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To boycott the school Christmas jumper day?

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TheBigBumTheory Fri 14-Nov-14 19:15:34

I've just heard the glad tidings that our PTA has decreed that every child shall report to school on a certain date wearing a jumper that can only be worn for a few weeks a year and will not fit them next year. Oh and bring a pound to take part.

I am fairly anticonsumerist and dcs will not be taking part, I will happily donate cakes/chocolate to the Christmas fair and support the pta in other ways.

We have just ignored the superhero day for much the same reason-total waste of money for sweat shop outfits made of plastic materials.
We will donate to Children in Need.

Bah bloody humbug

SwearyFucker Fri 14-Nov-14 19:18:01

What's with all the dressing up in landfill-destined crap these days?

I suppose you could attach some Xmas decorations to a normal jumper, though.

Or you could tack some tinsel onto a normal jumper and enter into the spirit of things?

DaisyFlowerChain Fri 14-Nov-14 19:19:23

PTA events are optional, don't join in if you don't want to but others may find it fun. There's no pleasing everyone.

atticusclaw Fri 14-Nov-14 19:19:48

I think attaching some decorations is a great idea. It would have annoyed me as a suggestion too.

bluehearted Fri 14-Nov-14 19:20:00

Will there be other parents/children not taking part? I only ask because I wouldn't want my children to be the only ones not in the jumpers, for their sake. Could you perhaps decorate a jumper with tinsel or something?

I don't think you're being unreasonable, if taking part goes against what you believe in but perhaps you could think of an alternative so your children don't feel left out? (I'm a teacher and I see some children feel left out of things like this or get embarrassed)

TheBigBumTheory Fri 14-Nov-14 19:20:22

Dd says she'll wear an old fairisle style dress ( is now tunic length) as it has snowflakes on, she says it's Christmassy.

2minsofyourtime Fri 14-Nov-14 19:20:38

Are you in Surrey, I heard a mum and daughter arguing about needing a Christmas by the 22. Felt sorry for the mum as she clearly couldn't afford it

soverylucky Fri 14-Nov-14 19:21:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBigBumTheory Fri 14-Nov-14 19:23:15

I think it's such a pity to put pressure on people to spend money on this sort of thing, especially so near Christmas when many are stretched financially. No one likes their dcs to stand out for not joining in.

Waltonswatcher Fri 14-Nov-14 19:23:18

After reading about Claudia W's daughter I think we need to remind ourselves that kids clothes should be as fire retardant as possible . Most dressing up outfits are far from safe .
My dd certainly won't be wearing any highly flammable tat that will end up in land fill as suggested above .
It's all got too much .

TheBigBumTheory Fri 14-Nov-14 19:23:54

I'm not in Surrey!

I feel the same about bought Christmas jumpers BTW, and my heart sank a little when I heard at the PTA meeting this week that our school council has suggested a Christmas jumper day (for which the PTA will probably get the blame, same as we have for superheroes today, also nothing to do with the PTA). But I am going to do the tinsel thing, and we managed two superhero costumes out of normal clothes with just a cat mask that had been bought for hallowe'en, no extra landfill burden created.

Cauliflowersneeze1 Fri 14-Nov-14 19:24:28

What a brilliant idea !
At a time when money is short supply and Christmas is round the corner they want you to buy a jumper and donate one full pound for the privilege of wearing it
I mean come on OP , I bet that was secretly top of your 'must get' list sod buying food

I think they haven't thought this through

TheBigBumTheory Fri 14-Nov-14 19:24:42

Walton, yes that story was horrific.

Hakluyt Fri 14-Nov-14 19:24:45

Go to a charity shop. Buy a jumper. Cut a star out of an old t shirt. Stick it on to the jumper.

Or. Go to a charity shop. Buy a jumper. Stick some tinsel in some appropriate shape on the front.

Or. Go to a charity shop. Buy a jumper. Brush on some diluted glue. Sprinkle it with glitter.

And ffs. The PTA are trying to do something fun. Don't be an arse.

billibob Fri 14-Nov-14 19:25:48

Buy a pack of Christmas sticker and put them all over a top/ jumper.

Altinkum Fri 14-Nov-14 19:33:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HighwayDragon Fri 14-Nov-14 19:34:02

Why don't you join the PTA if you have any better suggestions?

TheBigBumTheory Fri 14-Nov-14 19:35:19

I quite fancy making a multipurpose jumper to cover all school dress up occasions.

It would have a mixed Halloween/Christmas/superhero/spotty/book character theme.

With tinsel trims.

Very large to fit dc right through school.

formerbabe Fri 14-Nov-14 19:35:58

I actually prefer making a donation to these sort of things if the money goes to the school rather than a charity.

NaturalElfYayChristmas Fri 14-Nov-14 19:36:38

No one takes it that seriously surely? Normal jumper with something Christmassy pinned on- no problem.

TheBigBumTheory Fri 14-Nov-14 19:38:16

My issue is that many families struggle to keep up with these dress up days for so many reasons, whether being short of time, money or simply not wanting to spend either on buying or making costumes.

PogoBob Fri 14-Nov-14 19:41:11

I don't think it is about raising money for the PTA, Save the Children are doing a christmas jumper day on 12th December which our school is joining.

DD will joining in, we have a Christmas jumper from last year that still fits (bought big last year) or may buy another and go big again so it will do next year.

In terms of today, DD didn't got as a superhero but just wore a fancy dress outfit that she already had (admittedly she is of the age that she owns such things)

IMHO YABU, it is possible to do these things without wasting money on tat that will end up in the landfill (i.e. the suggestions of adding tinsel to an existing top) and DD loved joining in which sparked a conversation about charity, children in need etc.

Damnautocorrect Fri 14-Nov-14 19:41:58

My ds's school is doing this on the 12th for save the children. I do agree they'd do better having people donate the £8 I spent on a jumper.

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