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To think that school children should have easy access to drinking water?

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Schnullerbacke Wed 05-Feb-14 10:36:16

I'm sure this has been done before so apologies.

My DD (7) has just had a new teacher who changed the routines around a bit. They are now only allowed to drink water at lunch and are not allowed to quickly grab their bottles whilst going down / coming back up from break time or assembly. This is apparently done so they won't have to go to the toilet too often (which is just outside their door).

I think its a bit out of order but before I have a word I wanted to check whether IABU. I know its important to stay hydrated and I don't think this is achieved by drinking before school start and only then drinking again some 3 hours later.

VacantExpression Wed 05-Feb-14 10:38:34

My 5yo has a bottle with him at all times as does every child in his school. YANBU.

BuzzardBird Wed 05-Feb-14 10:39:14

My DD (7) has a bottle of water in the class room at all times, as does the rest of the school.

Feminine Wed 05-Feb-14 11:10:52

That teacher needs telling wink

Really though. I thought schools understood that children need fluids throughout the school day?

lilyaldrin Wed 05-Feb-14 11:15:11

They should be able to have a drink at breaktimes rather than just lunch.

I don't understand the trend for children constantly sucking on water bottles at the moment though. Waiting an hour or two between drinks is fine.

ScrabbleBabble Wed 05-Feb-14 11:16:58

Yabu we managed fine all day without faffing around with bottles.

MamaPain Wed 05-Feb-14 11:37:20

It would be good if they could have a drink at break time but I think it's totally unnecessary for them to be constantly drinking or have continuous access to a drink. They can wait, I was only allowed a drink at dinner break, same for my older DC, was never an issue.

People need to cope with feeling hungry and thirsty occasionally. Instant gratification is not essential.

squeakytoy Wed 05-Feb-14 11:38:34

I don't understand the need for constant water sipping either. Drink in the morning, then break times and at lunch time is more than sufficient.

DIYapprentice Wed 05-Feb-14 11:41:50

Drinking just at break times is NOT sufficient. Not for the majority of younger children. Most of them are unable to drink enough in one session to hydrate them for the day. By the time they feel thirsty, it is too late, they are dehydrated. Dehydrated children don't concentrate very well.

I would complain if I were you.

Feminine Wed 05-Feb-14 11:42:23

As adults we are allowed to drink when we need to.

It has been proven that children do much better when allowed to sip some when they need to.

I'm tired of draconian opinions.

Teachers might do well do have some too. help with that coffee breath

DreamingofSummer Wed 05-Feb-14 11:44:14

This constant sipping lark is pure fad. Going without a drink for an hour or two does not lead to dehydration. Pure marketing hype

blahblahblah2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 11:45:56

Drinks should be at breaktimes only - Has always been the case in schools until recently.

Feminine Wed 05-Feb-14 11:46:14

It is not a fad dreaming I can remember being very thirsty as a child ( 70's)

I can't believe all this fuss!

and... most drinking fountains are rank.

ReallyTired Wed 05-Feb-14 11:46:16

I think a lot depends on the weather. In an extreme heat wave I feel that young children (and teachers!) should be allowed unlimited access to drinking water. However there is no need for children to be endlessly sipping water during lessons in normal weather.

I think its a little mean not to allow children access to water at break. When we were at school there were the notetious drinking fountains.

akachan Wed 05-Feb-14 11:46:49

Feeling thirst does not mean you are already dehydrated.

Chopchopbusybusy Wed 05-Feb-14 11:47:21

I am another who doesn't understand the need for constant access to a water bottle. As adults we don't necessarily have access to water all the time. It depends what jobs we do.

Feminine Wed 05-Feb-14 11:48:54

Those against it.

Why do you think the schools have changed their polices?

Do you think it is because new guidelines have been thought to be better/healthier?

Surely we would all like our children to have as much comfort in the classroom? particularly when they are little.

TheWave Wed 05-Feb-14 11:49:55

I agree with dreaming. Break and lunchtime enough. Then they will drink what they need. Constant sipping gets them into habits that become hard to break and distracts the lessons/learning.

The water companies do a great marketing job, it's not going to dehydrate them over 1-2 hours.

MsAnatomist Wed 05-Feb-14 11:51:41

YANBU! I'm in my early twenties and when I was at secondary school and in biology class, learning about kidneys, the teacher told us that there was an inititiative throughout the country in schools to actually encourage kids drinking water outside of lunch, so they got their 8 glasses per day - more water intake, more weeing, less constipation, all damn good for your excretory system and body as a whole.

Children are at school a large portion of the day, the gov has recommended they drink a certain amount of water, but that amount should be taken in evenly throughout the day.

Preparing a child for life is the job of that teacher - she can't imagine someone being allowed a drink when they are thirsty where they will work when they grow up?

Feminine Wed 05-Feb-14 11:52:05

The children in my daughter's class place their individual bottles in to a tray.

They are then allowed to sip when they need to.

This is reception, so it eliminates the problem of little ones spilling/ fiddling.

My youngest son is 10, he keeps his on his table. Sips when he wants.

Katnisscupcake Wed 05-Feb-14 12:02:26

When DD joined Reception in September every child was given a sports bottle along with their book bag. When we go in first thing we put the bottle in a crate which stays by the door where they can all find it and they have a drink whenever they want.

Having said that, DD's often comes home as full as when I took it in so I don't think she drinks much through the day, but some of them drink loads. It depends on the child and the activity that they do throughout the day. But I think they should all have access to it.

I work from home, so obviously I have access to it always, but I assumed all work places had it? Even in shops I've seen water bottles behinds the tills etc.

DIYapprentice Wed 05-Feb-14 12:02:54

It doesn't need to be a case of either/or!!!! Having water bottles available doesn't equate to constant sipping! They don't need it to be on their desks, but they do need it to be available to go and get a decent drink at appropriate times - eg coming in from a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This sort of thing fills me with rage, actually. My DS is under paediatric care right now because of his school's lax attitude towards water. I would be going ballistic with this sort of edict because it would make my son more ill than he is.

MiaowTheCat Wed 05-Feb-14 12:05:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheWave Wed 05-Feb-14 12:07:36

We have all said that at break and lunch is appropriate though DIY.

Pigsmummy Wed 05-Feb-14 12:09:18

I would ask that they are allowed access during every break, before and after school.

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