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to think that teachers should dress appropriately

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moolady1977 Fri 27-Jun-14 11:34:06

a teacher at my sons school teaching 5/6 yr olds is walking round with a dress that barely covers her bottom and 3-4 inch heels ,,, this isnt the first time though and im just wondering aibu , i just dont think she is dressed suitable for school and so many parents have already complained but nothing has been done about it

MrsWolowitz Fri 27-Jun-14 11:35:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moolady1977 Fri 27-Jun-14 11:38:52

see the heels wouldnt bother me as such if she could actually walk in them but she cant and i just think if she has to run after a child she really wont be able to do it

desperatedino Fri 27-Jun-14 11:39:07

YANBU the head at our school dresses awfully. One day you could even see her thong, not appropriate at school.

Mrsjayy Fri 27-Jun-14 11:39:46

what do you thi nk is is inappropriate about legs are you able to see her pants or something how long to you want her dress to be, is she dressed like a stripper ready to whirl around a pole or is her skirt just a bit short

Xcountry Fri 27-Jun-14 11:40:20

Whats acceptable to one, wont be to another. It may barely cover her arse but it covers it and if she wants to wear 3 or 4 inch heels then so what? Shes not in a g-string with her legs wrapped round a pole in school. Each to their own.

WorraLiberty Fri 27-Jun-14 11:40:31

I'm not sure why her heels are being commented about?

If her dresses really do barely cover her bottom then I suppose YANBU

I have to say it's extremely rare ime to see teachers dressed that way

donnie Fri 27-Jun-14 11:40:31

It does sound rather inappropriate. Arse flashing is not for the classroom, IMO.

17leftfeet Fri 27-Jun-14 11:41:21

Teachers at my dds school have a dress code to follow and all look suitably smart

Apart from pe day -why does the teacher have to wear sports kit???

WorraLiberty Fri 27-Jun-14 11:41:53

Shes not in a g-string with her legs wrapped round a pole in school. Each to their own.

I have no idea why that brought to mind an image of her clinging to the netball post grin

ikeaismylocal Fri 27-Jun-14 11:42:43

I don't think the children will mind, it's not like she is teaching 14 year old boys.

My little sister had s teacher who wore short skirts and as it happens flesh coloured knickers, my sister was convinced Mrs x wore no knickers as d-sis cwould see up Mrs x's skirt at carpet time. D-sis told everyone she met that Mrs x wore no knickers ( despite being told notto mention it) eventually the word got back to Mrs x and she started wearing tights or trousers.

Mrsjayy Fri 27-Jun-14 11:43:20

(Snort) maybe she turns Into raubchy miss at playtime

Mrsjayy Fri 27-Jun-14 11:43:36


RachelWatts Fri 27-Jun-14 11:43:49

Is she tall? Short skirts tend to look shorter on tall women as there is more leg visible.

Hassled Fri 27-Jun-14 11:44:08

What sort of school is it? Maintained schools usually have a Staff Code of Conduct which has some mention of "appropriate dress" - but that would be up to the Headteacher to enforce.

deakymom Fri 27-Jun-14 11:44:26

my husband and his friend were in stitches reminiscing about the teacher who wore nothing under her clothes and how his friend always used to drop his pencil and cop an eyeful under her desk and needed "help" with his work (she would lean over to help him) its been almost 20 years and they haven't forgot her name

you never forget a good teacher?

Oldraver Fri 27-Jun-14 11:46:13

DS's teacher just looks very scruffy all the time, lots of very stretched lycra and a few very short skirts... I am not the only one that thinks WTF is she wearing

Andrewofgg Fri 27-Jun-14 11:50:42

ikeaismylocal If she was teaching 14-year-old boys they certainly would not mind. I remember one of my teachers from fifty years ago who believed that legs and cleavage were for showing and had the full attention of the male half of her class. Second year secondary, not sure what Year that is in new money.

ikeaismylocal Fri 27-Jun-14 11:53:27

Good point Andrew!

lettertoherms Fri 27-Jun-14 11:57:47

Short dress is inappropriate to just about any working environment.

I wouldn't go for heels teaching that age, they're still little enough to run off and need chasing, and just generally involve a lot more walking around and bending down to work closely.

Cyclebump Fri 27-Jun-14 11:57:52

YANBU if she can't walk properly and the skirt is bum cheek skimming.

I teach small children and I try and dress in a way that assures I can pick them up, swoop around (I teach musicianship, there's a lot of jumping around involved) and generally get on with things without flashing or getting horribly uncomfortable.

The children giggle and get distracted if one of them has pants on show so I reckon they'd go completely giggly if they saw mine.

GoblinLittleOwl Fri 27-Jun-14 11:58:45

Agree; lot of teachers look scruffy, in tracksuit bottoms, washed out tops and trainers; unfair when strict uniform rules apply to pupils. Though I am impressed by teaching in 4 inch heels, and I love the image of Miss in a g-string clinging to the netball post.

DuckandCat Fri 27-Jun-14 11:59:44

To me 'appropriate' means dressed to do the job. So wearing a short skirt and heels to teach yr1 is not appropriate. How will she play with the children, sit on the floor etc? Also heels would hurt if she accidentally stepped on a child's hand and so on.

Seems an odd choice of clothes to me.

echt Fri 27-Jun-14 12:01:03

Not sure that her heels are any of your business. hmm

If there have been complaints and nothing has been done, it might be worth checking out what the HT wears. Goose. Gander. Just saying - from experience.

KingJoffreysBloodshotEye Fri 27-Jun-14 12:01:47

Some of the teachers at DS's school look like they're off to drink white cider in a car park.

Lots of white leggings..!


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