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Bit of a slagging match at toddlers today Aibu?

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D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:23:52

I actually posted about this group of people a while back when they pushed my ds over. This time it was a different mum, same group. They all come to this (what used to be a lovely toddler group) together. They are all quite young, but very childish young iyswim (I am/ was teen parent) so not judging on age simply behaviour.

My dc had the push along buggy but was at the front of it rearranging doll, child comes along tried to push away from the front, my ds then tried to pull it back and did so, other child starts screaming this awful high pitched scream. I knew ds wasn't in the wrong but asked him to share and let other child take it which he did with minimum fuss. The other child then sat in the corner with it for over ten mins refusing to move with it. He eventually let's go and my ds went and went to take it, other child kicks off and screams and the parents say something to my ds who then stands there face covered which generally means he's been told off.

I walked up to my ds "baby dog, what's the matter?" they instantly jump in with, he snatched it off oc" I know he didn't, pick him up big cuddle "it's ok baby dog some children aren't very good at sharing" to which mother kicks off "don't pick on him he's only 2" so I reply so is my ds and at two they need to be taught to share. The mother comes back with, I was feeding (quite old baby, 10 ish months) a bottle I can't do anything" well actually I've been there done that 4 dc 5 and under and had to breast feed whilst following smacksytoddler around, she could have passed to someone else to give a bottle. She then goes on about my ds hit hers about 7 months ago. Blah blah blah I then ignored and mutated rude words under breath and she then went and cried at toddler group leaver who had spoken to other leader who saw whole thing and said I'd done nothing wrong. They then spent the rest of the hour glaring at me and whispering about me.

I'm even embarrsed typing this it's all so juvenile sounding but I'm not bu am I?!

Sneezingwakesthebaby Tue 30-Apr-13 19:25:57

You sound about 12 years old. Or is that an insult to 12 year olds?


thebody Tue 30-Apr-13 19:26:31

Don't go again. I hated toddler groups. Try a rhythms time or tumble tots.

Justforlaughs Tue 30-Apr-13 19:27:52

Only for not giving the buggy to your DS. I'd find another toddler group, (probably after having my say)

phantomhairpuller Tue 30-Apr-13 19:28:05

I don't think YABU. I'd probably have reacted the same way confused she sounds like a bit of a twunt mind.

MoominsYonisAreScary Tue 30-Apr-13 19:28:56

Yanbu some people just can't be arsed to parent

alienbanana Tue 30-Apr-13 19:30:12

Hmm you were a bit PA tbh.

I'm so glad I never bothered with toddler groups.

IsThatTrue Tue 30-Apr-13 19:32:53

I want to be able to mutate rude words under my breathe! grin

Oh YANBU as far as I'm concerned, some people never believe their little darling is in the wrong.

D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:33:09

You see sneezing, I know, it really does sound that way, but they're so awful. I'm really blush about the whole thing.

Thebidy, it was such a nice group before these people came. Really chilled out nice mums nice leaders etc. I'm reluctant to leave because of these people

D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:33:39


D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:34:44

I think she quite wanted to take it outsode shock

D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:35:06

Gah outside

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Tue 30-Apr-13 19:35:25

talk to the people you do get on with and perhaps arrange something else for a different day? Maybe coffee and play at your place?

lougle Tue 30-Apr-13 19:35:46

You lost the high ground when you talked to the woman through your DS; sorry.

Instead of "it's ok baby dog some children aren't very good at sharing", why couldn't you just have said 'there are lots of toys; let's go and find something over here...'


SwishSwoshSwoosh Tue 30-Apr-13 19:35:52

The only thing you can do is not go. Find another group.

D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:38:41

Thing is lougle I didn't especially I was explaining to ds not talking to her through him. I would happily have raised it with her had I felt the need.

TSSDNCOP Tue 30-Apr-13 19:38:49

grin what is a mutated rude word? Is it like "peducking well ufunt"

It's very hard not to be U in those circumstances. Persevere they peduck off soon I expect grin

KingRollo Tue 30-Apr-13 19:39:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:39:54

Really swish, just allow them to push me out? Ds loves it there it's the only real day I can do toddler group and there aren't any others in the area on the same day and there are plenty of people I am friendly with. I don't see why I shouldn't go tbh.

D0GWithAYoni Tue 30-Apr-13 19:40:51

grin TSS I actually did laugh out loud at peduck off.

fortifiedwithtea Tue 30-Apr-13 19:41:42

Oh ffs the other mum brought up something that happened 7 months ago.

Sod'em find somewhere else to go.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Tue 30-Apr-13 19:43:03

Don't lower yourself since you seem to know that you're "better" than them...don't look at them and if they speak to you, smile and be polite.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 30-Apr-13 19:47:58

I've never set foot in a toddler group and I do sometimes feel a bit bad about it.

Luckily one of these threads pops up every time I start doubting myself.

No YANBU but my god toddler groups sound like the seventh circle of hell!

lougle Tue 30-Apr-13 19:48:05

Your DS is 2 years old.

You may have been talking to him, but you were addressing the other woman grin

CrapBag Tue 30-Apr-13 19:48:30

I find its always the parents that aren't actually doing any parenting that react in this way OP. Your child did nothing wrong, I actually wouldn't have forced him to share it with a child that tried to grab it off him in the first place. I think it teaches them that others have the right to anything they have whenever they want it.

Anyway, don't let them push you out. Keep taking your DS there and enjoying it. Just ignore them and don't engage.

A group that I have been going to for year has turned a bit like this and I have to admit I have stopped going but as its not near my house and I was travelling anyway, I'm not bothered about it.

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