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WIBU/petty to say something about this?

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Onroute66 Thu 18-Jul-13 10:32:17

I'm really annoyed right now but don't know if I'm being ott.

Went to last assembly today, all of the children with 95% attendance or above stood up for a round of applause and also got enterered into a prize draw to win something very nice.

I sat there and waited, and ds name didn't get called out so he didn't get to stand up and be clapped. He got his 100% certificate for the term, but not for the year. So I'm assuming he probably didn't go into the prize draw either.

I'm not overly hung up on attendance, but if they're going to do something to acknowledge it, I'd rather ds wasn't missed out.

Is it worth mentioning it later at hometime or just leave it as there's nothing that can be done now anyway?

maternitart Thu 18-Jul-13 12:05:10

OP ignoring the bunfight in this thread, I think what you plan to say is perfect and yes I would say it. It might not help your DS but it could prevent another child being left out in future.

Onroute66 Thu 18-Jul-13 12:30:56

Thanks I will update later.

Cockyfox yes I hope so, I'm sure he will but not as he knows it.

Round here they restructure every 2 years or so, but nothing ever improves

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