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AIBU to think that 7am on a Sunday is far too early for kids to be out playing?

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lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Sun 07-Jul-13 07:17:04

I'll lay my cards on the table early: DH and I have no.children yet. I also quite like the sound of children playing (not the screechers, mind)

BUT... 7am on a Sunday? I remember as a kid that we weren't allowed out until at least 9am or something on a normal day, let alone a day when it is universally acknowledged that most people are enjoying a bit of a lie in.

Not only are they loud but the noise they make as they jump off kerbs on their scooters is horrendous.


PareyMortas Sun 07-Jul-13 08:16:14

Yes I'm listening to shrieking, crying, shouting from toddlers a few doors along. Very inconsiderate.

MadeOfStarDust Sun 07-Jul-13 08:16:41

I think there are a lot of kids out and about at the moment because it is due to be bleeding hot at the times it is deemed "reasonable" to go out and about... they can't sleep because it is too hot, there is no breeze, the only way to get cool is to be outside in the shade right now....

But yep 7am is too early... though I understand the reasoning... probably the same reasoning my neighbour was cutting the grass and using their hosepipe to clean the car about that time....

puddeycat Sun 07-Jul-13 08:21:33

Yanbu! My next door neighbours 4 kids were in their swimming pool screaming and shouting at 7am this morning! angry Not a happy bunny!

Squitten Sun 07-Jul-13 08:23:50

I let my kids go out into the garden this morning before their bath but they are under strict instructions not to be noisy and if they start screeching or shouting they have to come back inside. I think they should be allowed out but have to learn to be considerate too.

shallweshop Sun 07-Jul-13 08:24:25

YANBU. My two have been wanting to go outside since 7.30 and I have told them its too early. I think 9.00 is reasonable. They will have all day to play outside, they don't need to start at 7.00!

Kveta Sun 07-Jul-13 08:28:43

meh, when my bloody neighbours stop shrieking at each other late into the night, I will start being more considerate of them first thing in the morning. I don't normally like the kids going out too early though, as the noise is so jarring, but we were out at 6.30 this morning getting the paddling pool set up and filled so the chill is off it by the time they get out to play properly!

Justforlaughs Sun 07-Jul-13 08:30:16

Given that we are told to keep children out of the sun between 11 and 3, it doesn't exactly leave a lot of time for them to play outside does it? What time should they (and you) be in, 6.30 because you are putting small children to bed? My children have to try to sleep through people coming home from the pub etc and playing music in their gardens until late evening. You (and lots of other people on this thread) are being very unreasonable to object to young children playing outside early.

conorsrockers Sun 07-Jul-13 08:31:34

Sounds a little thoughtless, their parents are probably still in bed having their lie in! My kids do go out that early (and earlier), but we live on a farm and don't have any neighbours smile which is handy with 3 boys wink

TimeofChange Sun 07-Jul-13 08:32:35

I was woken at 5.00am by the farmer getting the cows in down the road.

I got up and have done some gardening (no machines involved)

I get woken by traffic on other days.

It's fantastic to have some wonderful weather for us all to enjoy.
Let the kids play outside at 07.00.

Go to bed earlier if you want more sleep.

invicta Sun 07-Jul-13 08:33:45

If the children are early risers, then on a hot summers morning like today, it's not unreasonable. However, they shouldn't be too noisy.

likesnowflakesinanocean Sun 07-Jul-13 08:35:29

yanbu its too early, and I get up by seven moat days but no chance would the dc be playing out at that time

SoggySummer Sun 07-Jul-13 08:36:13

Depends where you live. Out in the country with lots of space - then let the kids out when you like.

On a housing estate full of other people/families etc in close proximity - no. Its a little selfish and thoughtless and I say that as a mother who never had the opportunity for 6 years to sleep past 5am thanks to my now 14yoDD who was up just before 5am everyday for the 1st 6 years of her life no matter what time we put her to bed. Its the same selfish attitude as dog owners who live on housing estates who think its ok to let their dog bark and bark and bark in garden for several minutes last thing at night and 1st thing in the morning.

