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To ask "what variety are these flowers and where did they come from?"

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goldierocks Sat 23-Apr-16 11:41:14

I've lived in my house for over 20 years and have never planted a single thing in the patch of land in front of my house (way too small to be called a garden).

The past couple of years I noticed loads of green leaves in spring....this year, they have erupted into some kind of bluebell.

How did they get in just my garden? - I live right in the middle of a busy town and no-one else has them.

How can I find out what variety they are? I think I read that some types are protected?

Although they are lovely to look at, should I get rid if they are the Spanish ones?


ClopySow Sat 23-Apr-16 11:56:26

No idea. Just wanted to say they look beautiful.

RortyCrankle Sat 23-Apr-16 11:58:36

From what I can see they look like Spanish bluebells. I have both English and Spanish in my garden. There is no good reason to get rid of them, they herald the beginning of Spring and I think are lovely. English bluebells have sparser flowers.

How they got to your garden?? Well I was going to say that it only needs one bulb dropped by a bird or squirrel and they then spread but I've no explanation if that number suddenly appeared a couple of years ago. Very strange.

ClopySow Sat 23-Apr-16 11:58:39

Rainatnight Sat 23-Apr-16 12:02:54

These are all over my neighbourhood at the moment, including our garden. Have been wanting to know the same thing!

goldierocks Sat 23-Apr-16 12:46:09

Thanks all!
The leaves are definitely a match for the native bluebell....long and thin. The leaves of the Spanish variety look much broader.

I agree they are beautiful and will leave them alone. Would still love to know how they ended up in my very tiny, very un-wildlife friendly front garden!

gasman Sat 23-Apr-16 13:10:29

Have you been guerrilla gardened?

SabineUndine Sat 23-Apr-16 13:26:10

Native English bluebells have a narrow, tight bell.

There are so many I would guess someone tossed some seeds in your garden.

Homemadeapplepie Sat 23-Apr-16 13:30:52

They look like Spanish bluebells-you don't have to get rid of them if you like them. No idea how they could have got in your garden but they seem to be pretty prolific breeders. I try to get rid of mine every year and the following Spring I just have more!

CuttedUpPear Sat 23-Apr-16 13:35:19

They look a bit suspicious to me. The Spanish ones hybridise with the English ones and force the natives out - it looks to me like this is what's happening in your garden. The presence of the broader leaves mean the Spanish ones are taking over.

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