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would Amazon (uk) sell fake perfume?

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Dieu Fri 13-Nov-15 23:57:39

Hello. Would like to buy some perfume as a Christmas present for my sister, but the price on Amazon seems a bit too good to be true (around half the price of anywhere else). Amazon is the actual seller, so not some random company. Your thoughts would be appreciated - thanks in advance.

Aeroflotgirl Fri 13-Nov-15 23:59:39

I don't think Amazon would, their market place sellers might though.

Dieu Sat 14-Nov-15 00:01:00

As I thought, thank you.

Aeroflotgirl Sat 14-Nov-15 00:01:48

Yes I would be fine with Amazon

A marketplace seller is bound by the sellers participation agreement not to sell fakes. So if your order is sold and shipped by Amazon, you are safe. But if sold by seller and you doubt it's OK, all marketplace orders are covered under the age to z guarantee so you will be refunded. Either way you have nothing to lose

Blueprintorange Sat 14-Nov-15 00:10:36

Yes they would! I bought lovely by SJP direct from Amazon and it was a fake. Lots of other reviewers said the same.

charlestonchaplin Sat 14-Nov-15 01:13:48

I used to think Amazon wouldn't sell fakes, but I now think they do sometimes with low value products. I think they buy some products from third parties who convince them the products are genuine.

I was looking to buy some earphones, Samsung I think, found some very cheap on Amazon but many reviewers were complaining that they did not appear genuine. The Silverline sandpaper I bought from them is rubbish, not like Silverline sandpaper I've bought elsewhere. If not a fake then an 'Amazon special'. Both of these were sold by Amazon, not marketplace sellers who I generally avoid.

slightlyglitterpaned Sat 14-Nov-15 01:21:33

Apparently for the fulfilled by Amazon products, sellers need to send their goods to Amazon's warehouse, but Amazon then pools everything.

Potatoface2 Sat 14-Nov-15 01:23:36

yeah....they do.....check some of the dispatch places ...china, singapore, hong kong

FireCrotch Sat 14-Nov-15 01:30:10

I had fake uggs once. I didn't realise straight away until the area above my big toe wore through within a month. I got them checked at an ugg store. I messaged Amazon who told me to take it up with the seller (via emails through them) the seller was very rude to me and though I don't believe he knew they were fake he had no interest in helping me at all. I sent photos with all the evidence and never accused him of selling me fakes. He came to that conclusion himself and was very defensive. I think he was stung and was reluctant to take the hit. I'd bought from him before and was perfectly happy. After a week Amazon messaged me and said they found in my favour. I offered to return the boots but they said to keep them. They were great and refunded me within three days. I felt bad for the guy. His rating was around 4 stars. I think he'd been ripped off with a bad deal and tried recouping his losses. He shouldn't have tried selling them on.

slightlyglitterpaned Sat 14-Nov-15 01:34:11

Did a bit of googling - apparently a lot of sellers choose to allow "commingling" (i.e. everything's in one pool, not stored separately for each seller), because it's cheaper. So the seller you bought from may well not be the company who actually sent that stock to the warehouse

Also saw comments that Amazon commingles with its own stock, but wasn't able to verify that.

Spilose Sat 14-Nov-15 01:38:37

I've had a few from Amazon. They smell like the real deal but don't last even 20% as long, they're just so weak. I can only assume it's old stock or being incorrectly stored. Or fakes.

Dieu Sat 14-Nov-15 10:22:15

Thank you very much everyone. Think I'll pay extra and have peace of mind, rather than take the risk. Shame though, I love a bargain!

Stratter5 Sat 14-Nov-15 10:30:45

Yes. We've had fake Opi nail varnish from two separate sellers, and a batch (I bought 6 because they are discontinued) of Max Factor lip stain that turned out to be used testers sad

I stick to books and DVDs from Amazon itself. The Marketplace is every bit as dodgy as Ebay now.

laffymeal Sat 14-Nov-15 10:45:22

I think they do. I got Jimmy Choo perfume which was a great price. It was Amazon direct, not through the marketplace so I just assumed it was the real deal. it smells of nothing. Total waste of money. Checked the reviews since and lots of people have had similar experience, and some rave about it, so it's either a faulty batch or there are real items mixed in with fakes.

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