Chivenor) who are still going strong and they sound amazing! Might just change your opinion...

Reanster Wed 24-Aug-16 21:36:44

I think it's a bit unfair to judge this group of ladies against professional choirs etc, the ladies do this for companionship and support. There are no auditions to join. And as above states there are so many wives choirs that all produce different sounds, some have been going for years with amazing sound and are well established, others are in their infancy and are finding their feet.

Mrsmememe123 Wed 24-Aug-16 21:46:23

Wow! I'm in a MWC maybe you just don't get what we are about! It clearly states to anyone joining that you don't have to be able to sing, there are no auditions etc.... However what we do offer is ladies who are wives, mums, daughters who's men are off somewhere some comfort, friendship, we sing because it makes us feel good! Do you know how hard it is for a lady when s never sang anywhere before to be told your doing this solo then looks online to see these comments! Maybe lioking a little further into what the ladies actually do for charity instead of "I'd rather support the British legion" do you know the British legion actually support the MWC

PassTheCremeEggs Wed 24-Aug-16 21:54:27

What a pointlessly horrible post. The reason these choirs was set up (and for the record Gareth Malone's wasn't the first) was for wives to find support in each other during long awful operational tours. There is no selection process on singing ability because the whole point is that anyone is welcome. Who cares whether they don't sound great, it's what the choirs stand for that's important. Military wives are totally invisible to the the world and have to put up with so much shit in their lives month after month, year after year. Why not just be happy these people have found something to do to connect with other wives and find a support network

PassTheCremeEggs Wed 24-Aug-16 21:57:09

Ps supporting help for heroes isn't great. It's become so big now that it draws attention away from other really worthy military charities who don't get nearly so much visibility and therefore really struggle to raise money. You'd be better off diverting that money to another charity like SSAFA, Combat Stress or Blesma, or a number of others.

Steph2506 Thu 25-Aug-16 00:58:16

I am a MWC lady and have been for the last 4yrs. I have had lots of great opportunities within the MWC that I never thought possible. I myself love to sing but couldn't understand sheet music or anything when I first started. Now I can read sheet music, understand techniques etc. My confidence has improved and have sung different solos over the years. All this is great. But it's the deeper story that is the real meaning of why the MWC exists, to support our ladies who are in very isolated situations at times. Husbands, father and loved ones gone for months at a time some as long as 9months at a time. This is a hard thing for both sides, husbands worrying about their loved ones and how are they coping, are they ok? And the wives, loved ones, worrying if they are safe and ok. These 82+ choirs worldwide bring a support network that is a family, when you move you know there will be a choir waiting with open arms ( and cake). My choir families have help me throughout the years. Through the good, bad and even the dark times. We help and support various military charities and organisation and have Superb backing from SSAFA and Royal British Legion as well as many others . All 82+ Choirs sound different, we are all unique, we sing all different kinds of music, some sing with backing tracks, some sing with piano, we all enjoy what we do, we all donate our time to support event worldwide, we are an amazing group of women that empower each other to stay strong, and comfort those who need us. Don't judge what you don't understand. Think of the bigger picture. When you next listen to a MWC appreciate what each of those ladies standing their, do for each other, see the love they have, the commitment that have put in. We never have and never will say we are a professional choir, we are an ameteur choir, who open our doors to ladies across the world 7 days a week, 365 days a year, day and night. Together we ARE Stronger.

readtoomuch Thu 25-Aug-16 01:04:24

YANBU I find them over sentimental and not very musical. I have to turn over when I see news items on them. I don't like the mumsy gloss it seems to paint over war and death which is actually something pretty fucking awful for everybody

Bambamrubblesmum Thu 25-Aug-16 01:26:48

I'm ex serving military and I think this scheme is patronising and sexist. I've been on a number of operational tours and not one bit of support or recognition was ever given to my husband. Because he's a bloke he was just expected to get on with it. He went to one support event and was made to feel deeply unwelcome and 'odd' by the wives despite me being away at the time.

I've been to many a social event where the wives were performing. The servicemen who had actually lost limbs and were there to tell their story were pushed down the agenda because the choir was performing and the COs wife was singing

I'm not going to judge the singing because I know they are not professionals.

Armywifelife Thu 25-Aug-16 07:14:47

I'm a member of MWC. I certainly don't have an amazing voice and admittedly we don't always sound perfect but that's not the point of the MWC is it? As someone said above, we are not professionals.
I have gained so much from joining. I am 3 years in to an overseas posting with DH, a very long flight away from any family/friends, with 2 dc under 2. The friends I have made through MWC and people I continue to meet are some of most supportive I have ever met. The confidence I have gained from singing with these other people, who understand how hard it can be, is amazing.
We do a fair few performances and it really gives us something to work hard for. Joining was literally the best thing I ever did. I really don't think people fully understand what wives go through and have to deal with, but it's hard and having a big group of welcoming and supporting ladies to see and chat to makes a huge difference. In conclusion, YABU and pretty dismissive of how much these choirs mean to us and how they help us through the hardest times of our lives. Also know that yes we are aware we are not perfect but we have so much passion for it that your opinion is futile.
Together we are stronger! grin

Ditsy4 Thu 25-Aug-16 07:30:53

I think that was an unpleasant thread to start.

I sing in a Community Choir and a church choir. I can't read music and I don't profess to be a good singer but the emotional boost it gives me is amazing. We have been in a couple of competitons and I never thought we would do something like that. We have ladies in their 80's that have a new lease of life by coming to choir. Friendships have been re- kindled and new ones formed. Support has been given to those needing it. This is what the choirs are about too.
The MWC is all of the above and much more. The emotional uplift and support and strength they give each other will be fantastic. They are not trained singers so won't be perfect. You don't have to buy the CD but why shouldn't they make one. Lots of people will enjoy their music and you can see on their faces how much it means.
Keep on

Jiggeriepokerie Thu 25-Aug-16 07:33:04

I'm a military wife. I hate the choir with a passion that consumes me. Every bloody event that takes place has to have the choir warbling on for what seems like hours. If there's a group of 'choir women' at any event where, by some miracle, they're not scheduled to play they WILL find a way to spontaneously burst into hideous song!

I know exactly what the choir's for. It does the same thing as the crafting group, book club etc. The difference is that you don't see them whipping out their cross stitch and making everyone admire it when you're at a dinner night!

yummymummy1920 Thu 25-Aug-16 07:39:20

I know exactly what the choir's for. It does the same thing as the crafting group, book club etc. The difference is that you don't see them whipping out their cross stitch and making everyone admire it when you're at a dinner night!

This exactly jigger!

VaginaJones Thu 25-Aug-16 08:14:55

It's a decent cause but the quality of singing in most of the mwc's is awful. Have had a few different mwc's 'performing' at local community events before and nothing empty's the room/tent faster.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Thu 25-Aug-16 08:23:20

Ha! I am really torn about this one. I'm a military wife but always found the choir a bit..... can't think of the word but it was like we were all gibbering emotional wreaks sitting alone and isolated until Gareth came along and made a choir and healed all of our broken lives. I found the TV show patronising.
Get together, have a sing. I think that is fine and the original military wives choir which was formed in... Catterick? Before the TV programme was a really good idea and WAS about fun and support but the organisation that the TV show created feels like it is entirely focussed on big performances. Not particularly about support or even fun.
I think it's a bit mean to complain they can't sing though

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