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aibu or is my neighbour?

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MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:13:25

Its quarter past 8pm and I'm outside sawing wood on the grass and chucking it onto the patio, also using an axe to chop some logs etc etc etc. She just came to the fence all 'what on earth is all the noise!?' I said I'm just doing this <points to wood> and got back on with it. She was still standing there looking.... bewildered and shocked and told me it was too loud and she 'wants to sleep' but ffs I don't see how I can be quiter. Anyway I told her 'well I don't see how I can be quiter sorry' and got back on with it, she was pissed off

YouTheCat Mon 08-Apr-13 20:14:33

YWBU - you should have done it earlier/at the weekend.

Methe Mon 08-Apr-13 20:15:21

She is being unreasonable.

Not sure she would be being unreasonable if it were her toddlers you were keeping up mind you.

minibmw2010 Mon 08-Apr-13 20:15:33

You are. Anything like that after 8 is unreasonable.

libertyflip Mon 08-Apr-13 20:16:25

I think it was a bit late tbh.

bumperella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:17:19

8.15pm too late for being noisy outside. You can be quiter by NOT chopping logs, for example.
Incidentally, don't throw logs onto paving slabs as they're amazingly easy to chip in cold weather.
Although is a bit chilly to ahve windows open, so am surprised the noise is bothering her that much.

HairyGrotter Mon 08-Apr-13 20:17:52

Did you stop your lumberJill ways to post on MN?

LIZS Mon 08-Apr-13 20:18:25

Is it still light ? Sorry but think past 6 is too late

MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:18:32

She's in her early fifties, no kids in the house. My whole house is heated by wood, if I did it all at the weekend id probably collapse, we were out today and I've been busy so need to do it now, no other option. Hmm does anyone know the rules for noise, I mean there's a certain time where you can't be loud am I right?

5eggstremelychocaletymadeggs Mon 08-Apr-13 20:18:54

8pm at a weekend is not late. How long were you noisy for? If it was getting to be after 9:30pm.i might be a bit miffed at diy type noise but people ay music, have garden parties etc till later.

I think noise laws/guidlines are to keep it down from 11pm-6am?

MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:19:11

Yep hairy, that's right, I'm actually sitting outside with my phone in 1 hand right now

5eggstremelychocaletymadeggs Mon 08-Apr-13 20:20:02

8pm at a weekend is not late. How long were you noisy for? If it was getting to be after 9:30pm.i might be a bit miffed at diy type noise but people ay music, have garden parties etc till later.

I think noise laws/guidlines are to keep it down from 11pm-6am?

bumperella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:21:41

I'd suggest sawing (but not throwing wood onto patio) is fine, as it's not that loud. Using an axe/log granade is not OK.
Does it matter what "the rules" are? It's bothering your neighbour. Stop doing it. Or at least have had the courtest to explain to her why you ahve no choice but to do it now.

MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:26:47

Bumperella hmm I'm not sure I agree that I should just stop something because its bothering someone, surely it works both ways and while I shouldn't try and stop her sleeping she shouldn't try and stop me doing what I'm doing. I'm not sure though..?

bumperella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:31:19

Just becuase it's neighbourly and considerate. If it was the other way round, and something she did bothered you (even if she had "the right" to do it) would you prefer she was a bit kinder toward you?
If she was complaining about using a handsaw outside at a time of yuear when most people have windows shut then that would be excessive. But if is noise of axe and throwing wood then fair enough. Is it really a bother to you to do the noisy things earier on and therefore the sawing later?

MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:31:43

Yeah 11pm does ring a bell 5eggstremelychocaletymadeggs and ill be done pretty soonish, its half 8

MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:32:59

Well bumperella I was busy today so didn't have time to do it earlier

GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 08-Apr-13 20:35:05

I'd stop the dropping onto the patio if it could be avoided, I imagine that's quite loud.

If you aren't bothered about bothering people (seems you aren't as of your last post) then by all means, carry on. No reason to ask us about it. smile

MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:42:04

Its not that I'm not bothered about bothering people, if I was doing something that I didn't need to do then I could consider stopping if it bothered someone, within reason of course

MiaowTheCat Mon 08-Apr-13 20:45:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gabsid Mon 08-Apr-13 20:45:53

She told you that she was trying to sleep, she told you that it was too loud - well, just say sorry and do it tomorrow or at tha weekend.

Maybe chat to her, has she been working a lot and is therefore tired ....??? That's called having a good relationship with your neighbours.

I don't think its about the time of day, its about the fact that you are disturbing your neighbour. It may well be very loud in her bedroom.

I would only get annoyed if she complained regularly about fairly normal stuff.

MsBella Mon 08-Apr-13 20:54:19

Miaow, 'convenience' really??! Gabsid, as I said it NEEDED to be done right then, the house is heated by wood. She was rude to me, acting like I was making the loudest ever noises. And the reason I asked aibu is because I thought she was bu, but wanted to know others opinions and views on it so maybe I could see it in a different way, you know. But of course if I disagree with a certain thing such as self sacrifice then I will address that..

SlipperFrog Mon 08-Apr-13 20:56:08

I would say it's a bit late tbh, couldn't you do it out the front instead if it's that loud for her out the back?

babybarrister Mon 08-Apr-13 20:57:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SirBoobAlot Mon 08-Apr-13 20:58:47

Well my neighbors were drilling just now, and that was irritating. So I imagine that sawing is a lot worse.

Hear that you needed to do it, but surely you would have noticed that your wood was low before you went out today?

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