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To wonder why some posters get so irate about aibus not being aibus

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Summerbreezing Thu 26-Jun-14 11:03:05

Just what it says in the title really? Why do some posters get so worked up about this? It's not as if it's compulsory to read every thread on here, so don't open the threads that don't interest you or have vague titles that don't make the subject matter clear.

gordyslovesheep Thu 26-Jun-14 11:07:43

honestly I don't think anyone DOES get 'irate' over it

it irritates because there is a page called 'chat' for the inane threads grin

but I don't think people get irate

FreudiansSlipper Thu 26-Jun-14 11:08:28

not sure

maybe too much time on their hands

hellskitty Thu 26-Jun-14 11:09:01

because it clogs the board up

FlumpsRule Thu 26-Jun-14 11:09:27

YANBU. A place to anonymously vent their pent up anger or sexual frustration maybe? wink

However, <disclaimer> who am I to comment; I merely lurk and usually only post if I can be positive

WorraLiberty Thu 26-Jun-14 11:13:56

I literally do cringe sometimes when I see other adults being 'told off' for this.

Harry Enfield's character always comes to mind grin

CoffeeTea103 Thu 26-Jun-14 11:16:24

The title could be clear but misleading to the actual post and this is annoying.
Sometimes the point of the post is only made at the end, by that time you've just read the whole thing and turns out to be nothing.
I don't think people get irate, just annoyed.

KurriKurri Thu 26-Jun-14 11:19:48

No idea why people do it - I class them with those who correct others spelling and grammar, and file them all under 'folk with a bug up their ass'

Vintagejazz Thu 26-Jun-14 11:44:05

Some people just take things unbelievably seriously on here. Correcting grammar, telling people off for starting a thread on some topic that was discussed before, getting irate annoyed over people posting under the 'wrong' topic.
I keep expecting to be given detention or told to write out a hundred times 'It's there not their' or whatever smile

Sallyingforth Thu 26-Jun-14 11:45:09

Very possibly some of the threads are put here because the posters are not aware that there are more relevant sections available, such as Relationships or Facebook.
It might help them if MN had a few direct links at the top of this section.

kim147 Thu 26-Jun-14 11:45:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Daisymasie Thu 26-Jun-14 11:52:17

I think these boards often reflect an old fashioned boarding school: cliques and bullies and popular girls and prefects going around ticking people off for making the boards look untidy with their mis-spellings, bad grammar and threads posted on the wrong forum.

Anyway, anyone fancy a game of lacrosse?

FreudiansSlipper Thu 26-Jun-14 11:57:50

Daisymasie I hope you are not suggesting, surely you can't be that there are cliques on here shock

Summerbreezing Thu 26-Jun-14 11:58:57

I'll have a game of lacrosse Daisy. Just be careful we're not caught. We should probably be on the 'sports' topic.

Vintagejazz Thu 26-Jun-14 12:01:00

Daisy and Summer I am reporting you both for being on AIBU without a pass from your form mistress.

ViviPru Thu 26-Jun-14 12:10:29

AIBU is essentially just WWYD/What Do You Make Of This? for people who want more straight-talking responses than you'd get in chat or other topic-specific boards.

I know there is a WWYD but that's a tumbleweed board. I kind of wish AIBU was renamed to "AIBU/WWYD/What Do You Make Of This? For people who want more straight-talking responses than you'd get in chat or other topic-specific boards." Snappy eh?

MyFairyKing Thu 26-Jun-14 12:17:20

I don't care where people post, AIBU has become an extension of chat.
I do (internally) go a bit hmm when people post "AIBU to be angry and upset about murdered children?". Sometimes I want to say; YABU just to be a contrary arse. grin

Vintagejazz Thu 26-Jun-14 12:21:25

They should probably just merge chat and AIBU.

MorrisZapp Thu 26-Jun-14 12:25:51


I hate it when people abuse the unwritten rules of the boards. I'm happy to be uptight, have a stick up my arse, too much time on my hands etc.

Although I can't help thinking that people who complain about others having too much time on their hands are suffering from irony deficiency.

WorraLiberty Thu 26-Jun-14 12:27:35

Yeah but at least they're using the time on their hands to chat on a chat forum, rather than to tick off complete strangers for their choice of where they posted a thread.

wafflyversatile Thu 26-Jun-14 12:27:49

It's so much more fun to get irate about the little things.


wafflyversatile Thu 26-Jun-14 12:28:26

angry angryangryangryangryangryangryangryangry

Sorry forgot those.

shakethetree Thu 26-Jun-14 12:41:33

I wouldn't say they've got too much time on their hands specifically ( I've got too much time on my hands sometimes but I wouldn't even notice a misplaced AIBU )
What they are ( possibly ) is over invested in MN.

BeeBlanket Thu 26-Jun-14 12:46:40

I don't get the whole fuss about AIBU at all, and the warning at the top, and about it being a scary place to post. It's just a category. I think it's fun.

BeeBlanket Thu 26-Jun-14 12:48:29

And actually there are loads of great threads in AIBU that use the concept of "AIBU?" really well. I.e. they genuinely want to know and are prepared to listen, or they are very funny. There's dross and fluff in every topic, you learn to spot it and avoid it.

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