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To want to throw the useless thing out of the window?

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LadyBaelish Fri 01-Apr-16 16:30:03

Said thing being the printer. It's a wireless one and will it connect? Will it hell.

After half an hour of turning it on and off and trying just about every way I can think of to try and connect it, the little fucking error light is still blinking away. This happens every single time we need to use it, until eventually by some miracle, it connects! And works once. The next time we need it, we go through the whole rigmarole again. angry angry

So would I BU to just admit defeat and chuck the bloody thing out, and ask you all to recommend a printer that might actually work?

(Disclaimer: Of course I'm not actually going to throw it out of the window but I've had enough and needed a little vent!)

seven201 Fri 01-Apr-16 16:31:18

My wireless one doesn't work anymore so we just plug it in via a usb. Can you do that? If not chuck it out the window.

NorbertDentressangle Fri 01-Apr-16 16:31:36

It's not a Canon is it?

It's just that you've described 2 hours of my life yesterday

dot91 Fri 01-Apr-16 16:31:49

Save yourself a lot of grief & buy a printer cable & use that to connect to your printer .

CosyNook Fri 01-Apr-16 16:33:45

Yes, ours is the same. DH spends hours trying to get our laptops to connect, works once then has stops again. Ours is HP.

SpeakNoWords Fri 01-Apr-16 16:33:59

Dare I ask what kind of printer it is?

YANBU, btw.

slebmum1 Fri 01-Apr-16 16:34:56

We've got an go one we can't connect to anything. Piece of shit.

Purplepicnic Fri 01-Apr-16 16:37:08

We have a wireless one but its only ever worked with, surprise, the use of a wire.

Take a hammer to the fucker.

BertieBotts Fri 01-Apr-16 16:37:12

Mine is exactly like that. It's so irritating.

Do you have Windows 10? Apparently there is a fault where Windows 10 downloads the wrong driver or something and always makes the printer appear to be offline when it is not.

Maryz Fri 01-Apr-16 16:37:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBaelish Fri 01-Apr-16 16:38:00

Cosy Ours is an HP too! DH should be home in an hour, he'll probably get it to work on the first try...

LadyBaelish Fri 01-Apr-16 16:38:34

And I think I'll definitely look at getting a wire! Or a hammer.

BertieBotts Fri 01-Apr-16 16:38:36

And it always prints out a stupid calibration page which it wants us to scan, except the scanner doesn't work. DH is too lazy to send it back for repairs to the scanner and although I occasionally want to use a scanner, I also don't really care about the lack of scanner enough to go to the effort either. But it prints out the calibration page all the time and complains that it's not calibrated.

YouCannotPossiblyBeHungry Fri 01-Apr-16 16:38:40

HP envy? I loathe home printers so YANBU.

BertieBotts Fri 01-Apr-16 16:39:17

HP/Windows 10 is the same combination we have.

It works perfectly with my phone confused

SchnooSchnoo Fri 01-Apr-16 16:41:59

YANBU. I got a wireless printer with AirPrint specifically so I could print from my iPad (I use it with a Bluetooth keyboard to write assignments). It's fucking useless. It practically NEVER works. It is a Brother. One time I almost missed an essay deadline because I could not get the stupid thing to work. I had to email it to myself on the desktop and reformat the whole thing because it had come out all wonky on a different version of Word. I felt like smashing it up.

Buzzardbird Fri 01-Apr-16 16:42:55

Ooo, we have this problem. You need to turn off your modem and turn it back on.

MrsMook Fri 01-Apr-16 16:43:07

YANBU. I rarely lose my temper, every couple of years or so, but when I go, it's explosive. Last time it was the printer, and amid my raging string of expletives, I just about managed to refrain from lobbing the fecking thing out of the window in a Hulk moment of rage.

First there's the getting it to communicate to the computer.
Then it whinges about the state of the cartridges which are either running low or out of date...

I think my tipping point was it refusing to print with a black cartridge only because of an issue with the pink...

Fortunately my toddler has solved the wireless problems by snapping off the aerial so it only works with a cable which is an improvement.

BIWI Fri 01-Apr-16 16:43:29

You need to watch this!

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Fri 01-Apr-16 16:47:34

I have the same problem. Won't be buying an HP printer again.

Maryz Fri 01-Apr-16 16:51:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpeakNoWords Fri 01-Apr-16 16:56:50

Yes. We have a recently purchase Canon that does Airprint, and it works without issue and has done since we set it up.

(Disclaimer - both me and DP work in IT.)

Nicky333 Fri 01-Apr-16 16:57:42

Our wireless printer works (it's an HP) but it will only print if I pretend to scan something first. Once the scanning bit is connected to the printer, the print bit decides it wants to follow suit.

Witchend Fri 01-Apr-16 16:58:31

Oh the Canon one connects perfectly. It resets our computer to it being the default printer every time it's switched on.

Unfortunately it's also our neighbour's one. hmm They are very good about returning our printed stuff though and I suppose it saves us paper and ink. Unfortunately it also usually means spending time trying to connect ours.

NewYearSameMe Fri 01-Apr-16 16:59:04

Mine works, I was bloody surprised that it did tbh as the default seems to be not working and needing to be plugged in with a cable instead. I have a Pixma MG5650. I did spend HOURS reading reviews of printers before I bought one, so I am choosing to believe that having one that works is entirely down to my hard work rather then dumb luck.

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