Not everyone has kids,those that do may have had a bad night, it may be some peoples only day off.

Someone the other bank holiday Monday decided to cut their lawn with their whiney flymo at 7am - pissed me off.

YANBU - 7am to be out making a noise is not on if in you live in close proximity to other people.

halcyondays Sun 07-Jul-13 08:37:19

Yanbu and I do have dc. They've got the rest of the day to play out. Mine don't tend to want to go out that early anyway, but there are lots of kids in our street and I don't think any of them would be out as early as 7 a.m. 9 a.m is reasonable.

bamboobutton Sun 07-Jul-13 08:39:14

If my neighbours we're more considerate about keeping exhausted parents awake with their shrieking and braying laughter until gone midnight i would be a bit more considerate about keeping my young kids in in the mornings. But they're not, so I'm not either.

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Sun 07-Jul-13 08:39:51

They've just been ordered back inside for breakfast!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks this is a bit hmm. I think it's more the noise that's too much rather than the simple fact that they're outside. I'd also probably be more tolerant if they were in their own, perfectly adequate garden (next door so we'd still hear, but at least that shows willing) rather than tearing up and down the street.

Eyesunderarock Sun 07-Jul-13 08:41:27

'Given that we are told to keep children out of the sun between 11 and 3, it doesn't exactly leave a lot of time for them to play outside does it?'

Just a really radical thought from way back in the 70s when I lived in a very hot place as a child.
My mum rigged up sun protection for us. Granted it was a selection of old sheets and pegs rather than something tastefully designer and expensive, but it worked.
It's not the delightful little moppets, it's the noise.
Are we going to have a thread a day on this?

Meglet Sun 07-Jul-13 08:44:45

It's better than them being cooped up, squabbling in a hot house.

Eyesunderarock Sun 07-Jul-13 08:47:29

Well, maybe from the parents' POV Meglet, but not from the neighbours' POV if the children are shrieking from 7am.

HerrenaHarridan Sun 07-Jul-13 08:50:55

Every time the sun comes out the grumpy gits are complaining.

Why are you so fuckin special, you want to sleep in, the kids want to play why the fuck should you wanting a lie in trump their need to run off some energy in their own garden.

No matter what time it is some one somewhere is trying to sleep. Whether is a baby to nap or a shift workers main sleep.

It is YOUR problem if it bothers you get ear plugs

Why should the rest if the works tip toe and whisper for you?!?

500internalerror Sun 07-Jul-13 08:52:50

If its late enough for the church bells to be rung, then it's late enough for children to play in their own gardens! Of course they should have respect for people that might be in bed - but that holds for any time of day, as the vast majority of people don't just work office hours!

mumofthemonsters808 Sun 07-Jul-13 08:53:11

It is a little early but it's one of the perils of living next door to a young family. It would not be a problem for me because we are early risers.

Eyesunderarock Sun 07-Jul-13 08:55:10

So you are saying that it's impossible for children to play without screaming and yelling?

BooCanary Sun 07-Jul-13 08:57:33

9am is reasonable, 8.30 at the earliest.
When we go camping abroad, the campsites ask for noise to be kept to a minimum until 8am.

Eyesunderarock Sun 07-Jul-13 09:01:05

'Every time the sun comes out the grumpy gits are complaining. '

Yup, including all the parents of children who object to the neighbours being in the garden at midnight talking and laughing and socialising.
So if everyone does what they like, everyone will also have something to complain about. Balance.

gordyslovesheep Sun 07-Jul-13 09:05:50

7am is just too early - I have 3 kids and they go out after 8:30 ish - Sunday is the one day I get a lie in (they are at there dads) and I was woken up at 6:45 by next doors PFB screaming his head off

I understand it's warm and you want the windows open but come on!

I may be a grumpy old git due to lack of sleep though grin

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