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to think I must have had a rush of blood to the head.

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midlifehope Sun 14-Aug-16 17:16:08

Please help me rationalise it. Yesterday I spent an eyewatering amount on 2 welsh vintage tapestry blankets for throws on our sofa in the snug room. I spent over £600 (of my own money on 2 throws and a cushion). They look lovely but wtf was I thinking? That's half my monthly salary. It is 'my' money, but dp not working at the moment as he's doing childcare. He (dp) is treating himself to a holiday in the alps though (atm, as a friend's son cancelled so he got a really cheap spot. So perhaps I was feeling hard done by, and treated myself.... I dunno.....should I take them back? I'd be too embarrassed actually.... eeek. I have quickly hid the price tags!

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 14-Aug-16 17:19:26

personally I think you are craycray!

I have driven about in cars that cost less than that!!

However so long as no one in your house is cold or hungry, it's your money to spend.

DesignedForLife Sun 14-Aug-16 17:19:46

That's as much as I'd spend on a sofa... Hope they are really nice throws!

OscarDeLaYenta Sun 14-Aug-16 17:23:25

Can you afford it? Never mind what you think you SHOULD spend, can you actually afford it? If you can, and this will not impact on your present or future finances, and it is in accordance with your agreed patterns of spending as a couple (i.e. there's no agreement that you will discuss expenditure above a certain amount with each other first), and you love them, then fine!

Skittlesss Sun 14-Aug-16 17:24:27

If you can afford it then crack on, but earning only £1200 a month and an unemployed DP I can't see how you could comfortably afford to just spend £600 like that unless you had massive savings.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 14-Aug-16 17:28:25

Yes I do agree. It's your money, but. That motto is all well and good when you're single and only have yourself to think about, but It doesn't always cut once you have responsibilities. I'm not saying you shouldn't treat yourself, but £600 is taking the piss. However who am I to dictate. I suppose as long as food mortgage/rent pays, bills etc are not going to be side lined then. What's the problem.

TronaldDump Sun 14-Aug-16 17:30:32

I love textiles so I want a picture!

If you can afford it, great. It sounds like a lot of money given your income but if you're comfortable and won't regret it down the line then I think money spent on beautiful textiles is always well spent!

Mishegoss Sun 14-Aug-16 17:34:11

I guess if you can afford it that's fine.
Your salary is similar to what my partner earns at the moment and we'd never be able to drop £600 on throws even with our savings.
I'd avoid things like "my money" though when discussing it with OH. I

MarkRuffaloCrumble Sun 14-Aug-16 17:39:08

I need to see a pic before I can comment. grin

It's a lot of money but if you can afford it and they will bring you joy every time you sit down in there, then it is worth it.

newmumwithquestions Sun 14-Aug-16 17:44:20

If DP is doing the childcare so you can go to work to earn then it's not just your money - it's shared money.
So it depends if you as a couple can afford it!

midlifehope Sun 14-Aug-16 17:55:47

They are from this collection....... jesus, no excuse but I had ds 4 with me who was harassing me and i really liked them so I think I made an impulse purchase.... have been thinking of visiting this place for ages though....

midlifehope Sun 14-Aug-16 17:57:08

actually this one:

But I'm using the more 'subtle' side....

RhiWrites Sun 14-Aug-16 18:05:34

Crikey! They cost more than my sofas (plural).

They're alright but they look like something you could pick up for less than a 10th of the cost. Do you love them? If not, take them back!

Floralnomad Sun 14-Aug-16 18:06:06

Unless you have at least 6 months of household outgoings / expenses in savings there is no way I would spend that much on anything , let alone a dry clean only sofa blanket . If you do and can afford it and it's what you want then that's lovely .

ChocolateBudgeCake Sun 14-Aug-16 18:08:43

It is beautiful with a nice story behind it. How close is pay day?

Darthvadersmuuuum Sun 14-Aug-16 18:10:27

The purses are nice and the only thing I could afford

missbishi Sun 14-Aug-16 18:11:28

Are you going to be able to enjoy these throws? It's just you mention DS 4 so I assume there are at least 4 children at home. Are they washable?

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 14-Aug-16 18:11:28

Good god take them back!! Hand your monthly income?!

I'm a terrible impulse buyer so you have my sympathy though.

acasualobserver Sun 14-Aug-16 18:12:48

I can hear my mother's disappointed voice, "Really pet, what were you thinking?"

midlifehope Sun 14-Aug-16 18:12:59

sorry I should have said ds, who is 4.....
I'd feel mortified taking them back, I really think there must be something wrong with my head though....

midlifehope Sun 14-Aug-16 18:13:57

acasualobserver.... I daren't tell anyone in real life. Hence confessing on here....

GloriaGaynor Sun 14-Aug-16 18:15:49

I inferred it was DS aged 4.

I dunno OP, they're not that nice. Not £600 nice. I'd take them back if you can.

I once blew £800 on clothes when I was broke so I understand the urge.

Coconutty Sun 14-Aug-16 18:16:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GloriaGaynor Sun 14-Aug-16 18:18:51

Xpost - I rang up to see if I could take any of my clothes back but I could only get a credit note. So happily reluctantly I kept them all.

Clothes are more useful than blankets though. I got a lot of wear out of all of them and the winter coat I bought still looks new.

Sciurus83 Sun 14-Aug-16 18:19:51

Take one back? Personally I wouldn't spend that much on throws. Hiding price tags tells you that you're not feeling good about the purchase but you obviously love them. You could tell the shop you felt both looked too busy in the room and still get to keep one (if your finances allow) x

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