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Why don't I see people I know anymore? Has everyone namechanged?

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Hullygully Thu 04-Jul-13 14:40:19


TheRealFellatio Thu 04-Jul-13 15:22:22

I feel the same Hulls. I worry in the dead of night that there are people on here that I used to have a real laugh with and they know who I am, but I don't know who they are and they don't feel inclined to tell me. sad

I don't mind people NCing but it should be the law that I am informed immediately.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 04-Jul-13 15:23:53

I predict this thread will turn into a MN royal tea bash up.

I'm a bit crap with remembering who's who, but I have seen LaQ, usual, fenton, Salmo and various other random folk about recently

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 04-Jul-13 15:24:14

and there's Fell^^

DrDumbass Thu 04-Jul-13 15:25:04

tiredmummy I didnt buy the pole, I was the seller......Id totally forgotten about the Yoni massage......I spose it wont hurt to tell now, as my entire history in MN has gone, but I posted for advice about a row I had had with DH and he went snooping stumbled on it and it caused a lot of problems.
I now have a totally new username and ID and have learned to keep some shit to myself. I just miss my old name. It has completely gone forever. Had to get MNHQ to delete me.....

K8Middleton Thu 04-Jul-13 15:25:11

I name changed. It is fiendishly difficult to work out who I was.

oooooooooooonly meeeeeeeeee... not that any one knows me anyway, but I am here smile

UniqueAndAmazing Thu 04-Jul-13 15:25:41

i'm here - namechanged (but my hoverer says it's me)

i will go back to normal at some point (when i remember)

usualsuspect Thu 04-Jul-13 15:25:49

I'm here.

There's not a lot going on though.

I was having the same argument on 2 threads last night.

Salmotrutta Thu 04-Jul-13 15:26:38

You called?...

Hullygully Thu 04-Jul-13 15:27:03

quite fell

it's just not cricket

or tennis

Tee2072 Thu 04-Jul-13 15:27:19

SP only boring people get...well you know the rest...

Hullygully Thu 04-Jul-13 15:27:36

I've had the same mad argument on 2 threads today

people are quite er mad

Salmotrutta Thu 04-Jul-13 15:27:49

You're always arguing usual...


onetiredmummy Thu 04-Jul-13 15:27:57

Sorry to hear that DrD, I've heard of that happening once before, tis a shit sad

usualsuspect Thu 04-Jul-13 15:29:37

At least I don't smell like a jaffa cake,Salmo.

onetiredmummy Thu 04-Jul-13 15:29:59

Going to school now, see you all later smile

<tears clothes off & runs through thread mooning at you all>

Salmotrutta Thu 04-Jul-13 15:30:33

Today I smell of... custard creams.

So there.

No need for that Tee grin

doingthesplitz Thu 04-Jul-13 15:32:14

I namechange fairly frequently. Can't be arsed with some of the mad posters who galump around threads gunning for anyone they've had a disagreement with on a previous thread.

PostBellumBugsy Thu 04-Jul-13 15:32:47

more arctic roll Hully? wink Once I realised it was IPOAT, I had to run away - I'm far too thick & slow on the uptake for those.

Been here forever & never know anyone - you're all far too clever with the name changes.

DeepRedBetty Thu 04-Jul-13 15:32:48

I'm here. Haven't nced for MONTHS now. (a possible record for me) Probably because I haven't got so sloshed while still in nominal control of a keyboard that I've needed to do it the next morning out of sheer embarrassment.

TantrumsAndBalloons Thu 04-Jul-13 15:33:48

I cant even find a thread to have an argument on.

cocolepew Thu 04-Jul-13 15:34:44

Time passes slowly on MN onetiredmummy grin

Tee2072 Thu 04-Jul-13 15:35:33

Sorry, got distracted by a ringing phone, SP. I forgot my grin.

If you're bored, start a thread! grin

Mintyy Thu 04-Jul-13 15:36:06

I'm not posting much atm.

<for I know its me you are missing really Hully dear>

But, I agree, seems all me mates are awol.

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